The Best Walther P22 Holsters of 2021


The Walther P22 is a semi-automatic rimfire pistol commonly used for informal target shooting. It is a Made in the USA pistol that comes with three-dot sights. They are quick to acquire with different lighting, which doesn’t interfere when drawing the gun from a bag or holster. This pistol has a rear sight that can be adjusted for windage. If you’re looking for the best Walther P22 holsters for this ergonomically designed and simple to operate gun, you have come to the right buying guide.

In the following, we’ll feature highly-recommended holsters so that you can get more out of your handgun. The next product reviews will help you choose a holstering device that can keep your Walther P22 safe and secured. Later, you’ll get an idea on how to choose this gun accessory with the factors to consider when shopping around for one. Let us get started and later figure out the right holster for P22 to use.

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What is the Best Walther P22 Holster

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Top 6 Best Walther P22 Holsters Reviews

1. Best Walther P22 Holster With Laser: Nylon Gun Holster with Laser

Surely one of the holsters with a great fit for the Walther P22 is the Nylon Gun Holster with laser. It can easily accommodate the under barrel mounted laser and the fit and mold is excellent. You’d like that it both fits either left or the right hand and that its metal clip is very versatile. You can easily move the clip from one side to another depending on your needs and depending on the situation that you are in.

Comfort is one of the features you’d really benefit from this nylon gun holster because it has a flexible and very soft thumb break. It also has an extra magazine pouch on the holster. The nylon material that it is made of is very promising and can be equated to a good number of years.

A noted opportunity here is the clip hangs a lit bit low so this might cause it to flap around. Overall, if you are after quality and a budget friendly holster with above average materials, then this is the perfect choice for you. It works and just needs a little adjustment.


  • Very good fit and mold
  • Flexible and good material
  • Metal clip can be moved from one side to the other


  • Clip hangs low

2. Best Walther P22 Concealment Holster: ComfortTac XL Ultimate Belly Band Holster

The belly band holster is for everyone! It is available in both Large and Extra-Large sizes so it is a comfortable neoprene band for those folks with bellies measuring until 54”. Smaller built women can also finally conceal their weapon properly. You will like how the material is soft on the skin and is comfortable to be worn in extended periods of time.

Another star goes to the ComfortTac belly band holster because you are just not limited to carry certain guns, you can carry different types of guns for varying situations with this holster. You don’t need to wear a belt all the time if you want to carry your gun because this brand gives you more freedom to wear your sweat pants, jogging pants, shorts, and even a skirt.

With its hard-plastic trigger guard, you can have the confidence of carrying your firearm less the worry of having the triggered pulled accidentally. It also has metal retention straps to ensure that your weapon is secure.

Folks who are not used to carrying weight on your hips or belly area might find this uncomfortable during the first few days. This is a miracle holster especially for women who carry a weapon. It carries and conceals perfectly.


  • Made of quality Neoprene
  • Provides more support and comfort
  • Perfect for petite and even those with a heavier frame


  • Can be uncomfortable during the first few days

3. Best Walther P22 OWB Holster: R&R OWB Kydex Holster

Affordable but without compromising the quality, the R&R holster is highly recommended for your Walther P22. This one is designed specifically designed for the P22 so you would like how it fits. Thanks to its oh-so sleek black color and minimalistic overall design, a lot of gun owners and enthusiasts find this to be the perfect match for their weapon.

You will like the adjustable cant that makes it very user friendly and practical to use. It also adjustability as you can it tweak it from 0 to 15 degrees making it perfect for the ideal hold and retention of the gun. You can be guaranteed that it will stay in place and no unnecessary movement happens. It is a heavy-duty holster and can withstand the different elements of the environment. The material this one is made of is not prone to sweat buildup and moisture.

One thing that can make this better is if it is made of leather for additional durability. Overall, if you are after quality and consistent performance then this is for you. It is easy to conceal and can save your gun from damages and scratches.


  • Adjustable cant
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Heavy duty and can withstand the elements of the earth


  • Not made of leather

4. Best Walther P22 IWB Holster: Kydex Concealment IWB Gun Holsters

The Kydex Concealment IWB gun holster is a perfect fit. It molds close to the body and is made of materials of high quality. A lot of the Kydex IWB holsters right now can be carried in an appendix style position. Although this might not be the best way to do it if you frequently need to visit the rest room.

One of the benefits that makes this holster stand out is it has incorporated sweat guards which makes it perfect especially during the summer where too much moisture can develop between a gun and its holster. This little feature would guarantee that your gun stays dry. Another advantage of this holster is you can adjust the cant in any angle between 0 to 15 degrees. All American made, it is a well put holster made of quality materials.

One thing that could make this holster better would the belt loop. It would have been better if the belt loops are the open J clip type so it would be easier to put it on without the need to remove your belt. With a quality this good and a holster that can keep you gun in place, getting the Kydex gun holster is a good choice for you. It is designed to last for a very long time while doing its primary task of carrying and concealing your weapon.


