The Best Glock 48 Holsters of 2021


You need one of the best Glock 48 holsters if you have the compact and precise Glock 48. This gun combines the great features of a handgun and is one of the most dependable for the civilian market and law enforcement. It offers a versatile grip and a comfortable balance, making it ideal for a broad range of users.

But to get the most out of it, you must use a specifically designed and manufactured holster for this firearm. It will keep the handgun in place and prevent its unnecessary movement. It can also ensure you don’t have to load and unload your gun more often. However, you might find it challenging to find a suitable holstering device for it if you won’t spend enough effort and time in comparing your options.

To help you pick the right one, we’re reviewing the top picks on the market and highlight the pros and cons of each option. If you’re ready, let’s start with the reviews of the finest Glock 48 holsters and later talk about the things you must be looking for this holstering device.

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What is the Best Glock 48 Holster

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Top 6 Best Glock 48 Holsters Reviews

1. Concealment Express Tuckable IWB KYDEX Holster

Concealment Express is one of the most trusted brands for a handgun holster because it commits to the quality and durability of its products. If you’re looking for an inside the pants concealed carry holster, I recommend this tuckable holster, which you can conveniently position inside your waistband and wear it for long hours.

The Glock G48 is also ambidextrous, meaning more options of using it not limited to right- or left-hand use. This concealment holster is also made of KYDEX, which is lightweight but sturdy enough to withstand heavy abuse and use. It will also last you forever, too, giving you better value for your money.

However, some people reported of fitting issues with their Glock 48 gun. But overall, this holster received mostly positive reviews because it is easy to maintain and can allow for ambidextrous hand use.


  • Ambidextrous hand use for more options
  • Made of lightweight KYDEX material
  • Easy to clean and maintain for added convenience


  • Fitting issues

2. Muddy River Tactical IWB Leather Holster

This Muddy River Tactical inside the waistband holster is one of the best-looking holsters I found. It is made of water buffalo leather that makes it durable, too, giving you more value for your money.

I also like this leather holster because it offers excellent concealment of your firearm, so no one would guess that you are actually carrying a gun. The Muddy River Tactical is also easy to use and maintain unlike other leather materials. This model is also designed with a full sweat shield that offers protection to your body and gun.

However, this model is a bit expensive, though. Overall, it is high in quality and looks really great. You will also like that it can offer a conceal carry comfort like no other.


  • Made of durable water buffalo leather
  • Molds to the firearm and body for added comfort
  • Designed with a full sweat shield


  • A bit expensive

3. R&R Holsters OWB Kydex Holster

If you want an option for an open carry, you might want to check out the R&R Holsters outside the waistband holster. It is black, giving it a classic look, and is made of KYDEX, one of the most dependable materials.

The R&R Holsters is also affordable for its quality and durability. You can have peace of mind that it can last you forever, while also not having to maintain it often. You just need a clean piece of cloth to wipe off any dirt from it.

This model also comes with a partial sweat guard backing offering sweat protection for you and the gun.

However, it is not an ambidextrous holster. Still, you should check it out for a quality holster that can offer you with an excellent performance.


  • KYDEX material is long lasting and requires less maintenance
  • Adjustable cant (0-15 degrees) for more adjustment options
  • Comes with a partial sweat guard backing


  • Not ambidextrous

4. Alien Gear IWB Holster for Concealed Carry

The Alien Gear ShapeShift 4.0 is a custom fit gun holster that can offer just the right concealment and comfort to users. You can conveniently secure and stabilize your gun with it and prevent its unnecessary movements.

The conceal carry holster is an inside the waistband holster that can offer the perfect retention and fitment. This model is a custom fit to the &W M&P9 2.0 4.25 Inch, too. It is also impressive that it’s fully adjustable in terms of the cant, ride height, and retention. You don’t also need any tools to adjust it.

It is also designed with a moisture-wicking material, which is breathable. It can eliminate any irritation, especially when worn for a long time.

However, it is not an ambidextrous holster, though. Still, it is a high-quality concealment holster that offers multiple carry options, like an open or conceal carry.


  • Can ensure proper retention and fitment for comfortable carry
  • Offers multiple options of carry (open, concealed, and shoulder
  • Quality made in the USA concealment holster


  • Not ambidextrous

5. Infused Kydex IWB Concealed Carry Holsters

The Infused Kydex USA is a concealed carry holster, available in a left- or right-hand version. This model is also custom fit for the Glock 48, so you don’t have to worry about fitting issues.

