The Best Glock 42 Holsters of 2021


Anything related to your Glock 42 is essential, and that includes a carrying holster. Every Glock 42 always needs to be paired with nothing but the best Glock 42 holsters to keep it safely tucked in and accessible.

It would help if you also had a good holster, so carrying your weapon can still be a comfortable experience. You must invest a little time and effort in shopping for your holster as depending on your purpose of having a weapon; it is something that you will be carrying with you almost all the time. You need it to serve its purpose, 100%.

Since you’ll be investing in a holster, finding the right one that can keep up with you can be a daunting task but exploring your options and weighing every pros and cons can help you make a smart decision.

Regardless if you opt for a leather Glock 42 holster or one made of another material, always look for key factors like reliability, security, and longevity.

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What is the Best Glock 42 Holster

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How to Choose the Right Holsters for Glock 42

Having a Glock 42 is a great choice for a firearm and the next big consideration about a firearm concealed in the holster you pair it with. The holster plays a huge role in whatever purpose you have for having a weapon; that is why you need a carrier that can keep up with your demands and, in no way, hinder you from using your gun when you need to.

Buying Glock 42 holsters is a little intimidating, especially if this your very first purchase. Hopefully, this buying guide can help with your decision-making. You’d be happy and satisfied with your purchase. It is important that you shop around first and don’t buy anything in haste.

Holster Type – there are so many different types of holsters, and you must really identify your main purpose for carrying a weapon. With so varying ways to carry your Glock 42, consider which one is the most comfortable without compromising your weapon’s functionality. While you might carry the gun on your hip like most other owners, this can be uncomfortable when worn sitting down for an extended time. It would be good to consider each of the holster types and go from there.

Retention – this is your holster’s ability to retain your gun correctly. Settle for a holster that covers the trigger, but more than that, it can restrain your firearm from walking itself out or falling off your holster, thus exposing the trigger. There are a lot of creative ways how the retention of the holster is incorporated. There is somewhere you need to press a button to let it loose or some other mechanical lock system before the gun can be freed from the holster. A secured lock is great, but again, it should not be so rigid that it will take you minutes before you can unlock your weapon.

Construction Materials – there are also various choices when it comes to the material used for your holster. The most common ones used are Kydex, a form of polymer, Leather, and nylon. Quality polymers are usually made with these materials. Polymer and nylon are the least expensive of them all and is also the bulkiest. Leather is comfortable t be in contact with the skin, and it can be concealed very well.

Glock 42 Fit – the perfect fit for your Glock is an important factor when shopping. While some holsters fit most of the Glocks, you must check that the holster provides a perfect and snug fit to your gun. There should be no gaps at all that can compromise its retention.

Price – one of the most important considerations of all is the budget you allocate for your holster. If budget is not an issue at all, you can get the most expensive of all the holsters, a Glock 42. But if you are like most of the folks who need to set a budget for it, then make sure that you follow your allocated limit.

Buying the holster for your Glock 42 is challenging, but it can be done. Just take your time and be proactive in doing your own research about it.

Top 6 Best Glock 42 Holsters Reviews

1. Amberide IWB KYDEX Holster

You can carry your Glock with confidence, knowing that it is securely tucked in the 100% Texan Amberide gun holster. Specifically, for your Glock 42, this features a strong waistband that can support and safeguard your weapon while allowing you to carry it discreetly.

This makes a significant investment because of the materials that it is made of. Strong but lightweight, Kydex makes a practical choice for material. What’s best is it is waterproof to keep up with the demands of owning a handgun.

It is also completely washable, which earns enormous points because it is always in contact with your skin. It also comes with a sweat guard, so you know that it is clean and will always be in immaculate condition.

With a fully adjustable retention pressure, you can easily and quickly draw out your weapon using this holster.

The only point of improvement would be the holster’s edges, as it can be sharp and uncomfortable after wearing it for long periods.This Glock 42 holster from Amberide is a well-made holster. It is top quality and reliable holster and a perfect pair for your Glock 42.


  • Made of solid but lightweight Kydex material
  • Waterproof and washable
  • Retention pressure is fully adjustable.


  • Some edges are sharp and uncomfortable.

2. Desantis Nemesis Pocket Holster

A top favorite because of its toughness, the Desantis Nemesis pocket holster can guarantee you that it will not move out of your pocket whatever happens.

This is made possible because the cloth-like material used provides an excellent grip on the inside, but at the same time, it provides a low friction level, so drawing your weapon is a breeze. You can take your Glock out less any unneeded grip.

