The Best Taurus 605 Holsters for 2021


There are many people who love snub-nosed revolvers, like the Taurus 605. These handguns are very easy to operate and are easy to conceal, too. The Taurus 605 can be a reliable handgun for nightstand duty or concealed carry. The 605 is also a lot less expensive than a similar gun from Smith & Wesson. It is for this reason that only the best Taurus 605 holsters will do justice to this remarkable piece of small defensive firearm.

Unfortunately, determining the right holster for the 605 is not that easy. First-time owners of the revolver often end up choosing a mediocre-quality holster. Some may even buy a holster that is unsafe for use with the Taurus 605. This article will help you pick the right holster for your Taurus 605. We have also included six holsters that can be the perfect fit for the Taurus 605 to kick-start your holster selection process.

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What is the Best Taurus 605 Holster

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Top 6 Best Taurus 605 Holsters Reviews

1. Best Taurus 605 IWB Holster: Barsony New IWB Concealed Carry Holster

We consider the Barsony New IWB Concealed Carry Holster to be one of the best for the Taurus 605 for several reasons.

The overall design of the IWB holster is noteworthy. The stitching is strong. The holster also features several layers of extra-strong laminate that are perfect for securing the 605. We also love the moisture barrier that Barsony included in the holster’s design. You will never have sweat staining the finish of your revolver. It is also very easy to wear the holster in different ways.

Our evaluation of the Barsony Taurus 605 holster also revealed one minor flaw. The mouth tends to collapse into itself, making reholstering quite cumbersome.

Regardless, this holster is still great for people who want the best possible concealment for their Taurus 605.


  • Lightweight and compact for optimum concealment
  • Can be worn in different ways
  • Good quality workmanship


  • Holster ‘mouth’ tends to collapse on its own

2. Best Taurus 605 Leather Holster: Barsony New Black Leather IWB Holster

Barsony’s New Black Leather IWB Holster is a good choice for Taurus 605 owners. It has a simple yet premium-quality design that complements its performance as a reliable holster.

The holster has a very polished look to it. And when you run your fingers on the surface, the holster gives you the feeling of a very well-made product. Drawing the gun from the holster is easy. You will also feel better about retaining your gun as the Barsony holster secures well in the belt.

The problem we see with this Barsony product is the relative difficulty of reholstering the Taurus 605. Since the material is leather, it does not hold its shape that well compared to Kydex holsters.

Nevertheless, the Barsony IWB Holster remains a good Taurus 605 holster since its design is specific for this mini revolver.


  • Premium-quality leather construction
  • Good fit for the Taurus 605
  • Good handgun retention


  • Challenging to reholster

3. Best Taurus 605 Pocket Holster: Barsony New Pocket Holster

For those who prefer concealing their Taurus 605 in their pocket, Barsony offers the Pocket Holster. This is a lightweight holster that fits nicely in the pocket of your jeans or your jacket.

This pocket holster provides ample protection for the 605. The holster will not move around in the pocket and it is perfect for either left- or right- handed users.

One very critical design flaw of the Barsony New Pocket Holster is the tendency of its top corner to snag the hammer of the Taurus 605. We found cutting the material that covers the stitching at the top corner of the holster to be especially helpful in addressing this issue.

Addressing the design flaw of the Barsony Pocket Holster is easy enough. This will help you maximize the benefits of this Taurus 605 holster.


  • Uses premium-quality Cordura nylon
  • Good for both left- and right- handed carry
  • Comes with anti-slip bands


  • Top of the pocket holster can snag the hammer of the Taurus 605

4. Best Taurus 605 Ankle Holster: DTOM AH5 Neoprene and Nylon Ankle Holster

The DTOM AH5 is the one to get if you want to conceal your Taurus 605 in your ankles. This accessory has a very lightweight characteristic that makes it so comfortable to wear.

One attribute we loved about the AH5 is the remarkable comfort that it brings. It does not weigh you down and will not make your ankle sweat that much. The straps also adjust well and secures the holster around the ankle.

The only downside of the AH5 is its size. If you have an ankle circumference greater than 12 inches, then it would be quite impossible to wear the AH5.

For people whose ankle circumference is within 10 to 12 inches, the DTOM AH5 Ankle Holster is perfect. It is an effective and comfortable way to carry the 605.