In addition, it is made with a combination of leather and KYDEX, giving it the quality of both. It is lightweight while also being robust to last you for a long time. You can also have peace of mind of its quality because this is made in the USA and quality-checked to ensure durability and performance.

The Glock 48 holster, however, is not a tuckable one, though. Overall, the Infused Kydex USA is made of durable materials and has an excellent design. It can also offer comfort because it is lightweight. If you liked these features, you might want to check out the IWB holster for yourself.


  • Quality and durable made in the USA holster
  • Custom fit for the Glock 48 gun
  • Combination of KYDEX and leather


  • Non-tuckable holster

6. FDO Industries Appendix Kydex Holster

The FDO Industries appendix holster is another to consider if you like an inside the waistband holster that is easy to use and comfortable to carry even for long periods of wearing. I also notice that it’s made of a lightweight but durable KYDEX material, which can mold to your body and gun perfectly.

This model is also meant for those who are experienced and looking for an appendix concealed carry holster. You will also like the adjustable retention that it can offer for your magazine and gun. It is also with a flared opening, offering a quick and easy re-holstering.

However, it is a bit expensive when compared to other holsters. But overall, you will love all its features including its accuracy and perfect fit for your Glock 48.


  • Accurate and consistent because it is CNC machined
  • Easy and quick re-holstering for its flared opening
  • Adjustable retention level for the magazine and gun


  • A bit expensive

How to Choose the Right Glock 48 Holsters: The Complete Buying Guide

When choosing a Glock 48 holster, it matters that you think of the factors or features you expect from it. That’s why you need to know how to choose one based on certain things like durability and concealment. To help you, we’ve prepared a buying guide that highlights what you need to know in the selection process.


There are different materials available for a holster, and they include leather, KYDEX, and nylon. Each material has specific features. For example, leather can offer a classic look; however, it can be pricier than the other options are. KYDEX, on the other hand, is lightweight and easier to maintain than leather is. Meanwhile, nylon is affordable and durable, but it might not be the best-looking holster of all.


Check out the durability of the holster that you’re buying to prevent buying one too often. It must be able to withstand long-term use without it suffering from an impaired performance or mechanical failure.


You should also check out the finish of the gun to ensure that it will not abrade the finish of the gun. It should not also snag the pistol, or it will prevent you from quickly drawing the gun.


It is another reason to wear a holster. Such can provide protection to your Glock 48 during its insertion and removal from the holster. With a holster, you can prevent injuries or accidents to yourself or to other people. It can prevent the accidental trigger movement and undesired movement of the hammer.


If you’re in an open carry state, you must consider concealment that the holster can offer. That’s why it’s so important to choose a holster that can conceal the gun properly to prevent alarming people that you’re armed. Good quality holsters can make the gun invisible, too.


Are you in the military or law enforcement that you need to wear your gun for an extended time period? You must pick a holster that can offer not just concealment but also comfort. It must be lightweight and breathable, too.

No snagging

Looking for a holster, you must find the right fitting holster to avoid snagging, which will slow down a draw or hinder you from protecting yourself in an emergency.


It will prevent the gun from being drawn or removed from the holstering device by anyone. Thus, this feature is also important to prevent accidents from occurring. There are different modern duty holsters coming with different hidden retention devices. However, retentive holsters can be customized or designed for a specific gun.

Drawing ease

With this feature, you can experience drawing ease that lets you present or access the gun quickly when needed. But then, this feature might be compromised in a concealed carry.

Ease of re-holstering

A good rigid holster will let you return the Glock 48 with one hand, but a flexible one may collapse when you draw the gun. Thus, it needs both hands in re-holstering.


A good holster allows an adjustment of the cant and position, which adds comfort to the user.

Consider these things when choosing a holster for the Glock 48 and later decide on the right holster for you.

What is a Glock 48 Holster?


This holstering device is specially meant for a Glock 48. It can hold it in place well and prevent its undesired movements. Using it, you can ensure that your gun is secured and stable. Also, this gun accessory prevents accidental pulling of the trigger that might cause injuries or accidents to the user or other people.

