Kimber Custom II Problems: Everything You Need to Know

If you love guns, you probably remember the first time you saw a Kimber Custom II. This full-sized 1911 pistol is one of the most beautiful guns you can buy. It comes in customizable colors and options, but the two-tone version with its brushed polished carbon slide, the stainless steel frame, and the rosewood grips make it one of the best-looking guns on the market. 

Kimber has also made a name for itself due to the number of institutions that have adopted their guns. The LAPD SWAT, United States Marines assigned to Special Operations Command, the LAPD SIS, and the USA Shooting Rapid Fire Pistol Team have all chosen Kimber for their activities. 

Despite the positive reputation, these guns do not come without problems. While the Kimber Custom II is certainly a good-looking gun with a lot of great reviews, there are some things you might want to consider before you choose to buy one. 

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Kimber Custom II

The Kimber Custom II will set you back almost a thousand dollars if you’re buying it new from the official Kimber website. For this hefty price tag, you do get several great features. The 90-degree barrel height is 5.25 inches, making this quite a large gun in its size range. With a magazine capacity of 7, you also get to shoot more between reloads. 

There is a full-length guide rod on the gun that gives you more accuracy while shooting. The semi-automatic handgun is 1911, which lends the gun its size and weight. 

kimber custom ii problems


The Kimber Custom II advertises itself as the gun that all other guns should be like. How much of this is true? Let’s talk about the advantages of guns first. 

  • Looks

While this may not matter much to most gun owners, there is no denying that the Kimber Custom II is a beautiful gun. The build quality, the attention to detail, and the finishing touches on a traditional 1911 gun make the Kimber Custom II excellent to just look at and admire. 

  • Accuracy

Kimber guns are advertised as having great accuracy, and the full-length guide rod on the gun makes for great precision. The match-grade barrel on the gun also adds to its accuracy and gives you an even shooting experience. 

  • Reliability

A well-built gun will always be reliable, and Kimber guns are usually high-quality products that are well manufactured. While there might be some issues with the gun, as we will discuss in the later sections, overall the Kimber Custom II is a reliable 1911 option to own and shoot.


What you need to keep in mind is that not all guns are made the same. If a factory makes a thousand guns, there is a slight chance that a small percentage might not work as well as the rest of them.

When we consider the disadvantages of the Kimber Custom II, they are meant to be taken with a pinch of salt. While the gun certainly isn’t perfect, the problems mentioned in this article have been faced by real people who are verified, customers, and long-time gun users. 

  • Price

The Kimber Custom II is not expensive, but it is certainly not cheap. While you can get 1911 guns for lower prices, the customization looks, and build quality of the Kimber Custom II drive up its price. There are other semi-automatic options from competitors on the market that people would swear by instead of going for a Kimber. 

  • Handling

Once all is said and done, the Kimber Custom II is just a customized 1911, and the handling might not be the best fit for everyone. Even though it is one of the most popular models you can buy today, it is still a single-action automatic handgun. 

  • Complaints

There have been very divided reviews about Kimber guns. While some people swear by the gun and claim that the Custom II is the best and the most reliable gun they have ever owned, others say that the quality control is just not great and that there were several issues with the piece. 

One of the most common issues with Kimber Custom II handguns is the quality of their stock magazines. Many people say that the magazines that come with the guns are not great. They should be tested out with different types of ammunition to see which one works best. 

If you want to buy a Kimber Custom II and are worried about their magazines being unreliable or not giving you the best shooting experience, gun enthusiasts suggest you go for magazines like Wilson Combat or Chip McCormick. While the Kimber guns themselves can work very well over time, the magazines are an issue. 

Another complaint that has been reported is that the guns have a feed ramp issue. If you run into failure to feed when you’re out hunting or if you’re using the gun for self-defense, it might be a serious problem. 


Kimber Custom II handguns are a popular choice among gun enthusiasts and for good reason. They’re on the lower end of expensive prices, they’re accurate and precise in shooting, and they’re some of the best-looking handguns on the market. There are still some issues with magazines, feed ramp, and overall reliability have been reported by verified users. 

We hope that this article has helped you understand Kimber Custom II’s problems and issues before you decide to pull the trigger and buy one for yourself. An alternative option you might consider for a semi-automatic handgun is the Taurus Spectrum 0.380. For more informational articles and reviews, check out the posts on Future Army Officers!

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