The Best CZ P07 Holsters for 2021


The CZ P07 is growing in popularity because of its unique design features. From easier target re-acquisition to a more customizable grip fit, there are a lot of things that people love about the CZ P07. It is not surprising, therefore, that owners and prospective buyers of this Czechoslovakian-designed handgun would also like to safeguard the fine qualities of the CZ P07 by using only the best CZ P07 holsters they can ever buy.

Knowing that you need a holster for the CZ P07 is one thing. It is an entirely different matter to be able to choose the best holster for your polymer-framed handgun. There are some factors that prospective owners of a CZ P07 holster need to address before they can zero-in on the ‘ideal’ holster. To make choosing less stressful, we have come up with our list of the best holsters you can buy for the CZ P07.

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What is the Best CZ P07 Holster

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Top 6 Best CZ P07 Holsters Reviews

1. Best CZ P07 IWB Holster: Concealment Express IWB KYDEX Holster

Owners of CZ P07s will love the IWB KYDEX Holster for Concealment Express. This holster offers several innovations that can safeguard all the fine qualities of your Czech-brand handgun.

This holster is great for ambidextrous shooters. Its design also promotes quicker draws and more reliable re-holstering. There are safety features, too, that can guarantee your handgun’s retention. The holster also has enough room for the addition of compatible kits.

The only thing we do not like about this holster is its plastic construction. Kydex is a tough material. However, we still prefer the look and feel of leather. It may have a cheap plastic feel to it. However, the Concealment Express IWB Holster ranks high among products that carry and conceal the CZ P07 firearm.


  • Super-tough construction for excellent gun and owner protection
  • Advanced technologies for superior performance
  • High quality US-made product


  • Quality of material is not as high as leather

2. Best CZ P07 Concealed Carry Holster: Relentless Tactical Leather IWB Holster

Fans of leather holsters will like Relentless Tactical’s latest creation. The CZ P07 Leather IWB Holster of the brand not only looks very handsome. It also serves its function exceptionally well.

Very few manufacturers use genuine bullhide leather in their holsters. Most will use man-made leather to simulate the look and feel of an authentic hide. Relentless Tactical does not use such materials. It guarantees that this holster will not only secure your CZ P07. It will also make carrying your firearm all day long a lot more comfortable.

Our only issue with the Relentless Tactical holster is its tendency to lose its shape after some time. This can make re-holstering a bit frustrating. We cannot ignore the fact that this CZ P07 holster does more than secure and protect your handgun. It also gives you a beautiful system to carry your firearm.


  • Handcrafted from genuine bullhide leather
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Good protection for your CZ P07


  • Occasionally loses its shape

3. Best CZ P07 OWB Holster: Winthrop Holsters Pancake Leather Holster

The Winthrop OWB Pancake Leather Holster is a great option for owners of the CZ P07 handgun. It has an elegant look and a functional form to keep your firearm safe and secure.

What surprised us the most about the Winthrop CZ P07 OWB holster is that you can customize its mold to fit your handgun. This eliminates the risk of play when you holster your CZ P07. It also guarantees better security and protection for your small firearm.

Our only misgiving about this product is that it tends to have some rough sections. If you were to tuck it against your skin, these rough areas can rub and irritate the skin. The Winthrop CZ P07 OWB Pancake Leather Holster is a great product since you get to have a holster that is molded specifically for your handgun.


  • Good overall design
  • Uses premium-quality leather
  • Custom-molded for your handgun


  • Some sections of the leather holster are rough

4. Best CZ P07 Light Bearing Holster: R&R Holsters CZ 75 P07 OWB Kydex Holster

It is easy to see why people are loving the R&R OWB Holster. This holster has a very rigid construction that offers maximum protection for your CZ P07. It is also lightweight to make carrying your handgun a lot easier.

What we find amazing about this holster is its ability to accommodate a handgun fitted with a scope. This is perfect for those who want to improve the accuracy of their shots without removing the scope from their CZ P07.

The issue we have with the R&R OWB holster is that it lacks a mechanism that guarantees handgun retention. The R&R OWB Kydex Holster is still a good choice, especially for people who want to take full advantage of the different scopes and sights for the CZ P07.