Types of Glock 48 Holsters

There are certain types of holsters that you might want to know, as you’re comparing your options. So, what’s the right holster for you? Let us help you decide by outlining the different types of holstering device. Check them out in the following.

Inside the waistband holster (IWB)

It is one of the most common types of holsters for the Glock 48. This holster is usually tucked into the waistband, while being concealed and tucked over the gun and holster and over a loose shirt. It comes in different designs, construction materials, and other features. You can choose one that suit your preferences and personal style.

Shoulder holster

Typically, the holster is supported by a single or double strap or harness. However, if you want an effective concealment, you should consider layering, too. This will keep the gun out of sight while also not making it obvious to anyone that you’re carrying a gun.

Outside the waistband (OWB)

Such a holster is carried on the waists. It is chosen by people looking for an open carry holster. But if you want to conceal this holster, you can do it with layering and other strategies applicable for you.

Pocket holster

It is easy to wear and use. All you need is to get it inside your pocket. For people who prefer a pocket carry, they choose this type.

Ankle holster

They’re usually strapped on the ankle and is covered by the pant leg. While it can offer the perfect concealment, it might not be the best when it comes to quick access to the gun. It is why many people choose this type only for a secondary firearm.

There you have a quick overview on what to know about the types of holstering devices. Compare your options well based on your style and choice of design, material, and construction. In the following, let’s talk about the reasons you need a holstering device.

Why Do You Need Glock 48 Holster?

Wearing a holster, you don’t alarm the people around you because they won’t know you’re carrying a holster. In this case, you can protect yourself, your loved ones, and other people. Plus, you don’t have to hide your gun in clothes, purses, or bags. It is with a holster that you can safely carry your gun anywhere you go without it being visible.

Stability and safety

Using a firearm is for safety and personal protection. With a holster, you can secure the gun in place. It will not fall out of the waistband or bag and cause potential harm to other people because of a negligent discharge. The holstering device can also reduce the snag, one of the primary issues with other holsters that can catch a part of the handgun, especially while drawing.

Snagging also slows down your ability to re-holster or draw the gun. Thus, you might not be able to protect yourself. It is why a perfectly fitting Glock 48 holster is important.

Peace of mind

Having a holster can also give you peace of mind because it can prevent an exposed trigger or dropping your weapon. And choosing the right one, you can rest assured that your gun will not make undesired movements. It will also let you complete your daily activities without discomfort even if you’d wear your holster for long periods of time.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the best Glock 48 holster brands?

Factoring in the manufacturer of the holster is essential to ensure that you’re buying from a reputable brand that understands and commits to the quality and performance of their products. A few of those we found include –

  1. Concealment Express
  2. Muddy River Tactical
  3. R&R Holsters
  4. Alien Gear
  5. Infused Kydex
  6. FDO Industries

Check out these brands when looking for a good holster for the Glock 48. They are some of the most trusted brands for consumers that want a long-lasting and quality holster.

How to wear leather Glock 48 shoulder holster?

The very first thing to remember is how it will fit to your body to ensure that it will be able to perform its duty of holding the gun in place and not creating extra movements. Thus, it must be snug well enough on your shoulders. However, it must not be too tight; instead, it must let you move your arms uninhibitedly.

At the very least, wearing shoulder holsters is typically wearing a harness that you will feel. The harness of the holster must be neutral. For the holster, it must be not be causing any discomfort or inhibiting your arm’s movement.

In wearing the shoulder holster, it might be ideal that the pistol is almost halfway between your armpit and belt. In this case, the pistol is not sitting higher than the ribs below your chest. At the end of the day, what can feel comfortable for you should be your priority.

Nevertheless, you will be able to find the right way of wearing the leather shoulder holster in the manual that comes with your purchase.

Where to buy it?

Amazon, eBay, and other online marketplaces sell holsters for the Glock 48. Other sources include manufacturer websites and gun accessories shops in your community.


Using a suitable holster for your Glock 48 can offer you benefits, including gun concealment, safety, and stability. It will also keep your gun out of sight to prevent accidents and injuries of you or other people.

With research and effort, you can select the best Glock 48 holsters that will give you the convenience and comfort of carrying your gun close to your person. Use the buying guide above for reference on the top picks on the market, each with their pros and cons. Also, check out the things to know when choosing this holstering device and the benefits of using one. Buy the right Glock 48 holster today!

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