  • Adjustable cant
  • Incorporated sweat guards
  • All American made


  • Better choice for the belt loop

5. Best Walther P22 Shoulder Holster: King Holster Tactical Shoulder Holster

The perfect choice for security professionals, this should harness holster is made of durable materials that is lightweight, comfortable and more importantly discrete. Both options for right or left are available depending on your preference. This is a must have for any security guard or bodyguard duty equipment.

Since it is a shoulder holster, it is more flexible and allows more room for adjustment when it comes to your body frame. It includes an elastic belt strap so you can carry it more securely. You can also make the necessary adjustments to make sure that if you bend down, then the holster and your gun will still be in place. Its concealment is the name of the game, you are on an advantage with this holster.

Upon purchase, this shoulder holster will also include a universal double mag pouch designed to fit a single or a double stack of 9MM, 40 or 45 mags. For its price, you’d get a good deal.

One downside here is of course, it won’t work as good when what you are carrying is a full-size pistol. For its price and quality, this is a great purchase. If you want to go in-cognito with your gun and have it close to your body using high a reliable and high-quality holster then the King Holster is ultimately the one for you.


  • Good quality and value
  • Left and right options are available
  • Includes an elastic belt strap


  • Not for full sized pistols

6. Best Walther P22 Leather Holster: VlaMiTex B6 Leather Holster 

Made of premium leather and seamed via a double stitching pattern, you can be sure that your gun is well protected with the VlaMiTex Holster. With a soft interior lining, your gun will surely be scratch and abrasion free. The VlaMiTex B8 is specifically designed to snugly hold your Walther P22 and other similar types and styles of guns. Due to its materials, this one molds and becomes a second skin to your handgun. Gone are the days that you’d have to worry about your gun slipping or being dislodged.

Additionally, this holster can also put up with a belt of 1.75 inches width. You’d like the practicality that comes with it since you can wear it two ways. You can have it as an inside the waistband holster or as an outside the waistband holster. This is perfect for newbies who are still getting comfortable with their preferred style.

The only drawback for this is its ride height and retention are fixed. One thing that can make this better is if it is made of leather for additional durability. Nevertheless, this is still a product worthy of 5 stars. It provides a quick draw and the quality of materials is just excellent.


  • Soft interior lining
  • Can be worn 2 ways
  • Perfect fit and mold


  • Ride height and retention cannot be adjusted

How to Choose the Right Walther P22 Holsters: The Complete Buying Guide

Buying the correct Walther P22 holster can be a little intimidating especially for first timers. There are a lot of types and styles that are available on the market today for Walther P22s so making the right choice is very important. Here are some of the factors that you can consider when going shopping and finally making that purchase.

Materials Used – this one dictates the overall lifecycle and functionality of your holster. Today, the popular choices are leather, nylon and plastic. Each of these materials have their own pros and cons and depending on your need and preferences, you’d have to weigh which one would work best for you.

Leather for instance, is a top favorite because of how it looks and its tested durability but it requires due care and maintenance. Nylon, on the other hand, is considered the cheapest and are generally lightweight but won’t be as durable as leather. Plastic holsters are lightweight and resistant to tears but can be a bit uncomfortable especially when used for extended periods of time because they are rigid.

Overall comfort – note that you’d be wearing your holster almost all the time so it should be comfortable. Make sure that it won’t irritate your skin as it would be making frequent contact with your body. Best to buy one that can mold to your body.

Drawing Ability – a holster makes it very convenient for you to carry your weapon all the time without the firearm being exposed. Your choice of holster should enable to keep your weapon conveniently but should still allow you to respond to situations and use it without any fuss. A good buy will provide you with a complete grip on your Walther P22 but at the same time still provide you with space to put out of action any retention devices. It should allow you to draw easily.

Concealment Feature – one of the main objectives of having a holster is to be able to properly conceal your weapon. For those working in the security, military or law enforcement, this is a huge help during their missions and tactical encounters. Hobbyists though and hunters can use this to avoid being placed in uncomfortable and awkward situations. Your holster should be able to hide your Walther P22 effectively. Seasoned enthusiasts and users would always go for one that only leaves the grip.

Safety Mechanism – go for a P22 holster that has a trigger guard so you don’t have to worry about accidental trigger pulling and the accidents that this can bring about. The material and safety mechanism should be strong enough so the mere touching won’t cause the trigger to be pulled.

Again, this purchase should really be thought of because you’d have it in your person almost all the time. You’d be carrying it with you and the least you want is to be uncomfortable and not being able to do what you want to do just because of some issues with your holster. Feel and try the available holsters in your area and get recommendations from family and friends.

What is a Walther P22 Holster?


A Walther P22 Holster is an important accessory for your P22 handgun that aims to keeping your firearm steady, concealed, and restricting any unnecessary movement. It is positioned in the most accessible location on your body – on your belt, shoulder, or ankle so that it can be accessed immediately when needed.