  • Accommodates slide-mounted handgun optics
  • Tough and durable Kydex construction
  • Rigid platform for easier drawing and re-holstering


  • Does not have a retention mechanism

5. Best CZ P07 Shoulder Holster: XAegis Shoulder Holster With Integrated Magazine Pouch

A shoulder holster is a lot more comfortable to wear. And if you use the X-Aegis system, you will have the added benefit of packing up two more magazines for your CZ P07.

The shoulder panels of the X-Aegis are very comfortable to put on your shoulders. The straps are easy to adjust and the design of the holster allows for ambidextrous use. The holster itself allows for quicker draws, while retaining its shape for easy re-holstering.

What we find unacceptable is the quality of the holster’s workmanship. It is not as high as we had hoped for. The X-Aegis Shoulder Holster is ideal for people who want to have additional ammo for their firearm. Its quality may not be at par with other brands. However, it does serve its purpose very well.


  • Comes with a magazine pouch
  • Comfortable, adjustable shoulder straps
  • Good for ambidextrous shooters


  • Some issues with the quality of the holster’s craftsmanship

6. Best CZ P07 Paddle Holster: Concealment Express OWB Paddle KYDEX Holster

Concealment Express rounds up our list of the top holsters for the CZ P07 with an outside the waistband version of its reliable IWB model. Both models provide the same benefits, with the only difference being the placement of the holster.

This Concealment Express holster comes with a very tough shell that safeguards the CZ P07 like no other. It has good handgun retention and an ambidextrous design for different users. It is light and very comfortable to wear, whether you are a fan of tucking your shirt or not.

We have to say that we are not big fans of plastic, regardless of how technologically-advanced the material is. The Concealment Express CZ P07 OWB Paddle holster is the perfect system for people who want to open carrying their firearm. It performs very well across scenarios, while also ensuring optimum protection for your handgun.


  • Secures and protects the CZ P07
  • Excellent handgun retention
  • Adjustable and ambidextrous design


  • Not for fans of leather

How to Choose the Right CZ P07 Holsters: The Complete Buying Guide

Owners of the CZ P07 handgun know the importance of a good holster. The right holster helps guarantee optimum operating handgun function whenever there is a need to use the CZ P07. Picking the right holster for your firearm can be tricky, however. Understanding the following factors can help you decide on the right CZ P07 holster.


The main function of a holster is to secure and protect a handgun. It should be able to prevent accidental firearm discharge or any other unnecessary movements in the handgun’s firing and safety mechanisms. For example, you would want a holster that will prevent the accidental disengagement of the CZ P07’s safety mechanism. You also do not want the trigger of your handgun to move without any action from your part.


Your CZ P07 is your property. No person should be able to remove it from its holster other than you. It would be best to check the CZ P07 holster you are eyeing if it comes with a retention device built into its design.

Ease of Draw

One of the most important benefits of using a holster for a CZ P07 is that it allows for ease of access to your handgun. This is critical as you would want to draw your firearm at the quickest possible time to neutralize a subject. If not, you might end up getting injured or mortally wounded.

Ease of Reholster

Just as ease of access to your CZ P07 is important, you will also need to be able to return it to its holster with relative ease. Pick a rigid holster that can retain its shape after drawing your gun. It should not collapse into itself. If it does, you will need to use both hands to re-holster your CZ P07. One hand will ‘open’ the holster mouth, while the other hand will re-holster the handgun.


There are people who want to conceal their weapon whenever they go outside their homes. There are also establishments that do not allow open-carrying of a firearm. Undercover agents and other specialist units also require optimum concealment of their firearms. As such, you would want to pick a CZ P07 holster that offers the best concealment without hampering on the function of the handgun.


It would be very uncomfortable to carry a handgun all the time. This is especially the case with the CZ P07 as it is heavier than other popular handguns, like the Glock 19, the Sig P320C, and the HK P30. You would want a holster that will not add substantial weight to that of the CZ P07. You should also be comfortable wearing it for extended periods of time.


A good holster for the CZ P07 should last more than the lifespan of your firearm. While wear and tear is expected with normal use, a good-quality holster should still be able to retain its most basic function over time.


It is also important that the holster you choose is adjustable in both its position and gun cant. This can aid in better concealment as well as improved comfort.

What is a CZ P07 Holster?


This is a carriage system that manufacturers design for the CZ P07 handgun. It allows for optimum retention of the handgun, while also protecting it from the elements. A good CZ P07 holster also enhances drawing and re-holstering of the handgun. It also protects both the user and his small firearm.

