The Best Walther PK380 Holsters of 2021


Experienced handgun owners say that the best way to keep a handgun functioning properly is by securing it in a good holster. That is why first-time owners of the Walther PK380 are always advised to buy a good quality holster for their handgun. Unfortunately, picking the right one is not that easy. The market can have hundreds of different brands all jockeying for the plum of the best Walther PK380 holsters in the planet.

Looking for the right holster for your Walther PK380 takes time. You must understand the unique attributes of your firearm and correlate these with your own personal style of gun ownership. One should never base his decision on price alone. As you will learn in this review and buying guide, there are more important factors than a holster’s price tag. Let us begin by sharing with you six of the best holsters for the Walther PK380.

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What is the Best Walther PK380 Holster

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Top 6 Best Walther PK380 Holsters Reviews

1. Best Walther PK380 Holster overall: Concealment Express IWB KYDEX Holster

Owning the Walther PK380 requires a good holster to secure it however you choose to carry the handgun. This is the principal design premise of the Concealment Express Walther PK380 IWB Holster. One can adjust the angle or cant of the handgun so that it is a lot easier to draw. And since this holster features Kydex material, you can bet that it is tough.

One thing we find annoying about this holster is its belt clip. We find no use for the two pointy ends at the bottom of the belt clip. Perhaps it is to add aesthetic value to the holster. Who knows?

Regardless, the Concealment Express IWB holster is perfect for the Walther PK380 because of its superior design and remarkable performance.


  • Adjustable holster design
  • Secure fit with exceptional retention
  • Useful features that optimize PK380 characteristics


  • Belt clip has two pointy ends

2. Best Walther PK380 Holster With Laser: Federal Holster with Underbarrel Laser

Fans of synthetic fabrics can thank Federal for coming up with a nice holster for the PK380. The holster is ideal for people who have a laser sight attachment to the underbarrel of their handgun. The design of the nylon holster allows for ease of drawing and reholstering of the firearm, while ensuring optimum durability. It also does not matter whether you are right- or left- handed.

We wish Federal designed the Velcro-like exterior surface of its holster with a smoother material. The rough texture of the material can rub against the skin if you are not wearing a shirt.

We still believe that the Federal Holster is still a great product. It has a friendly price and a nice design that allows for the more efficient and more secure use of the Walther PK380.


  • Snug fit
  • Good overall quality
  • Ambidextrous design


  • Can be irritating to the ski

3. Best Walther PK380 Lather Holster: Cardini Leather Tuckable IWB Leather Holster

Nothing can be more luxurious than leather. And if you value your Walther PK380, you will also want it holstered in a genuine cowhide leather holster. Cardini provides one. The company designed its IWB leather holster with superior concealability in mind. You can tuck your handgun and holster in your shirt without ever worrying about losing your firearm. The clip secures the holster right on your belt.

Like all leather products, the Cardini requires enough time to ‘soften’. You may find the holster to be uncomfortable to wear during the first few weeks or so.

The Cardini Leather Holster is a great carrying mechanism for the PK380. It looks as elegant as any other leather piece you may have. It is the perfect accompaniment to a formidable defense weapon as the PK380.


  • Authentic cowhide leather
  • Minimalist design for excellent concealment
  • Heavy-duty belt clip


  • Requires breaking in

4. Best Walther PK380 IWB Holster: Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.5 IWB Holster for Concealed Carry

Alien Gear makes some of the most fascinating holsters for handguns. They are best known for customizing their holsters so that they are a perfect fit to the type of handgun that people have. This is essentially what the Cloak Tuck 3.5 IWB Holster provides.

You can have Alien Gear customize it for the PK380. You get exceptional adjustability and a very sleek profile for superior concealment. The neoprene backing of the holster is the perfect protection for your handgun.

Keep in mind that the Cloak is not ambidextrous. You will have to specify that you are either left- or right- handed.Other than that, the Alien Gear Cloak is a trustworthy holster for the Walther PK380. It has good retention, ease of draw and reholster, and an overall quality that is second to none.