  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Good protection for the Taurus 605
  • Comes with adjustable straps


  • May not fit people with ‘large’ ankles

5. Best Taurus 605 Paddle Holster: Premium Leather OWB Paddle Holster Fits Taurus 605 Polymer

If you are looking for the best holster for your Taurus 605, then you need to get MASC Holster’s Premium Leather OWB Paddle Holster. From its workmanship to its performance, the MASC has you covered.

What surprised us about the MACS is its molded characteristic. This guarantees the exactness of fit for the 605. It will never move in the holster. Retaining your handgun is also easy with the addition of an adjustable tension screw.

One issue we find intriguing in the design of the MASC Paddle Holster is its inflexibility when it comes to adjusting the gun cant. This can be problematic for some users who want their 605 positioned at a certain angle for easier drawing.

Nevertheless, our opinion is that the MACS Paddle Holster is still the best holster for the Taurus 605.


  • Made of genuine leather material
  • Specific for the Taurus 605
  • Customizable retention 


  • Cannot adjust the gun cant

6. Best Taurus 605 Shoulder Holster: Barsony Olive Drab Leather Shoulder Holster

Barsony’s Lovie Drab Leather Shoulder Holster is great for owners of the Taurus 605 who want to carry their snub-nose revolver in a more traditional manner. This is a lightweight holster that makes it very comfortable to carry the 605 for extended periods.

People will like the built-in handgun retention strap of the shoulder holster. There is no fear of losing the 605, whether it is by accident or by force. The shoulder pads do not slide off clothing. They also feel nice on the back.

Our only gripe is that the Barsony shoulder holster does not have an ambidextrous design. It is not a big issue to start with, however.

Ambidextrous or not, the Barsony Leather Shoulder Holster offers the perfect solution for carrying the Taurus 605 in a more secure and more comfortable manner.


  • Comfortable to wear
  • Retains the Taurus 605 well
  • Made of good quality materials


  • Not ambidextrous

How to Choose the Right Taurus 605 Holsters: The Complete Buying Guide

Choosing a holster requires understanding the different characteristics of the handgun that the holster is going to carry. Needless to say, if you want a good holster for your snub-nosed Taurus 605, then you should understand its unique characteristics. You will learn how to determine the best possible holster for the Taurus 605 in this buying guide that we have prepared for you.

Consider the Concealability of the Handgun

The Taurus 605 is a very small revolver that follows the design of the J-frame of Smith & Wesson. It would be more appropriate to keep the concealability of the Taurus 605. You can pick a holster that has a very low profile. This will allow you to carry the small revolver without attracting attention. You can tuck your gun in your waistband or conceal it in your pocket or ankle.

Check the Safety Features of the Holster

The hammer of a revolver is more exposed than a semi-automatic. There is a chance that this component can snag a part of the holster and lead to the accidental discharge of the 605. As such, the holster should have a design that will ensure the safety of the revolver. The 605’s safety mechanisms should never get accidentally disengaged. It would also be wise to check the material of the holster. You also do not want your sweat to affect the quality finish of the Taurus 605.

Make Sure that the Holster Allows for Easy Drawing of the Taurus 605

The Taurus 605 is often used for self-defense purposes. However, there are also law enforcement officers who use the revolver as their preferred sidearm. Whatever the case, it is important to check that the holster will not make it too difficult for you to draw or remove the Taurus 605 from the holster. You need to be able to draw your weapon in the shortest possible time when the situation calls for it.

Check If the Holster is Comfortable

One should never underestimate the need for a comfortable holster. The Taurus 605 may be small. However, it is heavier than similar types of guns. You do not want the holster to make it uncomfortable for you to carry your 605 for the whole day.

Check If the Holster has Good Retention

A good holster should always be able to retain your handgun, regardless of movement or circumstance. The only time the Taurus 605 can leave its holster is when its owner removes it from its carriage system. The revolver should never fall off on its own.

Determine the Quality of the Holster’s Workmanship

It is important to check the overall quality of the holster. Many holsters require the stitching of at least two panels of materials. Make sure that the stitching is sturdy. There are also holsters that are custom-molded to fit a particular gun. It is imperative that the workmanship of the holster is very specific to the Taurus 605. Check the interior surface of the holster. It should be smooth enough never to scratch the surface of the 605. However, it should also not be too slick that it can no longer prevent the mini revolver from falling off.

What is a Taurus 605 Holster?


