The Best Red Dot for Astigmatism: All You Need To Know

If you have ever looked through a red dot and watched it blossom into a star-like shape or a comma then you just might have astigmatism. As a shooter with astigmatism, you understand how difficult it is to find a decent optic to shoot with.

What makes it difficult is the “collimating mirror” used to create the dot. For normal eyes, the light beams have just one focal point. For people with astigmatism, the light beams are refracted into multiple focal points. This causes distortion or blurriness.

To prevent this from happening, we’ve reviewed the best red dot for astigmatism in this guide. Let’s explore them.

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1. Ozark Armament Rhino Red/Green Dot Reflex Sight

The Ozark Armament Rhino red/green dot reflex sight is a specially designed optic light for shooters with astigmatism. An adjustable brightness setting allows you to shoot from dawn till dark. You can also toggle between green and red settings adjusting for the natural light.

This optic comes sealed to prevent moisture and dust from getting in. It is also nitrogen-treated to prevent fogging. This makes it usable in all weather conditions. This model is designed to fit perfectly with the cantilever mount included in the kit.

Made from the best materials, this model will last you for a long period even under heavy rugged use. It also comes with a lifetime guarantee that assures its premium quality.

What We Like

  • High-quality material
  • Very affordable
  • Multiple color settings
  • Picatinny Rail mount
  • Magnification
  • Sturdy build

What We Don’t Like

  • Dot can be too large for long-range

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2. Pinty 1×30 4 MOA Red Green Dot Tactical Reflex Sight

The Pinty 1×30 4 MOA Red Green Dot Tactical Reflex sight is made from high-quality aluminum coupled with an all-metal interior. This high-quality sight also comes with a battery included.

With the 1.2 (30mm) diameter coated lens you get a clear sight as wide as far as 100 yards of your immediate surroundings. The lens is also covered with a removable and spring-loaded cover on both ends for extra protection. With this tactical reflex sight, you have the feature to adjust and dial for a precise aim – as much as 4 MOA.

This green and red dot sight fits accurately and can seamlessly be installed on all 0.8 (20mm) Picatinny and Weaver rails. The rail attachment is designed for quick and easy attachment to your firearm without compromising performance and stability.

The windage and elevation dials help to identify and focus on your targets while the green and red dots help you switch seamlessly between day and night use.

What We Like

  • Windage and elevation adjustments
  • High-quality lens
  • Dual-illuminated dot sight
  • Value for money
  • Accuracy
  • Very affordable

What We Don’t Like

  • Not shock resistant

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3. Vortex Optics Strikefire II Red Dot Sight

The vortex Optics Strikefire red dot sight is a tough, dependable red dot sight that works well in a wide range of shooting situations. It allows the shooter to easily adjust between different situations by switching between two dot colors and ten brightness settings.

It is equipped with a fully multi-coated lens that offers a clear, bright, and unobscured image. Rapid target acquisition becomes seamless thanks to the unlimited eye relief feature.

The 4 MOA Red/Green Dot is suitable for situations where target acquisition is required in a split second. You also get to choose between ten different illumination settings, the lowest two of which are compatible with night vision.

Elevation and windage controls with audible clicks are included on the StrikeFire II red dot. You can also change the elevation and windage settings as needed with each small click shifting the point-of-impact by 1/2 minute (MOA).

The single-piece chassis is small and light, but it provides shockproof performance that can handle both recoil and impact. Fogproof and waterproof performance is ensured via nitrogen purging and o-ring sealing. The sight comes with an offset cantilever mount that allows you to move it forward on the rail and use it with a magnifier and backup iron sights.

With a focus on both beauty and functionality, the power controls are located at the rear of the Strikefire for easy access. It’s great both in terms of aesthetics and utility. A CR2 battery powers the Strikefire II.

What We Like

  • Shockproof
  • High-quality material
  • Easy to assemble and adjust
  • Accurate fit
  • Red and green dot with different brightness settings
  • Cantilever mount
  • Affordable
  • Solid optics
  • Weatherproof

What We Don’t Like

  • Low battery life
  • 4 MOA dot is a little large for far distances

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4. Hiram Green Red Dot Sight

The Hiram Green Red dot sight is made from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, which can withstand rigorous handling and rugged use without damage. This model can also be cleaned up easily with just a clean piece of cloth.

This design gives you the option to seamlessly toggle between red and green dot reticles with seven distinct brightness settings to maintain shooting from daylight to dusk. To change the settings, you simply press both controls at the same time.

The reflex sight scope’s parallax-free red dot design follows the user’s eye movement while remaining stationary on the target. This removes the need for centering. With the 1 x 20mm 4 MOA fingertip windage and elevation controls, you can hold zero and enable the dot sight for rapid adjustments in the field or at the range.

What We Like

  • Very affordable
  • Great red dot
  • Value for money
  • Windage and elevation
  • Holds zero
  • Easily accessible battery compartment

What We Don’t Like

  • No mounting tool
  • Poor instruction manual

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5. Crimson Trace CTS-25 Compact Sight

The Crimson Trace CTS-25 Compact Sight is a small red dot sight perfect for night use. The CTS-25 comes equipped with a 4.0 MOA round aiming dot, to instantly improve the performance of your long rifle. The red dot can easily be attached to Picatinny rail sections. With the correct rail attachment, you can install this sight in seconds.