  • Custom designed for the PK380
  • Adjustable design
  • Comfortable to conceal


  • Not ambidextrous

5. Best Walther PK380 OWB Holster: Alien Gear Cloak Mod OWB Paddle Holster

If you want a cool-looking holster for your Walther PK380, Alien Gear has the answer. The brand’s Cloak Mod OWB Paddle Holster has got to be one of the most intriguing holsters we have seen. The paddle itself features an alien head that is perfect for Area 51 fans. The holster is custom-built for the PK380 to ensure excellent fit, retention, comfort, ease of draw, and safety.

The custom design of the Cloak Mod translates to the absence of ambidextrous capability. If you ordered a right-handed holster, you can never use it for left-handed operation.

This is not a deal-breaker for many gun owners. The fact that the Cloak Mod provides excellent security and retention for their Walther PK380 is reason enough to consider this Alien Gear product as the best.


  • Adjustable retention and cant
  • Custom fit for the Walther PK380
  • Reliable trigger guard


  • Not ambidextrous

6. Best Walther PK380 Concealed Carry Holster: Fobus Standard Holster RH Paddle

Fobus is one of those brands that you can trust to deliver excellent holsters for different handguns. Thankfully, it has one for the Walther PK380. The Fobus Standard Holster is a good carrying material for the PK380. It has a robust construction that allows the holster to last many years. The holster has a very low profile for excellent concealment. The holster has steel reinforcement that helps bolster its strength and durability.

The issue we have about the Fobus is that it is not custom-built for the PK380. Therefore, the handgun feels a bit loose in the holster. Nevertheless, the quality construction of the Fobus helps ensure positive retention and reliable drawing and reholstering of the gun. The rubberized paddle also makes wearing the holster a lot more comfortable than other brands.


  • Durable construction
  • Requires no maintenance
  • Good security for the PK380


  • A bit loose

How to Choose the Right Walther PK380 Holsters: The Complete Buying Guide

Choosing the right holster for the Walther PK380 boils down to how well you understand your personal preferences. We recommend considering the following factors whenever you are choosing a holster for your Walther PK380.


A good Walther PK380 holster should be able to do three very important things as far as safety is concerned. First, it should prevent the accidental movement of the handgun’s trigger. Second, the holster should prevent the accidental disengagement or removal of the gun’s safety mechanism. Third, the holster should be able to prevent any movement of the handgun’s hammer, whether it is forward or rearward. These things are important in ensuring your safety and the safety of others while you are in the possession of your Walther PK380.

Ease of Drawing and Reholstering

Well-designed holsters should allow for easy drawing of your firearm when needed. At the same time, you should also not have any problems putting it back into the holster. The ease of draw of the holster can be a real-life saver in certain situations. You must be quick on the draw if you want to defend yourself from an attacker.


There are holsters that feature built-in handgun retention mechanisms. These systems allow the user to ‘lock’ or secure the handgun in the holster. It prevents the PK380 from ever slipping out and falling on the ground where it could accidentally discharge.


You do not need to worry about concealment if you are a law enforcer or a member of the military. However, there are also certain situations that call for concealment of weapons in such professions. That is why it is also important to look at the design of the holster and check if it can obscure the characteristic silhouette of the PK380.


There are PK380 holsters that are so inflexible that you must be careful when wearing one. This is often a function of the angle of the holster’s chamber. The chamber should be designed at an angle that facilitates the fast and easy drawing of the handgun. However, a better design will be to have a holster that allows the user to adjust the angle or cant of the chamber.


One of the strongest and most durable materials used in the manufacture of handgun holsters today is Kydex. However, do not discount leather, especially those that employ genuine hide. Leather can be as tough as any synthetic material. In general, the ideal holster for your PK380 should be able to stand up to repeated abuse and the effects of long-term use. It should never show any impairment in its performance or show mechanical failure.


The PK380 weighs a hefty 19.75 ounces without its magazine and 22.4 ounces with the clip. And if your handgun comes with additional attachments that can include laser sights, then you can have a handgun that is quite uncomfortable to carry all day long. It is important that you also consider the comfort that the holster can bring.

What is a Walther PK380 Holster?


A Walther PK380 holster is an object that is designed to carry or hold the Walther PK380 semi-automatic handgun. Its main purpose is to secure the handgun while in the possession of the owner. The holster also allows for easy access to the handgun, while ensuring safety always.

