The Best CZ P10C Holsters for 2021


One of the essentials to have in your gun kit is a holster because it keeps your gun out of sight and safe. Especially if you’re living in a concealed carry state, you should have it to ensure that you won’t get into trouble with the law. For the CZ 10C, you need the best CZ P10C holsters that will keep the handgun concealed and in a safe place.

But if you’re buying it for the first time, you might find it confusing to find the right one for your needs because many of them are available on the market. It’s why we’ve created this buying guide. Let us help you pick a handgun holster based on the top six picks, each with the special qualities and features that you might want to consider. If you’re ready, let’s begin and help you find that holster that will match your preferences and requirements.

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What is the Best CZ P10C Holster

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Top 6 Best CZ P10C Holsters Reviews

1. Best CZ P10C IWB Holster: Concealment Express IWB KYDEX Holster

Concealment Express is a trusted KYDEX holster brand chosen by handgun owners looking for a premium quality product that won’t put them down. One of their best offerings so far is this carbon fiber black holster.

It is with the solid features that include an adjustable cant and a POSI click retention that makes it easier to use and wear. This holster is also claw compatible, making it suitable for many gun owners.

The Concealment Express inside the waistband holster is also easy to conceal. It will not leave a print, so you can have peace of mind of walking with your gun without others noticing you do.

However, there are fitting issues reported of the holster. Nevertheless, it is a reliable choice for its solid durability for long-lasting use. Overall, the CZ P-10 C is the one to consider if you want a great fitting and comfortable holster.


  • Lightweight and durable KYDEX material
  • Easy to wear and has an adjustable cant
  • Quick drawing for its undercut trigger guard


  • Fitting issues

2. Best CZ P10C OWB Holster: Concealment Express OWB Paddle KYDEX Holster

This Concealment Express is an outside the waistband holster that is made of quality KYDEX material. It is lightweight and comfortable versus other materials like leather. And OWB holster features an adjustable cant that makes it more convenient to use.

If you want wearing a holster with an untucked shirt, then you might check this one. It can offer you a nice fit for a concealed carry. This holster also offers consistency and just the right lightness. It can also offer a quick draw that makes it convenient to use it, especially among the military and law enforcement.

However, this holster is not as breathable as the other holsters for the featured handgun are. Still, you’ll appreciate the quality and affordability of this holstering device. It is made of strong KYDEX material, which is lightweight and convenient for wearing for long hours.


  • Sleek black color and nice design
  • Affordable but quality paddle holster
  • Rear sight shield and sweat guard


  • Not as breathable as other holsters

3. Best CZ P10C Light Bearing Holster: R&R Holsters OWB Kydex Holster for Streamlight

Are you looking for an affordable yet reliable holster? Check out this outside the pants holster, which is perfect for those finding a holster to wear outside their pants. It is easy to use and offers quick draw when needed.

I would also like to note that this holster is compatible with MOS and RMR. It is good to use for many slide-mounted optics systems. For ensured quality and performance, this item is made in the USA. It is proven and tested for long-term use. Plus, this model comes with a one-year replacement warranty, adding to your peace of mind in the purchase.

However, it has no adjustment ability, which can be an issue for some users. Overall, I would like to recommend this item for its premium materials and ease of use features.


  • Comfortable and convenient to wear for hours
  • Durable KYDEX material
  • Compatible with MOS and RMR


  • Lack of tension adjustment

4. Best CZ P10C Concealed Carry Holster: Relentless Tactical Leather IWB Holster

Relentless Tactical is another brand that will not put you down in terms of the performance and quality of their items. One of their offerings for the CZ P10C users is this inside the pants holsters. It is made of suede leather that makes it looking classic and elegant. It is still a preferred choice by some, especially those who want a sleek-looking holstering device.

This model is also backed by a lifetime warranty, so you can have more satisfaction in your purchase. It is also one of the things to check when buying a holster to give you peace of mind.

However, this holster has limited compatibilities, though. Nevertheless, you can count on its durability to last for many years. Finally, the holstering device is made for great comfort even for many hours of wearing.


