Our Top 5 Best Laser Light Combos Under $100

A good flashlight laser light combo is an essential accessory if you want to enhance your target acquisition methods. This tool is also a practical buy as it has tons of other uses as well. With this in mind, we’ll be presenting you with a list of the best laser light combos under $100.

Each of the gadgets that made this list have been stress-tested under various light settings and tough conditions. We pushed these products to the max to discover their perks and highlight possible drawbacks.

Here are our recommendations for the best laser light combos you should consider adding to your gear!

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1. Aimkon HiLight P3XL300 Green Laser Sight Combo with Strobe Function

Perfect for pistols with Weaver or Picatinny rails, this Aimkon HiLight Green Laser combo gadget has a lot of features you can easily leverage.

It has an aircraft-grade aluminum construction ultra-low profile, which gives you perfect vision from a distance without giving your position away.

As the aircraft aluminum it’s made with is anodized, your presence becomes barely perceptible, even to alert observers.

On the inside, there’s a built-in battery made from lithium polymer, one of the most durable materials for generating power. This gives you extended hours of battery power, perfect for if you’re not going on a quick operation.

The great thing about this battery is that even if you do run out of juice, you can charge it on the go thanks to its USB charging code.

Again, this will come in handy if you’re going on an extended, full-on operation as the battery compartment is what powers the LED flashlight and the Green Laser light of the Aimkon HiLight P2XL300.

While the LED flashlight doesn’t feature multiple strobe modes, the single on/strobe mode of this laser flashlight combo gives you up to 300 lumens of bright light for 55 minutes straight on a single charge.

Its Green Laser sight also fully satisfies all US FDA recommendations for safe operation, giving you the assurance you need that you’re covering all your bases.

On the whole, this is a great flashlight laser sight combo that helps you get the job done.


  • It’s very lightweight.
  • It’s an affordable flashlight and Green Laser combination production.
  • It has a very ergonomic activation switch.
  • It’s compatible with Weaver and Picatinny rails.
  • Its pinpoint accuracy helps enhance target acquisition methods.
  • It offers aircraft aluminum construction ultra-low profile features.


  • Its compatibility is largely limited to Picatinny rails, and it doesn’t work with pistols below 28mm.
  • One button of the flashlight laser sight combo disables the other so you can’t use the LED flashlight and the Green Laser at the same time.

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2. QuickView Streamlight TLR-6 69290 Flashlight with Tactical Compact Red Laser

At the time of publishing this post, the QuickView Streamlight TLR-6 69290 is one of the best budget laser light combos on the market.

The first thing that sets this product apart from the average budget laser light combo is the fact that you get color options with it.

Available in flat dark, earth brown, and plain black, you get the option of choosing the perfect flashlight and tactical compact red laser combination to fit your existing gear.

Beyond aesthetics, this device delivers in terms of utility as well.

To start with, the LEDs that supply the much-needed bright light for focusing on your favorite targets are shielded by the trademark QuickView Streamlight TLR-6 reflectors. This effectively renders them nearly indestructible.

In addition to this, this device delivers excellent peripheral lighting, which provides you with a more focused target.

Designed for 42 & 43 Glock mail mount 100 models, its external battery-powered laser flashlight combo gives you 60 minutes of light in dual-mode.

Everything from its light switch to the windage and elevation adjustment screws are properly positioned to foster a positive user experience.

We also liked the fact that you won’t have to re-sight its tactical compact red laser after each use. This is because it automatically saves your initial light settings as its default settings.

Also, it comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

For us, QuickView Streamlight TLR-6 69290 is the best laser light combo under $100 right now!


  • It’s a very compact and affordable device.
  • It can be attached to 42 & 43 Glock mail mount 100 models with ease.
  • It supplies subtle yet distinctive flashlights and laser beams.
  • It negates the need for constant re-sighting of its red laser beams after a new battery is installed.
  • Its windage, bolts, and laser zero stability are properly positioned in brass bearings to enhance the shelf life of the tactical light.
  • It comes with a limited lifetime warranty.


  • It still uses removable batteries.
  • The product may have quality control issues as some pieces aren’t able to stay on the rail of the gun when it’s being fired.

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3. Firefield Charge Laser and Light Combo

If you like your shooting gear to be simple yet remarkably functional and efficient, then this is the tactical light combo for you.

This gadget has a lightweight design and weighs only 0.4 pounds.

The Firefield focused target enhancer has a classic brick design that fits with most Weaver and Picatinny rails easily.

It has a flashlight with strong beams and a tactical compact red laser light. To make it even more appealing, it has night vision capability as well!

The Firefield Charge Laser and Light Combo found its way onto our list because it is affordable, has an ergonomic design, and lets you access its key features with minimal discomfort.

Of course, it also helps that its CR2 battery gives you 2 hours and 30 minutes of illumination on full light settings. While this battery life is limited in comparison to models like the Firefield Charge Red Laser, it is still quite impressive.

It also comes with a nice array of accessories.