Types of Walther PK380 Holsters

Handgun owners often classify their holsters into two distinct ways. One is by their use and the other is by the way the holster is worn. The method of wear is the easiest way to classify Walther PK380 holsters. The following are the most common holster types for the PK380.

IWB Holsters

These are holsters that you can tuck inside your pants. They feature a clip or a similar mechanism that allows users to secure the holster in the belt or the waistband. Many gun owners prefer this type of PK380 holster because of its exceptional concealment capability.

OWB Holsters

Instead of the handgun being tucked inside the pants, an OWB holster allows the user to secure his handgun right outside the pants. It has a clip that helps secure the holster in the waistband. This is a favorite holster type for members of the military and the police. Some civilians who prefer to carry their handguns in the open also like OWB holsters.

Shoulder Holsters

Think of a backpack without the bag and you have a shoulder holster for the PK380. The advantage of shoulder holsters is that you can mount the holster on either the left or right straps, depending on whether you are right- or left- handed, respectively. These holsters are also more comfortable to wear because they ensure a more uniform weight distribution.

Paddle Holsters

These holsters are perfect for the PK380 because they allow the removal of the handgun and the holster as a single unit. Paddle holsters do not require a belt for them to secure the firearm to the wearer.

Appendix Holsters

Another common type of Walther PK380 holster is the appendix holster. This is a variant of the IWB holster that draws its name from its location of attachment in the body.

Why Do You Need Walther PK380 Holster?

The most important reason for getting a Walther PK380 holster is to ensure handgun safety. You do not want your precious defense arm discharge accidentally. A holster secures the handgun so that it will not fall. This will prevent accidental discharge that can harm you or other people within the immediate vicinity. A holster also ensures retention of your handgun. It stays with you until you draw it.

You also need a holster to protect your Walther PK380 from sweat, humidity, dirt, and other substances that can have an impact on the finish and performance of your handgun. Body sweat is a real issue when you tuck your handgun against your body without any protection. Sweat can cause a chemical reaction on the surface of the handgun and lead to the formation of stains. A holster provides a barrier between your handgun and sweat as well as other potential contaminants.

Not everyone feels comfortable around people who carry their firearms in the open. As a matter of respect for these people, it is wise to conceal your weapon. Holsters will not produce an invisible silhouette of your handgun. What they do is that they break up the handgun’s outline so that it becomes less obvious.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the most popular Walther PK380 holster brands?

Some of the most popular brands of Walther PK380 holsters include Concealment Express, Cardini, Alien Gear, Fobus, and Federal. These companies use materials with exceptional quality to provide you with a holster that is durable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. Many of these products come with features that optimize the unique characteristics of the Walther PK380.

What is it made of?

Most Walther PK380 holsters feature leather construction. This is a classic material that is popular for its elegance. One advantage of leather holsters is that they tend to grow more beautiful and elegant with time. Aside from leather, PK380 holsters can also feature plastics in its construction. The most important of these revolutionary thermoplastics is Kydex. This is a material that is popular among manufacturers of aircraft bulkheads, sheaths, and knives. There are also holsters that use ballistic nylon and other synthetic fabrics.

How to use?

Holsters are very easy to use. They function more like the sheaths of knives. These products have a hollow chamber that accommodates the main body and barrel of the handgun. Only the grip is exposed to allow the user to draw his handgun with ease. Depending on the type of holster that you have, you can clip or fasten the holster first to your waistband or belt. You can then insert the handgun into the holster. Other types of holsters allow you to insert the handgun first before you conceal the holster under the waistband.

Where to buy it?

Most Walther PK380 owners buy their holsters from Amazon because it is more convenient. They get to choose different brands without ever leaving the comfort and safety of their homes. You can also pick a holster for the PK380 straight from the official website of Walther itself.


Our list of the 6 best Walther PK380 holsters can be a great resource for people who want to buy their handgun holster right away. And for those who want to look for their own holsters, our comprehensive buying guide can be a useful tool, too. Make sure to check the holster you are going to buy. It should ensure the safety, effective concealment, and retention of your PK380. The holster should also be durable, comfortable to wear, adjustable, and allows ease of drawing and reholstering of your firearm. You can then pick the right type of PK380 holster to buy.

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