How to Wear a Paddle Holster


Carrying handguns has never been more secure and easy with a paddle holster. A paddle holster is much easier to remove and adjust according to your comfort. But of course, to make the most out of your paddle holster and to use it more effectively, it is crucial to learn how to wear a paddle holster properly and make the needed adjustments.

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Holstering and Securing the Pistol in Place

Step 1. Check the safety

In dealing with any firearm, one should always prioritize safety. Do not forget to check the pistol’s safety first before performing any other steps. You can do this by checking that the handgun’s safety is on and that the gun is not loaded. Or if it is, that the firearm is uncharged. You can further consult the manual of the firearm for specific instructions on how to load your handgun safely and properly and how to check that its safety is on.

Step 2. Slide the firearm’s barrel into the paddle holster

Picking up the weapon by its handle, push the barrel of the handgun inside the holster. Always make sure to keep your hands off the trigger. Push it in firmly to check if the handgun is snugly seated. Once done, you should be able to access the firearm’s handle, but you will not see the barrel from where it fits securely inside.

Step 3. Check the fit of the handgun to the paddle holster

Check if your firearm will not fall off nor get stuck when you are trying to draw it. Try picking up the weapon by its handle – the holster should then stay in place. At the same time, you should not need to exert too much effort in pulling out the firearm, causing you to yank the holster together with it.

Step 4. Latch the paddle holster

Holsters have different designs for functionality. Other models secure the handgun with latches while others do not have one. Holsters without latches usually rely on the tight fit of the weapon keeping it in place. If your holster does have latches, snap it in place to further secure the handgun in place.

Step 5. Slide the paddle in its place

Some people prefer to slide the paddle between their waistband and underwear. Meanwhile, others use a belt to secure the holster between the outside of their waistband and the belt itself. Either way, make sure to push the paddle downward as far as it could go to secure it in place.

Using and Adjusting the Paddle Holster

Step 6. Draw the firearm

Grab the handgun by the handle using your dominant hand and lift it in a swift and secure motion. If your holster comes with a latch, unsnap that first. Once your gun is entirely off the holster, grip it firmly using both hands. Keep your finger off the trigger unless you are ready to shoot. Practice your aim and make sure to aim it properly before firing.

Step 7. Adjust the holster according to your comfort

To use the holster more effectively, try drawing your gun several times to know which angle and position work best for you. You can try sliding the holster along your waistband and position it as you see fit where you can draw smoothly. The placement of your holster should allow you to grab or latch your firearm with ease and comfort every time. It is best to carry and angle your weapon at the FBI cant (15 degrees forward) for more effectiveness and ease.

Step 8. To remove, tilt the holster inward and lift it upward

You should keep the gun holstered when you want to take off the holster and to keep the weapon aside. To properly remove the holster, grab the handle of your firearm and tilt it inward. With this motion, the top part of the paddle will push toward your body while the bottom part pushes away from your body, making it easier to lift the holster upward and removing it off your waistband completely.

After taking the holster off with the firearm, make sure to hide it securely, away from children, most especially. Be careful not to point it to anyone, not even as a joke. Handle your handgun like it is always loaded, even it is not.

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