Types of CZ P07 Holsters

The type of holster you choose will depend on how you want to secure your CZ P07, while also ensuring ease of access to it. The following types of holsters are the most common for the CZ P07.

OWB Holster

This is a favorite of military personnel and law enforcement officers. The holster attaches outside the belt. It is an open carry type of holster. However, you can always wear a long jacket or coat or leave your long shirt untucked for instant concealment.

IWB Holster

An IWB holster is almost similar to an outside the waistband holster. They only differ in the placement of the holster. It gets clipped to the inside of the belt. The IWB holster allows the user to tuck his shirt to conceal his weapon.

Shoulder Holster

This is a very versatile holster for the CZ P07. It comes with straps that resemble a backpack. You can position the holster on either your left or right shoulder, depending on whether you are left- or right- handed. The design of the holster also allows for equal weight distribution. The spare strap can also function as a magazine holder.

Appendix Holster

This is a modified version of an IWB holster. It derives its name from its position on the belt. The holster gets attached to the inside front section of the pants, approximating the location of the appendix.

Ankle Holster

As the name suggests, this is a holster that gets strapped around the lower part of the leg near the ankle. It is one of the best ways to conceal a weapon. Unfortunately, it is not ideal for concealing bulkier models of handguns.

Paddle Holster

This holster utilizes a flat, concave-shaped material to secure the handgun. The design allows the person to wear the holster inside his pants and against the body.

Why do You Need CZ P07 Holster?

There are many reasons why you need a holster for your CZ P07 or any other handgun. The most important of these is to protect your firearm in a more convenient manner. It would be very awkward to be carrying a boxy handgun case wherever you go.

The holster can also protect your CZ P07 from sweat by providing a barrier between the handgun and your body. A good quality CZ P07 holster can also protect you against accidental discharge of your firearm. Holsters can also serve as excellent items for concealing and carrying your small firearm.

A CZ P07 holster can also secure the handgun’s retention. The CZ P07 is a remarkable piece of handgun. You will need a platform that can help prevent the handgun from slipping out and falling into the wrong hands.

A holster also ensures ease of access to your firearm. Handguns are designed for quick action, allowing you to aim and fire in an instant. A holster allows you to quickly draw your gun when you need to. Failure to access your CZ P07 at the right moment can lead to serious physical injuries or even death. Just as important is the ability to return the handgun to its holster.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most popular CZ P07 holster brands?

There are holster manufacturers that use high quality materials in the making of their products. They are your best chances of getting a holster that is perfect for your CZ P07 handgun. One of the brands that gun owners trust is Concealment Express. Another brand that people trust when it comes to CZ P07 holsters is Relentless Tactical. They are popular for using premium-quality leather to give you a holster that is both beautiful and functional. Winthrop, R&R, XAegis, Urban Carry, Blade-Tech, Red-X, and Vedder are also excellent brands of CZ P07 holsters.

What is it made of?

CZ P07 holsters are often made of high-quality leather material. Leather lends aesthetics to the handgun, especially if it comes embossed with ornate elements. There are also holsters that make use of ballistic nylon because of its thickness, good wear-resistance, and stiffness. Other manufacturers use tough, molded plastics for more practical reasons.

How to use?

Using a CZ P07 holster is as easy and straightforward as using a sheath for your hunting knife. It comes with a “pocket” for sliding your handgun in. This secures the firearm in the holster. Wearing the holster is a different matter as there are different types of the handgun carriage system. You can wear it outside your belt, tucked inside the pants, or strapped over your shoulder. There are also other ways of securing the holster.

Where to buy?

Holsters for the CZ P07 handgun are available from your local gun store. This will give you the chance to inspect the individual holsters before deciding to buy the right one. You can also purchase CZ P07 holsters from online commerce platforms. Holster manufacturers also have their own online store that customers can purchase a holster from.


A holster designed for the CZ P07 is a must if you want to protect your handgun. Holsters also ensure optimal operation of the CZ P07 every time. That is why one needs to choose the right holster for this amazing handgun. Choosing the best CZ P07 holster boils down to your personal preferences. Understanding some factors can help in decision-making. You can go for a holster’s safety, durability, comfort, and adjustable attributes. You can also put more emphasis on retention, ease of draw and re-holster, and concealment. Ask your local gun store or online seller today for the best holster for your CZ P07.

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