The Best Taurus Judge Holsters for 2021


The Taurus Judge is a self-defense and home protection revolver, which is compact, easy to carry, and use. But if you have the Taurus Judge 5-shot revolver, you should get the best Taurus Judge holster. This holstering device is reliable in terms of keeping your gun safe. It will keep the Taurus Judge in place and out of sight, making you and the people around you safe.

The holstering device also makes carrying the revolver easier even if you wear it for many hours, such as if you were working in the military or police. It makes every day carry of the Judge more comfortable and convenient.

So, if you’d like to move around with ease using your self-defense firearm, you should pick the right revolver holster for you. In the following, we’re featuring our top 6 suggestions for a Taurus Judge holster. Check out and compare their special qualities to figure out what holster works best for your needs.

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What is the Best Taurus Judge Holster

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Top 6 Best Taurus Judge Holsters Reviews

1. Best Taurus Judge Public Defender Holster: Fobus Evolution Paddle Holster

A paddle holster is easy to wear and can prevent the unnecessary movement of your revolver. One of those to check out is the Fobus Evolution Paddle Holster. It is a top-rated choice among gun owners that want to make every day carrying more convenient.

The holster for the Taurus Judge Public Defender features a passive retention, making it easier to use. It is also with a simple one-piece design. In addition, I liked its protected sight channel, which is one of its unique features. I am also impressed for its low-profile design, promoting concealability.

I also liked its rubberized paddle backing, offering comfort and stability. Finally, I loved its passive retention including a retention adjustment screw. You can set the pressure based on your preferences.

On the downside, it might not fit some models, though. Overall, I liked its overall design and construction. I’d also like to commend its low-profile design and protected sight channel.


  • Concealability for its low-profile design
  • Compact one-piece construction
  • Extra stability for its rubberized paddle backing


  • Fitting issues

2. Best Taurus Judge Leather Holster: Houston ECO Leather IWB Concealed Carry Holster

The Houstonconcealed carry holster offers different features that make it the top choice for many gun owners. The IWB revolver holster is made of premium leather materials, giving it that classic and elegant appeal. You will love it if you were looking not just for aesthetics but also for reliability.

The ECO leather holster can also offer maximum protection for its suede interior. This component makes it more durable for long-lasting use. With it, you don’t have to replace your holster from time to time. I am also impressed that this model is compatible with different revolver frames, making it more versatile than others in the same category are. Finally, this model is triple stitched, enhancing its integrity.

However, the holster is not for left-handed users. Still, I liked that it is compatible with different holster frames. It is also with a metal clip for comfortable wear without the unnecessary movements. You can also rely on it if you’re living in a concealed carry state.


  • Metal clip to prevent unnecessary movements
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Perfect for concealed carry


  • Not for left-handed users

3. Best Taurus Judge OWB Holster: Fobus Tactical Conceal Carry Polymer Paddle Holster

One of the most favorite holsters among Taurus Judge owners is the Fobus Tactical paddle holster. There is no wonder! This model is easy to conceal and comfortable to wear for long hours. If you want to keep your revolver safe in storage when not in use, you might also want to consider this tactical paddle holster that is meant for right-hand users.

I also liked that it is designed and constructed to give maximum wear comfort. This item is also lightweight and is made of polymer materials. It is also long-wearing and comes with a lifetime guarantee. It is also by a reputable brand that ensures the quality of their holsters.

However, there were complaints about long shipping times. But overall, the paddle holster is one of the most chosen in the category for its excellent features and performance. It also works efficiently when it comes to securing the gun in place.


  • Affordable and made of quality materials
  • Made of lightweight polymer construction
  • Can keep the gun safely and securely in place


  • Long shipping times

4. Best Taurus Judge Conceal carry Holster: Federal Hip Holster for Taurus Judge Public Defender

The Federal Hip Holster is another great choice if you’re looking for a reliable and long-wearing holstering device for your Taurus Judge. It can complete your gun accessories and keep you gun safe in place. The Defender revolver holster is also made of lightweight and durable nylon materials, which can ensure heavy-duty performance.

I also liked that it gives wearing options, either through clip and belt loop. In this case, you have the option on how you want to wear the holster. In addition, this model has a sturdy construction and comes with a retaining strap. Finally, it comes with a nylon exterior that adds to its integrity and protects it from abrasions, moisture and scuffs.

