The Best Bedside Gun Safe: Reviews for 2021

Bedside Gun Safe

If you’re shopping around for a safe, secure, and accessible place to hold your handguns, then a bedside gun safe is a great investment to make. However, the market is saturated with so many brands and models of gun safes across different price ranges that it might be difficult to settle for one unless you … Read more

Concealed Carry Crossbody Purse: Buying Guide

Concealed Carry Crossbody Purse

If you carry a weapon, you may prefer to carry it in a concealed carry crossbody purse rather than on your body. There are many benefits to using a purse to conceal and carry your gun. However, not all purses are the same. They have different features and are made from different materials. In this … Read more

Best Gun Safe Dehumidifier: A Buying Guide

Best Gun Safe Dehumidifier

If you’re a gun owner, you’re probably keen to find the best gun safe dehumidifier to keep your firearms and ammo rust-free. Humidity and moisture can cause your firearms and ammunition to corrode over time. As soon as your weapon is rusted, you can’t use it, and that can be a big waste of money. … Read more

Concealed Carry Backpacks: The Ultimate 2021 Buying Guide

Finding a backpack is difficult, and finding the right concealed carry backpack seems almost impossible. You need a bag that is inconspicuous with a simple and fashionable design. It should also have an easily accessible CCW pocket, and it should be versatile enough to be used as an everyday carry backpack Therefore, we have put … Read more