All of that being said, it bears mentioning that the exact material that the frame of the laser sight combo is made of is unspecified. Because of this, we can only guess at the durability and sturdiness of its construction.

What we can attest to is that it offers a level of visibility and clarity eerily similar to that found in more advanced Insight Technology Flashlights. This makes it a great device in our book!


  • It has an impressive low-profile design.
  • It’s lightweight and designed for easy mobility.
  • It fits easily on Picatinny rails.
  • It has a very decent battery life.
  • It uses an ergonomic push-button operation.
  • Its default settings allow for elevation and windage adjustment.
  • It comes with a 3-year limited warranty.


  • The material it’s made from is unidentified.
  • Its pressure switch could be improved.

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4. QuickView Streamlight TLR-6 69278 Tactical Pistol Mount

The second Streamlight TLR-6 product on our list, this gadget shares a lot of striking similarities with its predecessor.

To start with, it’s very affordable and is specially designed for a particular range of Glock firearms. It also runs on removable batteries, which means that provided you’re willing to carry a spare pack, you get infinite illumination while you’re firing at targets.

It also gives you multiple color options to choose from. And, once you’ve configured the sighting to your liking, it sticks, even if you have to replace the charges in the battery compartment.

This model is made out of plastic that is more durable than the polymer used in the other Streamlight product on our list. This is perhaps also why it’s the slightly heavier gadget of the two.

Essentially, this product is the right pick for you if you want a laser light combo that services a more niche range of Glocks.


  • It offers two color options to choose from.
  • It comes with a limited lifetime warranty.
  • It has a sharp flashlight and laser focus, optimizing target acquisition methods.
  • It’s built to last.
  • It has a reasonably strong battery runtime.


  • It serves an extremely limited range of Glocks.
  • It has quality control issues.

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5. Gogogo Vpro Hunting Rangefinder

Radically different from all the other entries on our list, the Gogogo is ideal for use not only at the shooting range but on the golf course as well!

Often revered as the perfect outdoor scope, it increases your field of vision exponentially while helping you maintain focus. A truly excellent range finder, its compact design and ambidextrous switch ensure you won’t have any issues while controlling this gadget on the go.

It’s also very easy to use because its controls are ergonomic, well-positioned, and user-intuitive.

Designed for people who want to get nothing short of the best out of their budget laser light combo device, it comes with various helpful features like slope function, pin-seeker, flag-lock, and even vibration!


  • It’s a lightweight device.
  • It comes with numerous helpful accessories like an operation manual, a waterproof pouch, and a clean cloth for wiping the lens.
  • It offers various helpful features to improve your outdoor experience.
  • It’s the perfect device for people looking for affordable high-performance gear.
  • It’s an Amazon’s Choice product.


  • It may require the services of an expert to configure for first use.
  • It gives unstable readings if not handled properly.

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The Ultimate Guide To Buying the Best Laser Light Combo Under $100

Picking the best laser light combo under $100 isn’t difficult. You just have to know what to look for and the things to avoid.

Considering this, four things you should always remember when looking for a great laser light combo are:

1. The Dexterity and Reliability of the Tool

You need to make sure that any product you get has undergone all the necessary certification processes and has been stress-tested.

This lets you know just how much you can expect from the product. While doing this type of research might take some time, the end result assures you that you’ve bought a suitable product.

2. Its Estimated Lifespan

It’s also vital you know well ahead of time how long the product has been designed to last. Considering that you’ll likely not be using your gun with the flashlight laser combo every single day, you need to know the durability of the product.

Some products last for only a few months while others will easily last for a few years.

3. The Reach of the Light

How bright is the light?

Can it still give you good clarity across long distances?

What’s the maximum range on both the flashlight and laser beam?

As visibility is one of the key reasons you’re getting this device, you need to make sure you know all there is to know where its light specs are concerned.

4. Its Build

Because you’re going for something in the budget range, durability is often one of the first things you’ll have to sacrifice. That being said, there are still many great products out there that have a durable construction.

For example, the QuickView Streamlight TLR-6 69290 Flashlight with Tactical Compact Red Laser readily rivals the best of the best when it comes to ruggedness.


1. Are Laser Flashlight Combos Worth the Effort?

Yes, they are.

Not only do these gadgets help you with visibility and precision in different lighting conditions, but they may also play a vital role in keeping you safe as well.

2. Is There Any Real Difference Between Normal Lights and Laser Lights?

Yes, there is.

By nature, the former is directional and incontinent. Relying on it solely doesn’t do much for precision. However, laser lights appear in different directions with a higher level of consistency. This makes them better suited for honing in on targets.

3. What Kind of Laser Light Combo Does the US Military Use?

The pros lean toward a blend of semiconductor and gas lasers. They also favor various types of solid-state lasers as well.

A classic example of this is the Navy’s Laser Weapon System (LaWS). It’s been mounted on the USS Ponce for nearly a decade now.


You now have a list of the best laser light combos under $100. Be sure to let us know in the comments below which one you selected.

Don’t forget, becoming a master of the great outdoors means that you have to add the right gear to your kit.

Next, see some awesome hardware you could be missing!

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