However, some users might not appreciate the VELCRO straps that come with it. Overall, the Taurus Judge Public Defender combines stability and ruggedness, while giving users that clip-on holster convenience. Check it out for yourself if these features sound great for you.


  • Ambidextrous holster
  • Durable and quality construction
  • Clip or belt loop wear


  • VELCRO straps are kind of tacky according to some users

5. Best Taurus Judge Public Defender Polymer Holster: The Holster Store Pro Carry Belt Ride Ranch

The Holster Storeis a favorite brand among Taurus Judge gun owners because it can offer the right fit and security features. This model is with a right-hand orientation, which is common among holsters. It also has a black color that adds to its appeal.

Another thing that I liked about this holster is that it is made of custom leather. It has a classic appeal and appearance. If you were working in the military, you can also have peace of mind that it can offer that custom fit to your Taurus Judge firearm. It is designed and made for this gun, so you can ensure of a nice fit.

I would like to mention that it can also offer an easy wearing because it can attach to your belt. This model is also durable that it comes with a waterproof finish. It is also with a compact design that makes it convenient to wear and carry.

However, there were some printing issues reported by other users, though. Overall, the holster is custom for the Taurus Judge.


  • Can hold up to five bullets
  • Made of leather material
  • Can attach to your belt easily


  • Some printing issues

6. Best Taurus Judge Shoulder Holster: Federal Vertical Shoulder Holster

If you’re looking for a shoulder holster, you might want to check out the Federal Vertical holstering device. Another thing that I liked about the holster is that it is made in the USA for ensured quality and performance. It has been tested before being brought out to the market for guaranteed user satisfaction.

This model is also custom designed and made for the Judge Public Defender 2 ½ to 3 inches. I also liked that it offers a four-way size adjustment, making it versatile. Another thing unique is that it has no itchy and irritating VELCRO that is used in its harness. You can count on it for its concealability and comfort.

However, it will not fit the polymer model. But then, most of the feedback was positive. People were happy of their purchase because of the quality and durability of this product.


  • Lightweight and comfortable nylon material
  • Made in the USA for proven quality
  • Right hand orientation


  • Will not fit the polymer model

How to Choose the Right Taurus Judge Holsters: The Complete Buying Guide

As responsible Taurus Judge gun owners, we want to ensure that it is safe and secure. To ensure of that, we need to find the right holster that offers us benefits, including concealability, comfort and convenience. It is also what we need to ensure our gun is safe and secure in place. To help you find a good one, check out the following section for the factors to consider when picking a Taurus Judge holster.

Judge model

One of the things to check when picking a holster for a Taurus Judge is its model. If not, you might have a problem with the fitting. Think about this. There are at least 12 models of this gun, so you can imagine that it can complicate the selection process. The wise thing to do is to read on the specifications page to see if the holster fits the type of gun you have.

Also, you should check your gun’s cylinder because some holsters are going to fit either a 2 ½ and 3 inches cylinders. On the other hand, there are also holsters that are specific to one of these.


What’s the frame of your Taurus Judge? The steel-framed holsters have narrower barrels at the end than the polymer-framed models do. However, take note that if you have a polymer pistol won’t sit well on a holster made for the steel-framed gun. Nevertheless, do not pick a loose or ill-fitting holster.

Gun purpose

Is it for self-defense or home protection? Do you use it for hunting? Or, do you have the Taurus Judge for a collectible? Some people prefer a holster for concealed carry, so they pick the inside the waistband holster. The IWB is their chosen holster for its better concealment. But then, many still want a holster that comes with sleeves or with loops, which can prevent the holstering device from sliding on your belt.


Holsters are available in different price ranges. Some are pricier or more affordable than the others are. The price alone shouldn’t be the sole basis for buying. Think more about the value not the cost. Make sure to compare different holsters, and read reviews for references.


When reading reviews, you should check for customer feedback. Those that are top-rated and garner the most positive feedbacks are high in quality. You can also check for the demand. A high demand can be an indicator that the holster is a good one.


Holsters are available in different materials. You can find nylon, KYDEX or leather holsters. Each has its special and unique features and qualities. For example, leather is a classic choice and is durable, too. On the other hand, a nylon holster is more affordable than other types are and is lightweight. A KYDEX holster is also lightweight and contours well to the firearm. Compare the materials well, and think about which material for a holster is for you.

Consider these things when buying a Taurus Judge holster. Compare and shop around for a quality holstering device that can offer comfort, convenience and durability, to name some features.

What is a Taurus Judge Holster?