  • Lovely and classic suede leather material
  • Leaves no print for comfort wearing
  • Can fit many compact handguns


  • Might have limited compatibilities

5. Best CZ P10C Appendix Holster: Black Arch Entrada Appendix Carry Holster

The appendix carry holster is another to consider when finding a holstering device for the CZ P10C. This holster is a top-rated item on the list because it is high in quality.

This model is designed and made with a flexible holster and mag connection, making it easier to use. I would like to note that it also comes with an adjustable ride height, allowing for a quicker draw when the situation is calling for it.

In addition, the CZ P10S holster is has an optic, suppressor sight and compensator compatibility. This model is also made in the USA and is backed by a one-year warranty.

However, this holster might not fit some handgun models, though. Still, I would like to recommend it for its quality components and high-end features. It is also lightweight and easy to wear.


  • Classic and elegant carbide blue color
  • Ride height adjustable
  • Can reduce printing with its MOD
  • Compensator compatibility
  • 60-day money back guarantee


  • Might not fit some handgun models

6. Best CZ P10C Drop Leg Holster: Orpaz Tactical Drop Leg Holster

TheCZ P10c Holster is another holster to consider if you’re looking for a quality holstering device. The Orpaz OWB Holster can also offer you with a fast access along with level 2 retention for its thumb lock and release mechanism.

I would also like to mention that that item is custom molded, giving users a great fit. This design is also combined with six polymers in order to fit your gun secured and tight. This model is also fully adjustable for its M5 Allen key for easy rotation and retention.

On the downside, some complaints of fitting issues, though. But overall, the made in Israel holster is comfortable to wear even if you’re wearing a bullet-proof vest. Finally, this item can offer compatibility to fit all backpacks and vests that are with a MOLLE system.


  • Fits belts only from 2.25 to 1.5 inches in width
  • Breathable and comfortable for all-day wearing
  • Drop-leg style for customization


  • Fitting issues

How to Choose the Right CZ P10C Holsters: The Complete Buying Guide

If you have the CZ P10C and your first time buying a holster for it for the first time, you might be feeling a bit confused. There is no wonder. Many options are available on the market. That is why you might find it hard to think about the features that realty matter when selecting a holstering device. Check out the following for tips on how to select a holstering device for your handgun.


One of the most important features to check from a holster is its safety. For one, it must be able to prevent accidental trigger movement. In addition, it must prevent unnecessary gun movement and accidental safety mechanism disengagement. The holster should also prevent the rearward or forward hammer movement. However, these features can also vary according to the handgun’s action. They are also different from one manufacturer to another.


In addition to safety, retention is important to ensure that no one can remove the gun from it aside from the user. The good thing is that many of the top brands have included retention features in their holsters. However, you should take note that many retentive holsters are designed for a gun model.

Basic concealment

It should offer a great concealment for your gun. After all, it is the primary reason for using a holster. The holster must be comfortable to wear, but it should also offer effective concealment even with constant movement. Especially for people working in the law enforcement or military, they must use a holster that can offer great concealment.

Comfort and convenience

Another reason for checking out different holsters for your CZ P10C gun is its comfort and convenience. It must not cause discomfort even if you should wear it for many hours.


You must look for a holster that will not cause abrasion nor snag the gun. It must be well-designed that it should have a great finish.

Ease of draw

In addition to concealment, the holster should not hinder in the quick drawing of the gun when needed. It should not be hard to draw the gun quickly, especially if you’re working in the police or military.


Aside from comfort, the holster must also be durable. It should be able to last through the years without you having to replace it often. It is why you must look for one that is made of premium quality materials. The holster should be able to withstand heavy abuse and use. It should not have impaired performance or mechanical failure.

Adjustment features

The holster to choose must also be easy to adjust when needed. It should allow you to adjust the cant and its position so that you can take advantage of not only concealment but also comfort.

Re-holstering ease

It should not be hard to re-holster the gun when needed. Or else, you might find it frustrating to return it with one hand. Or, it may not also collapse when you draw the gun. That is why you should look for a flexible holster that also allows for easy returning of the gun with only one hand if possible.

What is a CZ P10C Holster?


It is a special device used to restrict gun movement and to hold the gun in place. If you have the CZ P10C gun, you should use this holster to store your gun safely while also allowing for a quick draw when the situation is calling for it. This accessory also keeps everyone’s safety because it prevents the accidental pulling of the trigger, too.