Another high point goes to this brand because it provides good padding, so your weapon won’t be visible and outlined in your pocket. This is a massive plus because Glocks are not really designed to be pocketed, but again, this holster hides it like a pro. The padding also makes wearing it comfortable.

It does serve its purpose, but the Desantis Nemesis is rather big to be a pocket holster. This is all you need when you are looking for a pocket holster that is functional and comfortable to wear.


  • Great material that makes it stay in place
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Provides good padding for your Glock


  • It is quite big for a pocket holster.

3. Concealment Express OWB Paddle KYDEX Holster

The Concealment Express OWB Kydex Holster is designed as a subcompact sized Glock 42. The retention of this brand is one of the best on the market. Your weapon will lock into place when you put it in the holster, and you can be sure that it won’t be going anywhere unless you pull it out. Contrary, adjusting the retention is relatively easy. You need 2 Phillips screws.

You can also use this holster in multiple carrying positions, and is fully adjustable. It is ideal for both left-handed and right-handed users.The only drawback of this holster is the design on the front of its muzzle. It is a little sharp, which tends to dig into the skin painfully. If retention is of the utmost requirement for you, this is your holster of choice.


  • Excellent retention
  • Fully adjustable and
  • Suitable for several carry positions


  • Muzzle’s design is sharp.

4. ComforTac Ultimate Belly Band Gun Holster

This belly band gun holster from ComforTac is compatible with your Glock 42 and most of the firearms.This belly band is entirely adjustable, and the XL size category can fit up to a belly size of 53 inches, making it one of the sought-after holsters for curvier and heavier gun enthusiasts who’d want to carry their gun on their bellies comfortably.

To add to its adjustability, this gun holster is versatile as it can be worn as an inside the waistband holster and outside the pants holster. You can also use it behind your hip, the small of your back, and even a shoulder holster. This holster guarantees that you will be comfortable no matter how you wear it, and it will still let you access your weapon without a snag.

A disadvantage of this product is the Velcro tends to bunch where it was sewn, so frequent adjustments would need to be made. Never hesitate to purchase this holster. The quality is awesome and very comfortable to use.


  • Completely adjustable and fits all sizes.
  • Can be worn in varying body locations
  • Comfortable for extended wear


  • The Velcro bunches up occasionally
  • Bottom of Form

5. Ankle Holster for Concealed Carry

You will never go wrong with this ankle holster from Bear Armz Tactical. It is made of breathable and durable neoprene material that allows you to use and wear it for a long time comfortably.

This is highly recommended for security, law enforcement, military, and even for personal use. This ankle holster is compatible with the most compact and sub-compact pistols, including the Glock 42.

With its anti-slip design, you never have to stop and adjust your holster that has fallen – that will never happen with this product thanks to its double ankle straps and a fully adjustable strap to make sure that it is snug and fit to your ankle circumference.

As a bonus, this one also comes with another retention strap to double as your magazine pouch. The only reason why this is not a perfect product is for bigger guns. It doesn’t conceal very well. For its price, this is such a big steal. It is comfortable to use, and it stays put regardless of activity. This is a great deal.


  • Anti-slip design
  • Has two retention straps
  • Material is breathable and lightweight.


  • Concealment is average. Expect a bulge.

6. Deep Concealment Shoulder Holster

Gun enthusiasts would appreciate this deep concealment shoulder holster from Aikate.

It has a universal design, so you can use it not just for your Glock 42 but also for your other pistols. Additionally, you are not just limited to a shoulder holster, but you can a wide range of options on how you want to carry it. You can place it under your arm, and when you remove the straps for the shoulder, you can conceal it inside or outside your waistband.

What’s best is it is extremely comfortable, and its concealment feature is one of the best. Expect no prints at all. It will not limit your movement, so you can use this holster even while working out, walking, or running.

It doesn’t in any way at all limit the way you draw your gun. However, a setback for this great holster would be the lack of Velcro to hold it in place better. This is, without a doubt, value for your money. It is easily adjustable and can keep up with your needs and preferences.


  • Versatile carrying options
  • Universal design so it is compatible with most guns
  • Excellent concealment features


  • Stronger adhesives or locks to hold it in place

What is a Glock 42 Holster?


A holster is a device that holds or restricts any undesired movement of a gun. It is usually being carried and connected to a belt or in the user’s pants’ waistband. These locations would make sure that when you need your weapon; you can easily have access to and withdraw it

A Glock42 holster is designed specifically for this kind of Glock, the brand’s smallest pistol ever made. This kind of holster is perfect for a comfortable pocket carry, but it can also be conveniently placed in the waistband.

