The Best Scope for 3006 Springfield in 2022

The .30-06 Springfield is a well-known name amongst people who hunt medium to large game. If you want to make your adventure more rewarding and fulfilling, you need to pick the best scope for 3006.

Outside the demanding task of getting the right .30-06 rifle scope, there are many things to love about this particular Springfield, not least of which is the fact that the .30-06 cartridge can be used in a wide range of rifles!

So, if you’re out to get truly exceptional, high-quality scopes that’llimprove your long-range accuracy, this guide’s for you!

We’ve checked out various reliable scopes across a wide price range and have come up with a list of the very best of the best.


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1. Bushnell Banner Dusk & Dawn 40mm Multi-X Reticle Riflescope with 3.3-Inch Eye Relief

While it doesn’t rank among exceptionally high-magnification scopes, this .30.06 Springfield scope makes our list because it offers great value for the price.

More to the point, we recommend this relatively cheaper scope to anyone who’s just starting their journey in the world of long-range shooting.

It has powerful 40mm adjustable objective lenses that offer a 3-9x magnification level. Added to its multi-coated optics, this provides a superb light collection. As a result, you have a wider field of vision and improved clarity even in poor weather conditions.

Another thing that makes it the ideal scope for anyone is that it offers adjustment knobs that are comfortable and easy to reach. This means that you won’t experience the typical inconvenience that comes with making adjustments for windage corrections.

And, even though it isn’t of aircraft-grade aluminum construction, its build is water and fog-proof. It has also been extensively stress-tested to ensure that it lasts.


  • It’s a highly functional fast-focus eyepiece that comes at an affordable price.
  • It has a decent magnification range.
  • It comes with multi-coated optics which gives the user exceptional clarity and vision.
  • It offers water and fog-proof performance.
  • It comes with user-friendly windage and elevation adjustment knobs.
  • It’s a solid one-piece tube.


  • Its higher profile could be adjusted.
  • Its zero-reset turret does not last as long as those of other rifle scopes.

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2. Vortex Optics Crossfire II One-Inch Tube Riflescopes

If you’re looking for something with powerful magnification settings, then the Vortex Optics Crossfire II Riflescope is the one for you.

It works with 44mm objective lenses and lets you easily switch between its 6x and 18x maximum magnification power.

While we’ve seen larger objective lenses, the power magnification that Vortex Optics puts at your disposal stands out because it gives you quick target acquisition and faster target shooting with lesser mobility issues.

What’s more, its versatile magnification range is sure to make your hunting trips even more fulfilling.

This .30-06 Springfield rifle scope further helps you achieve accurate shooting thanks to its superior adjustable objective. Because the adjustable objective supports focus parallax adjustment and even parallax removal, long-range shooting becomes a lot easier.

Its extensive parallax setting feature is further complemented by multicoated lenses and a Dead-Hold BDC reticle that makes light transmission smoother and more accurate. All this translates to crisper images even under poor light conditions.

And because it houses so many astounding specs, you won’t need to adjust your elevation turrets and windage turrets as much. You can simply rely on its Dead-Hold BDC to account for bullet drop compensation in windy climes.

All in all, it gives you a great focal range. However, you should keep in mind that the reticle on its focal plane scope may wash out under certain conditions.

Beyond this, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better .30-06 rifle scope with the superior optical clarity needed for making those long-range shots.


  • It has an exceptional ballistic reticle.
  • It’s designed to enhance precision shooting.
  • It’s made from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy which makes it fully shock-proof, waterproof, and fog-proof.
  • It has a detailed parallax setting feature.
  • It boasts capped reset turrets that lend themselves easily to precision finger adjustments.
  • It’s a single-piece tube that makes for a highly durable scope.


  • Its focal plane reticle is not designed to eliminate easy washout.

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3. Vortex Optics Diamondback Tactical First Focal Plane Riflescopes

While you will have to loosen your purse strings significantly if you want to own a Vortex Optics Diamondback Tactical rifle scope, we assure you that you’ll get your money’s worth and more.

This is because the Vortex Optics Diamondback Tactical rifle scope comes with an unlimited, unconditional, lifetime warranty!

That being said, we’re fairly confident you won’t even need to use the warranty in the first place.

To start with, this Vortex Optics product is made from their trademark aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. This means it can withstand any harsh conditions.

It doesn’t lag in terms of magnification power either!

The lowest power magnification setting you get with this riflescope is 6x, and it offers you four times that when used to the max, all without loss of resolution.

Even in low light conditions, the images it transmits are distinct and have exceptional clarity. And, because it’s specially designed to help you focus your eye on the reticle more quickly, it’s the perfect scope for hunting fast game.

Also, because of its multiple lens coatings, this effect is enhanced even further.

One thing worth mentioning about this scope is its precision shooting glide erector system. Thanks to its stability and smoothness, you get improved accuracy that doesn’t come as easily with any other type of scope.

You’re also afforded a very generous field of vision because you can use the magnification rib to switch zoom levels in the heat of the moment!

In addition to offering you such a versatile magnification range, it’s completely shock-proof, boasts fog-proof integrity, and is waterproof.

It’s undoubtedly the best scope for 3006 on our list!


  • It’s a highly durable scope.
  • It comes with an anodized finish that ensures even alert animals aren’t aware of your presence.
  • It has excellent adjustable objective lenses.
  • Its precision glide erector system makes it a great choice for hunters who like to change magnification settings quickly and still get accurate shots.
  • It has an enhanced parallax setting feature.
  • It comes with an unlimited lifetime warranty.
  • Its metal precision turrets are easy to use without being bulky.
  • It offers a few good inches of eye relief.