A Taurus Judge holster is an important gun accessory that lets you store your gun safely. It also prevents the unnecessary movement of the gun, while you’re performing outdoor activities. You also need it if you want to keep your gun out of sight and always concealed if you are living in a concealed carry state.

Types of Taurus Judge Holsters

OWB Holster

The outside the waistband holster is one of the favorites among gun owners, especially among those working in the law enforcement. They’re also picked by people who want an open carry for their firearm. This holster can keep the firearm close to the body so that it will be easy and quick to draw during emergencies. However, the wearer should wear a long jacket or an untucked loose shirt to conceal the gun effectively and prevent printing. So, if you’re thinking of buying an OWB holster, you must consider these things.

IWB Holster

The inside the waistband holster is a common holster type for the featured revolver. It is easy to conceal and comfortable to wear. It is suitable for a small gun because it allows the wearer to experience the comfort of wearing it all day without the big bulge. With it, you also have the option of wearing the holster inside the pants, while also tucking your shirt over your weapon.

Shoulder Holster

This holster is comfortable to wear, too, because it allows distributing the weight of the gun and holster across one’s shoulders. Typically, the direction is vertical when used for a full-frame caliber revolver or a long gun. It can also be directed horizontally for other types of guns. Nevertheless, a shoulder holster is comfortable to wear for long hours. You can also hide it easily and quickly with a jacket.

Ankle Holster

Sometimes called a boot holster, the ankle holster is another type of Taurus Judge holster to consider. It is also recommended to those in the law enforcement officials that want an easy carry, especially if they were using a secondary firearm. However, it has one downside, though. It might cause a small gun to bounce around if you had to run fast.

Why Do You Need a Taurus Judge Holster?

One of the main reasons to buy and use a holster is for concealment. It is used to keep the gun close to your person for quick drawing, while also keeping it safe and concealed. Keeping it out of sight, you can keep yourself and the people around you safe. A holster can prevent accidental firing as well as any unnecessary gun movement.

With a holster for the Taurus Judge, you can also stay out of trouble with the authorities if you’re living in a concealed carry state. In addition, owning a holster also allows you to keep your gun loaded unlike in a gear bag wherein you need to take the ammo out when the gun is in storage. That is why if you’re using the Taurus Judge for personal or home protection, you must consider having a holster to keep it ready for emergencies.

A holster also keeps your gun from dropping, abrasions and scratches. With it, you can keep the appearance of your gun and prevent its damage.

Nevertheless, these are only some of the advantages that owning a holster for the Taurus Judge can give. You should not miss them out by choosing among one of the top holsters made specifically for this gun.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most popular Taurus Judge Holster brands?

When comparing your choices for a Taurus Judge holster, you must also consider the brand. It will help you find a reliable one that strives hard and focused in delivering great products to their customers. A few trusted ones include the Fobus, Houston, Federal and The Holster Store. They are great brands that gun owners go-to when finding a heavy-duty and top-quality holster.

What is it made of?

Several materials are used in the manufacture of holsters. A few of those include nylon, KYDEX, and leather, or a combination of these materials. There are also holsters made of other synthetics. Each of these materials have their advantages and disadvantages. For example, leather is a durable material that also appeals to those who want a classic looking holster. However, it is a bit pricier than the other holsters made from other materials. Nevertheless, you must compare each material type based on your needs and preferences. You can get started using our reviews earlier.

How to use?

It is straightforward to use a holster. You just must attach it to your belt with the belt clip included (on select models). On the other hand, there are holsters that you just slide into your pocket. There are also those that come with a strap and a holder that you position over your shoulders. Thus, the use of a specific holster depends on the type you bought as well as its placement on your body.

Where to buy it?

Buy these Taurus Judge holsters in gun supplies and stores in your community. They are also in the manufacturer websites. Alternatively, you can buy them on Amazon and similar marketplaces where to find a wide selection range and different price points. Compare them and get the best deals.


Using the best Taurus Judge holster, you will experience the comfort and convenience of carrying your firearm even all day. This holstering accessory makes it easy to move around and carry your weapon without discomfort. However, you should pick the right one that matches your needs because many of these holsters are available on the market. To get started, you might want to refer to and use our buying guide on the top six picks for Taurus Judge holsters. Also, check out the buying guide on the things to check when comparing your options. Using this buying guide, we’re hoping you’ll be able to pick the right holster for your Taurus Judge revolver today!

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