A Taurus 605 holster is an accessory that serves to carry the snub-nosed mini revolver. It can be used for concealing the revolver, while also affording the user both protection and comfort. The holster ensures ease of access to the defensive handgun. It also protects the integrity of the Taurus 605.

Types of Taurus 605 Holsters

Taurus 605 holsters come in different types. You need to pick one that serves your main purpose of carrying this remarkable mini revolver. Some of the more common types of holsters for the Taurus 605 are the following.

OWB Holster

This is a Taurus 605 holster you will wear outside the waistband of your pants. It often includes a clip that you can attach to your belt. Other holsters come with a pair of holes for inserting the belt. These holsters are very common among law enforcers and people who do not mind carrying their revolver in the open.

IWB Holster

An IWB type of Taurus 605 holster is worn on the inside of the waistband. It is similar to tucking the gun in your pants. It only differs in that the holster gets secured to the waistband by a clip. This holster allows for good concealment of the Taurus 605.

Pocket Holster

The Taurus 605 is small enough that it can fit right into a pant pocket or the pocket of a jacket. Holsters designed for such a purpose are often smaller than other types. They also do not have clips or holes to secure them in the pocket.

Appendix Holster

There are some people who prefer carrying their small firearm in the front of their body. This is often the case of right-handed people who need to draw their revolver in the shortest possible time. If you are such a person, then an appendix holster is for you.

Ankle Holster

This type of Taurus 605 holster offers the best form of concealment. The holster gets strapped around the ankle or the lower leg. Drawing the weapon can be tricky, however. One needs to reach down for his weapon before he can effectively defend himself. This can take precious time.

Why do You need Taurus 605 Holster?

We all have our own reasons for getting a Taurus 605 holster. For many of us, the main reason is for safeguarding the integrity of our mini revolver. It is true that the 605 is not as aesthetically pleasing as the Glock or other brands of semi-autos. However, the 605 can still prove a good and reliable tool for self-defense. As such, we would want to keep the full functionality of the Taurus 605 as much as possible.

Another reason why you will need a holster for the Taurus 605 is to keep it in your possession. Retaining your handgun is a must if you want to stay safe every time. If the revolver falls off without your knowledge, then you are exposing yourself to harm. You will not have the right tool to defend yourself in case you need it.

It is also important to recognize that there are some places where guns are not welcome. Having the right Taurus 605 holster will help you carry your handgun in these places without inviting trouble. And if you live in a gun-friendly place, having a holster to carry your 605 is often considered as a sign of responsible gun ownership.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most popular Taurus 605 holster brands?

Barsony, DTOM, and MASC are all reputable brands of Taurus 605 holsters. Their products come in different types to give gun owners more options. The quality of these holster’s workmanship is also good at safeguarding the many characteristics of the mini revolver.

What is it made of?

Manufacturers of Taurus 605 holsters use different materials in the production of their holsters. Some companies still use leather because of the unique characteristics of this material. Leather can increase the price of the holster, however. There are also brands that use tough fabrics, like ballistic nylon, Cordura, and neoprene or a combination of these fabrics. Some brands also use high-quality plastics for their Taurus 605 holsters. These are inexpensive alternatives to leather holsters and provide the added benefit of moldability.

How to use? 

Using a Taurus 605 holster is not different from using a holster for other handguns. There may be some differences, often depending on the type of holster that you have. Always check the instructions of the holster manufacturer if you are unsure about how to use their product.

Where to buy it?

We strongly recommend buying your Taurus 605 holster from your local retailer. The main advantage of this approach is that you get to check and evaluate different products before you settle on a holster. You will be able to try out the holster yourself by wearing the holster and checking for comfort. You will also be able to check the fit of the holster in carrying your 605. A good alternative will be to buy holsters online. Thorough research is a must when buying online. Read the reviews as well as the experiences of customers. Check the customer service of the holster manufacturer. It is also wise to check the guarantee or warranty information.


The best Taurus 605 holster can safeguard both the snub-nosed revolver and its owner. It also allows for excellent concealment of the handgun so that its user can carry his firearm without raising an alarm. The holster also promotes easier access to the handgun, while ensuring overall comfort for the Taurus 605 owner. Our list of holsters for the Taurus 605 that are performing well on the market should help you decide on what product to get. If not, you can always refer to our buying guide as well as the other tips we have shared with you in this article.

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