  • Its focal plane reticles/cross hair aren’t pronounced.
  • Its adjustable turrets aren’t very precise.

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4. Simmons 8-Point 3-9x50mm Rifle Scope with Truplex Reticle

Long-range shooting is a lot easier (and more affordable) with this versatile scope.

It’s one of the most reliable scopes out there because its 3-9x50mm optics enhance light transmission, producing bright, sharp, and high-contrast images. Also, it has a multi-coated lens, so you can still get very decent images even in low-light conditions.

Simple adjustments are made possible on this .30-06 Springfield rifle scope thanks to its 1/4 -MOA sure grip audible-click features.

Among the many salient features of this high-quality scope is that it easily stays at zero because of its TrueZero System that remains locked tightly in various weather conditions.

It also boasts impressive quick target acquisition specs that come in handy when game hunting, making it the ideal scope for hunters and marksmen.

On the whole, this is one of the most powerful scopes you can have on your rifle if you have serious long-range shooting sessions planned. It’s also very safe to use as it offers you generous eye relief of about 3.75 inches.

As a side note, please remember that this particular model has a limited magnification.


  • It has fast eye focus capabilities with a Truplex reticle.
  • It has a multi-coated lens for exceptional clarity and brightness in low-light conditions.
  • It’s designed to be fog-proof and water-resistant.
  • It easily mentions a locked zero due to its fully functional TrueZero adjustment system.
  • It offers very generous eye relief & eye care.


  • Its magnification range is limited.
  • It has quality control issues.

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5. Burris Fullfield II 4.5-14x42mm Ballistic Plex Rifle Scope

The Burris Optics 200183 Fullfield is one of the precious few 30-06 rifle scopes that can be used with ease by both professionals and amateurs.

Simple yet remarkably effective, its 4.5-14x magnification range helps you put down everything in your field of vision with pinpoint precision.

Also, as it easily matches any .30-06 round weight or caliber, you get increased functionality with this tool.

While the Burris Optics 200183 Fullfield with ballistic plex comes at a lower price, it remains without a doubt a true masterpiece.

However, the tradeoff for its effective range of accuracy is bulky weight. But, if you can look past this, you’ll easily find that this scope has everything you could want in a 30-06 rifle scope.


  • It has a simple yet fully functional design.
  • It easily matches .30-06 rounds of various weights and caliber.
  • It’s an excellent scope for tactical shooting.
  • It gives you a wide and effective range of vision.
  • Its parallax adjustment features offer more improved accuracy with long-range shots.


  • It could be a little lighter.
  • Its reticle tilt needs to be adjusted.

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What Makes the Best Scope for 3006?

As you likely already know, there are dozens of brands and models for the .30-06 Springfield. However, for all their promises, only a few manage to deliver a complete user experience.

This is all the more reason why you need to weigh your options carefully. To that end, some factors you need to keep in mind are:

The Field of Vision

As .30-06 cartridges are specially designed for long-range shooting, you must pick a rifle scope that accounts for this fact. For this reason, it’s often best you go for optics that give you up to 9x magnification power.

Broadly speaking, your ideal scope should have a large objective lens, high magnification, and a wide field of view.

Objective Lenses Employed

If you want the best scope for 3006 Springfield rifles, you should get optics with a lens that easily collects light and fosters light transmission with exceptional clarity.

You should get scopes with 40mm to 50mm diameter, minimum. Failing to do this will mean that you won’t be able to target game from far away while hunting.

The Scope Rings

Some rifle scopes come with rings while others do not. You’re best served to get the former as it saves you the trouble of looking for compatible rings.

However, if you insist on getting scopes without rings, ensure that you’ve done your homework and you know where you can easily secure suitable rings.

Adjustment Knob Style and Placement

It’s important to get a scope that allows you to configure variables like windage and elevation. You need to make sure you get scopes with comfortable adjustment knobs placement.

Eye Relief Feature

The more generous the eye relief, the safer you are when using your rifle. Ensure that you get a scope that has a minimum distance of 3 inches between your eye and the ocular bell.

In cases where your gun has a strong recoil, we recommend you make it 4 inches.

Durability and Cost

These two factors tend to strongly affect each other. The more durable a scope is designed to be, the more expensive it usually is. This is because materials like 6061-T6 aircraft quality aluminum will typically cost more than plastic.

If you’re on a budget, we recommend you find a product that strikes a balance between these two variables so that you won’t have to sacrifice one for the other.


1. What’s the Maximum Shooting Range of the .30-06?

Although the rule of thumb is 200 yards, it usually shoots a little under this mark due to various factors like your rifle’s specs and grain.

2. Does the Military Still Use the .30-06?


The US military stopped using it not long after the Cold War. The ammunition caliber of choice became the 7.62mm. As such, the .30-06 was phased out of use.

3. Is the .30-06 Powerful?

Yes, it is.

For rounds weighing 150 to 200, it propels the shot out of the muzzle with up to 2,900 ft-pounds of energy.


Picking up the best scope for 3006 helps you get more out of your rifle with less effort while enhancing your hunting experience.

Choose any of the great options on our list for the perfect addition to your 3006 Springfield.

Be sure to check out more great accessories for your guns here.

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