Types of CZ P10C Holsters

OWB Holster

Also called outside the waistband holster, the OWB belt holster is used by many policemen and military people. They are also for those who want an open carry for their handgun. This holster can be worn close to the body and at a high position. It is also usually behind one’s hip bone and is concealable under an untucked jacket or shirt.

IWB Holster

This inside the waistband holster allows for clipping or mounting to a belt. You can also secure your weapon on it inside your pants. With it, you also have the option of tucking your loose shirt over it and your gun. You can also find an appendix IWB that you can wear inside the front of your pants.

Shoulder Holster

This item is usually made of two straps. It is connected in the same way that you wear a backpack. The holster itself is mounted on the strap, either on the left or right side. It is comfortable to wear even for a long time. You can also conceal your gun easily with a jacket using it.

Appendix Holster

In this carry, you wear the holster just in front of your waistband, which is about halfway between the button and the pocket of your pants. Nevertheless, this holstering device is in the appendix location. Most users agree that it is also comfortable to wear when compared to a strong side wearing.

Drop Leg Holster

Also called tactical holsters, the drop leg holster is a police or military holster placed on the leg’s side arm where your hand is naturally hanging. It allows for a quick draw when the situation is calling for it. This holster also allows for more space in your body to carry a firearm, like a secondary gun. So, when you’re fully kitted up, it might be the best choice for carrying a sidearm.

Why Do You Need CZ P10C Holster?

Many reasons to wear a holster for your gun. It is more than just an accessory but very often is a great concealment device. It keeps your weapon out of sight while also not giving you a hard time to draw it when needed.

For one, you need a CZ P10C Holster to conceal your gun, especially if living in a concealed-carry state. With it, you can move comfortably and safely with your gun without people noticing that you do. This holster allows you to keep the gun concealed while also not hindering you from drawing the gun.

The CZ P10C Holster can also store your gun safely. It eliminates the need for using a gear bag. With the holster, you also don’t have to remove the ammos out the gun when not in use, unlike in a gear or gun bag, which can be disadvantageous when you’re faced with an emergency. Use a holster that will keep your gun to your person and not keep it in a gun bag so that the weapon can be easily accessible when needed.

Nevertheless, there are so many benefits to get for having a CZ P10C Holster. It can store your gun safely while also giving you an easy access to it. The best ones also offer other features that you can take advantage of, including easy maintenance, lightweight, compact and breathability.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the most popular CZ P10C Holster brands?

If you’re buying a CZ P10C holster for the first time, you might be into a confusion because there are just too many of them online. A few of the trusted brands to check out when comparing your options include Concealment Express, R&R Holsters, Relentless Tactical, Black Arch Entrada and Orpaz.

They are reliable and committed to the performance and quality of their holsters. These brands are among the favorites of gun owners in the world. You might want to check them out, too, when finding the right holster for your needs.

What is it made of?

Nylon, KYDEX, leather, or a combination of these materials are common among holsters. Some are also made of other synthetic materials. However, take note that they have their pros and cons, too, and those you should compare before buying a holster based on material type.

How to use?

A holster is straightforward and easy to use. You don’t need to follow a complicated process to get started. It all depends on the type of holster you bought. As mentioned, there are inside the waistband, appendix, shoulders and outside the waistband holsters. The carrying is dependent on the position type of the holster you bought. So, if you are someone who wants a quick draw, you should find a holster that allows that. Get started with your comparison using the reviews we’ve featured earlier.

Where to buy it?

With the high demand for gun holsters, there are also many places that sell them. You can buy them in gun supplies or stores shops where to find different holsters based on materials and types. On the other hand, you can buy these holstering devices on Amazon, eBay and other online shops. The manufacturer websites are also good places to buy it. Nevertheless, compare your options and find the best deals for your satisfaction.


There you have what to know about the best CZ P10C holster that can offer effective concealment, storage and safety for your gun. It is the special device that you need for the safety and security, not just of your handgun but also of your loved ones and the people around you. But to pick the right one, you should take the time and effort to compare your options on the top suggestions featured earlier. Refer to the above guide when comparing your choices so that you can choose and use the right holster that suits your needs and preferences today!

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