Types of Glock 42 Holsters

Depending on your need and unique preferences, you can explore and consider different types of Glock 24 holsters. Each user would reason why you need one, so you must make sure that your holster of choice meets your specific requirements. These are the different kinds of Glock 42 holsters:

IWB– these stands for Inside the Waistband holster. Users usually carry this inside the waistband of your skirt, pants, or whatever clothing you have in between your underwear and your waistband. This is an increasingly popular choice because of its concealment feature. It sits close. You’re your body, so they are less likely to show a silhouette.

When you go with an untucked shirt and a jacket, you get the concealment and the freedom to move easily. Another reason why this is a top choice is because of security. You won’t have to worry about your weapon falling out, and it’s not that easy to take it from you as well.

OWB– yes, this is the opposite of IWB, and it stands for Outer Waistband holster. This provides you with zero concealments unless you are wearing a jacket over your weapon. The advantage of using this kind of holster is it allows you to draw your gun when you need it easily. Additionally, newbies using a gun and a holster usually start with an OWB because it provides a solid base about trigger safety, retention, and gun fit.

Small of the Back (SOB) Holsters – considered as one of the comfiest of all holsters. Unfortunately, you are going to miss the element of concealment with this type of holsters. If you give higher priority to comfort than a cover-up, this is highly recommended for you.

Pocket Holsters – another ideal holster if you are about comfortable wear. With this kind, your gun will never move, and reaching for your weapon is very convenient. Concealment can be worked on by choosing clothing that can complement your goal.

Why Do You need Glock 42 Holster?

You have your own reason why you are carrying a Glock. It might be for work and security purposes. Whatever your purpose may be, you must have a dedicated Glock 42 holster for it.

Here are three of the valid reasons why you need a holster for your Glock.

Weapon security – you need a holster to hold your gun tightly while providing a carrier that can offer you a reliable trigger guard. Most of the Glock 42 holsters today have 100% adjustable retention screws, which add to that layer of safety for you. You can adjust the holster so it can snugly fit your pistol. Aside from ensuring safety, you also need a holster for its trigger guard mechanism. Your holster’s guard should provide solid cover on the entire trigger part to avoid unnecessary and accidental discharge.

Easy Access – ideally, your holster should let you draw your Glock 42 without any delay. Though, a compromise should be met between the safety features and the speed of drawing your weapon. For holsters, the more your weapon is concealed and further into the nozzle, the harder it will be to draw.

Concealment – you don’t just go around parading a weapon or simply tossing it inside your backpack. You need a Glock 42 holster so you can bring it with you in stealth mode. Your holster can help you carry and hide your weapon.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the most popular Glock 42 holster brands?

Many great brands are offering a snug and functional holster for your Glock 42. All competent with positive customer feedback, so it all goes down to your personal needs and preferences.

Make sure that you shortlist these brands when you are holster shopping. These are some of the best on the market today:

  • Amberide
  • Desantis Nemesis
  • Concealment Express
  • ComforTac

How to clean a Glock 42 holster?

Fact: Holsters smell. It does. It gets filthy, especially if it is in constant contact with your skin. The holster absorbs your sweat, and it builds up. Throw in dirt and dust and anything else that meets.

If you are the type who meticulously cleans your Glock 42, never forget also to clean your 42’s holster. Cleaning your holster is such a breeze. You get a rag and wipe the device inside out to remove the dust and debris accumulated.

Deep cleaning is recommended, especially if you have it in contact with your skin. With a rag and warm water, wipe it clean. You also have the option of using saddle soap to make it squeaky clean. Don’t worry; saddle soap is safe for leather but takes note that with this kind of soap, just use sparingly because too much is not good for your holster.

If your holster is made of leather, you can also oil it as a means of conditioning.

Never put your holster in the washing machine, and don’t ever scrub it.

Where to buy it?

A Glock 42 holster can be bought in specialty stores selling guns and accessories. You can also have it custom made by small-time merchants in your area, especially if you want a leather-made holster.

If you already have a brand of choice, you can also directly go to their nearest store or website. The easiest way that you buy one, though, will be through online shops. Amazon has almost 2 million merchant stores, and you can add a couple to your cart and weigh down your final choice before finally clicking on that golden ‘Buy Now’ button.


The best Glock 42 holsters can be yours so long as you took the time of knowing which are the most functional and reliable ones on the market. Using a holster for your Glock brings about many benefits for you, with concealment, ease of access, and weapon security as the top three gains that you get.

Maintaining your holster is also as equally important as taking care of your actual weapon. The care routine is straightforward and can allow you to use your holster for an even longer time.

Glock 42 holsters can easily be purchased, and your best bet for convenience is to purchase it online. This is a practical and smart device so you can carry and conceal your gun easily.

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