Types of Walther P22 Holsters

The place where you attach your Walther P22 holsters should be comfortable for you. Some users prefer the waistband holster attached outside for accessibility. The following are types of Walther P22 holsters that you can find fit on your comfort and convenience.

OWB Holster

Also called open-carry holsters, these holsters are not meant to be concealed and may be difficult to hide it under your shirt. It allows you to wear and carry your firearm outside your waistband. This is an advantageous holster for shooters who do not prefer any obstruction in drawing their firearm. Since it is outside, they don’t need to untuck their belt or clothes to grip and draw the gun.

IWB Holster

Also called concealed holsters, the IWB or Inside the Waistband Holster allows you to wear and carry your firearm inside your waistband. This is commonly used by shooters who do not want anyone to recognize that they are carrying a firearm. IWB holsters can be a little bit obstructed. Before drawing the firearm, you need to remove or adjust your shirt to have a good grip and draw your gun from the holster.

Shoulder Holster

There are two types of shoulder holster – the cloak and the chest holster. The cloak allows you to carry your gun like you’re wearing the holster. This is a low-profile and comfortable holster if you prefer carrying your gun under your jacket or coat. The chest holster wraps the holster on your chest with support from your back all the way around to the chest.

Ankle Holster

This type allows you to conceal your firearm beneath your pants. The holster is supported by a band that wraps around your legs.

Belly Band Holster

If you wear this type, you need to unbuckle your belt to slide and put the holster on before putting your belt on.

Why Do You Need Walther P22 Holster?

You need a Walther P22 Holsterfor safety and comfort.This accessory is important especially if you will be carrying your handgun around. For safety, you must not carry it inside your bag or just in the trunk of your car. You would need it closer to your body as much as possible but without putting your hands around the trigger all the time.

You need Walther P22 Holster to cover the trigger guard of your gun. It also keep your finger away from the trigger that may cause accident or harm to others and to yourself. A trigger is like a magnet. Your finger is drawn to tinker with it. So, to avoid this, holster your gun and only draw it when needed.

You need it to keep your firearm steady. It keeps your gun in place – on your waistband, shoulder, or ankle. It will not be dangling in your cargo pants pocket that may cause accidental shooting.

Walther P22 Holster prevents you from loading and unloading your firearm more often. Loading and unloading your gun frequently can lead to accident. With Walther P22 Holster, you just need to keep it in place, unbuckle your waistband or shoulder band and keep it to a safe place. Walther P22 Holster also helps in concealing your firearm, so everyone won’t be able to see that you are carrying one.

And lastly, you need it for comfort. It can be uncomfortable carrying a firearm. You don’t want to carry a metal closer to your skin for hours. Plus, people’s attention is drawn to it. Walther P22 Holster can make you easy carrying your handgun closer to your body, making it accessible and comfortable at the same time. This is because the holster evenly spreads the weight of the gun to your body, like it is a part of you.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most popular Walther P22 Holster brands?                                

There are several brands that you can find for Walther P22 Holster, depending on your preference. A few of the most trusted ones include Shaver Holsters, ComfortTac, R&R, King Holster, VlaMiTex and Outlaw Holsters. They are the trusted names of thousands of customers looking to use a secured and reliable holster that can last long and secure their guns in place.

What is it made of?

Walther P22 Holsters are usually made from leather or heavily padded nylon cloth. The most recommended include those made with nylon designed with pads and locking mechanisms are materials like VELCRO. You can also find those made from high quality leather, rubber, KYDEX or a combination. Check out these materials and figure out which one is for you.

How to use?

There are various ways to use a Walther P22 Holster. Waistband or belt holders are slide on before buckling the belt on. Ankle holsters are strapped into the leg. Shoulder cloak have support bands that wrap on the back while the holster is attached on either side, just below the armpit. The support bands are worn like a jacket. Nevertheless, the use of a holster depends on its placement on your body. That is why it is important to choose one that is based on your lifestyle and preferences.

Where to buy it?                                                                      

Walther P22 Holsters are widely available – from actual physical gun stores and online stores. The Amazon is one of the most recommended online stores that professional and enthusiast shooters endorse to get high quality but affordable Walther P22 Holsters. You can also get some valuable holsters from eBay. Before buying a Walther P22 Holster, first ensure that you are decided on the most comfortable place where you would be carrying your handgun. Make sure that you are comfortable wearing it on for hours.


Have you chosen a holster for your pistol? Which among these featured products suits your style? While it can be challenging to choose among the best Walther P22 holsters, you can select one for your needs. Just refer to the earlier reviews for the top-rated items in the category. Each of these holsters for the Walther P22 are by reputable brands trusted in the industry. Compare their features, materials, style and design. Pick one that matches your personal style, lifestyle and purpose. Using this buying guide, you can decide better and use the right holster. Buy a holster for the Walther P22 today!

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