Comparing the .357 SIG vs 9mm Handguns: What’s The Difference?

9mm Handguns

The 9mm Luger and the .357 SIG are two extremely popular handgun cartridges. They’re vastly different in performance, handgun type, and use, even though both are really common. What are the differences you should know between the .357 SIG vs 9mm handguns? Will one firearm suit your needs better than the other? Today, we explore … Read more

How Many Rounds Does a Glock 17 Hold?

How Many Rounds Does a Glock 17 Hold

The Glock 17 was designed for professionals. It’s trusted by military personnel and law enforcement officers from around the globe because of its low weight, optimal magazine capacity, and unsurpassed reliability. The Glock 17 is used by law enforcement officials all over the world because it’s quick, easy, and safe. Put simply, it’s exactly the … Read more

How Long Is Ammo Good For?

How Long Is Ammo Good For

Did you find a box of ammunition in your cluttered gun case, and you’re pretty sure that you purchased it more than 10 years ago? What should you do with all of this ammunition? Is it safe to use? Will it even work? The question of how long is ammo good for depends on a … Read more

How a Bullet Works: Everything You Need to Know

Bullet Works

Guns have been a true game changer in the history of combat, quickly overtaking arrows, bows, spears, and swords on the battlefield. With only a pull of a trigger, you can immediately cause different amounts of damage, which can sometimes be lethal. But how a bullet works, and how something so small is able to … Read more

How to Load a Shotgun: A Guide

How to Load a Shotgun

The shotgun is heavily used in hunting and sport shooting and it’s the ideal weapon for home defense. Instead of in a clip, shotguns fire shells of metal shot that are typically loaded one at a time. In this article, we get you up to speed with how to load a shotgun properly. How to … Read more

What Is the First Step in Cleaning A Firearm?

Cleaning A Firearm

When owning a firearm, the number one rule you need to adhere to is safety. Do you know that the risk of accidental discharge can be reduced by cleaning a firearm? The correct name for such scary accidents is: negligent discharge. This can be completely avoided when all the proper safety procedures are followed. Owning … Read more

The Different Sizes of Handguns


Do you remember that one movie where the spy pulls out a tiny gun from his ankle holster? Or how about that action flick where the cop disarms the suspect’s large pistol? You should know by now that handguns come in different sizes, as they’re used for a variety of purposes – all with their … Read more

Types of Handguns


A handgun is named because it is a firearm that can fit and a shooter can hold in one hand. It is one of the most popular firearms in circulation. Handguns are usually used for self-defense, their size making them easy to conceal and carry around. Shooters also use them for target shooting and small … Read more

Gun Recoil


What is Recoil in a Gun? You’ve probably heard the word “recoil” thrown around before. The formal description says that it means to flinch, wince, or drawback out of fear or disgust. In gun lingo, however, gun recoil refers to the kickback you feel after firing. When the trigger is pulled, the bullet is launched … Read more

What is a Pancake Holster


A pancake holster is made up of two pieces of material stitched together to produce a flat-like pouch. As the name suggests, this little pouch resembles a pancake, thus the name. Law enforcement and civilians prefer the pancake holster to carry weapons because of its superb performance in concealing the gun. Pancake holsters sit close … Read more

What is a Hybrid Holster


Modern gun owners are fortunate because they have plenty of options when choosing the best weapon-carrying system. One accessory that is growing in popularity is the hybrid holster. This type of handgun-carry technology offers exceptional stability, comfort, and customization.  So, what is a hybrid holster, and what else do you need to know about it? … Read more

What is a Kydex Holster?


Kydex is the brainchild of Rohm and Haas Company, a materials manufacturer working with the aviation interior industry. By the late 1960s, the company realized that the Kydex thermoplastic sheets could be turned into something more given its malleability properties. Today, Kydex is now a general term used to classify plastic holsters. This is the … Read more

What Is a Retention Holster


Most newbie gun owners may have never heard of a retention holster before, while law enforcement and military officers use it in their duty. It is a weapon-carrying system that guarantees different levels of handgun security, allowing you to retain possession of your firearm when somebody else has an eye for it. So, what is … Read more

How to Conceal Carry Without Holster


Whenever someone buys his very first handgun, gun experts will always advise him to invest in a good quality holster. Not only does it ensure your safety and that of everyone else. A well-built holster can also help in better concealment. However, not everyone agrees they need a holster to conceal carry. If you are … Read more

What is an IWB Holster


Nothing says “safe” more than an inside-the-waistband pistol holster. Concealing your carry not only ensures your protection, but also everyone else’s. An IWB is the best means of concealment and you can easily access your weapon. It’s a lot closer to your hand when at rest, and is tucked out of sight when you don’t … Read more

How to Wear an Ankle Holster


Although not as popular as shoulder and waist carry systems, there are still a lot of people who believe in an ankle holster’s excellent concealment capabilities. Many law enforcements officers and military personnel use this holster type to carry and conceal their secondary or backup weapons. It can be a life-saver if you know how … Read more

How to Make a Leather Holster


For those DIY lovers who want to make their leather holster, this is a great weekend project. The tools should generally be available to any crafts enthusiasts, and the guide is simple. Here are the steps to cover the template creating, leather cutting, finishing, and final stitching. Step 1: Preparation of the Tools and Materials Here … Read more

How to Make a Kydex Holster


Kydex is among the best materials that you can use for a holster. Kydex is a thermoplastic acrylic polyvinyl chloride type of material. It combines both acrylic and PVC properties making it rigid and durable with an excellent finish. The material is also lightweight with good retention, often used for a wide range of applications … Read more

How to Put on a Shoulder Holster


Shoulder holsters are one of the best firearm-carrying accessories any gun owner can have. Not only does it ensure optimum comfort by distributing your handgun’s weight evenly across the shoulders. It also allows for carrying a magazine or two. You can enjoy these benefits only if you know how to put on a shoulder holster … Read more

How to Make a Shoulder Holster


A shoulder holster gives you instant access to your handgun when you are strapped to your car seat. It can also be an excellent choice for concealment while improving overall comfort. While you can buy a shoulder holster for about $50 to $150, you can make your own. All you need are several materials, a … Read more