For extra mounting choices on your firearm’s M1913 Picatinny rail, the CTS-25 comes with an optional riser. With one-year battery life and extra features such as shock, fog, impact, vibration, and water resistance, the CTS-25 is a dependable addition to your gun.

The 1x magnification and 4.0 MOA red dot reticle make locating and focusing on your target a breeze. Changing the brightness levels is simple thanks to the large function buttons.

What We Like

  • Affordable
  • Great red dot
  • Good value for money
  • Bright red light

What We Don’t Like

  • No auto-off feature
  • Malfunctioning riser

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The Best Shooting Techniques for Shooters With Astigmatism

  • Choose an astigmatism-friendly optic from the list above.
  • Dim your optic’s brightness. You can also change the color of the light to green as the green light is gentler and less taxing on the eyes.
  • When shooting in the daylight, wear polarized or corrective sunglasses.
  • If you are unable to find the correct RDS unit, consider HWS/prismatic optics.
  • Instead of focusing on the red dot, concentrate on your target.
  • To find a distortion-free red dot sight, try it out.

What To Do When Buying the Best Red Dot for Astigmatism

How Does Astigmatism Affect Your Red Dot Sight?

The first thing you need to consider is how your astigmatism affects your red dot sight. You’ll notice immediately if your red dot sight is different from the standard red dot.

Here are some of the most prevalent indicators that you have astigmatism or that your vision is failing:

  • Your dots have a tail that resembles an apostrophe or a comma.
  • There’s a double dot here.
  • A cluster of dots or grapes can be seen.
  • The dot resembles a starburst.
  • The dot is hazy.

Take A Picture of Your Sight

Shoot your camera phone and take a picture through the lens if you want to remove your own eyes from the situation.

Your camera will capture an accurate image of what your red sight dot looks like. If your red dot sight appears on the camera in any of the following shapes, it’s likely that your sight is faulty. If not, there’s a good possibility you have a vision problem.

Test a Different Sight

Testing a different sight will be an easier solution than examining the eyes.

If you still see a smear or a starburst effect with another lens, then it is more than likely that your eyesight is to blame, rather than your scope.

Rotate the Red Dot

If you spin the red dot in your vision and the tail or pattern of the dot moves with it, the issue is likely with the sight itself.

On the other hand, if the smear remains more or less in the same position, it is most likely due to astigmatism.

Features of a Good Red Dot Sight

Sizes of Red Dot Sight Reticle

In contrast to holographic sights (which make use of a laser diode) most red dot sights are classified as Reflex Sights (which use an LED emitter).

The reticles on red dot sights will not be as distinct and sharp as those on riflescopes. With one eye, look at the reticle, then the other. They frequently differ in appearance from one eye to the next. The same is true for each individual.

It’s common for the dots to appear hazy. No dot will have a completely crisp contrasting outline, so don’t worry about finding a perfectly crisp reticle when choosing a red dot sight.

Red Dot Sight Batteries

Another thing to keep in mind while shopping for a Red dot sight is that they are battery-operated. Without electricity, illuminated reticles in a rifle scope appear black, while nothing is seen in a red dot sight.

Since red dot sights have a long battery life, you don’t have to turn them off when you put them away.

However, batteries do wear out over time, so it’s a good idea to replace the battery regularly. Many red dot sights have a battery life of 10,000 hours or more, or 5 years, so you can use them for a long time.

Keep in mind that cold weather also depletes battery power, so having backup batteries available (especially when hunting) is strongly recommended.


What’s the Best Way To Use a Red Dot Sight With Astigmatism?

If you have astigmatism, decreasing the brightness of your scope is one of the best ways to use a red dot sight. If you use a stronger light setting and your red dot sight is too powerful, it may appear distorted, with bleed or a halo.

The red dot should appear much crisper and clearer with a lower brightness setting. If not, this could indicate that your astigmatism is much worse than typical.

Which Is Better: Green or Red Dot Illumination?

Some sight users who have astigmatism have mentioned that they find the green sight feature less distorting than red dot sights.

However, this might also be due to an issue with the manufacturer of your sight. If your scope is low-quality, the color of the dot won’t matter one little bit.

Features of the Red Dot

If you intend to use night vision, make sure you get a red dot sight that is compatible. This way, the dot will adjust so that you won’t be blinded by bloom if you put a night vision monocular behind it. When a red dot sight is set to night vision mode, the dot is so small that it is impossible to see with the naked eye.

A Red Dot Sight Magnifier is a useful addition to your red dot sight setup that allows you to increase magnification. This can be beneficial if you have to shoot small targets or far distances.

Final Thoughts

Astigmatism may seem like a big barrier when it comes to using opticals. But this does not mean that you won’t be able to enjoy hunting or sports shooting.

After you’ve tested your red dot optic and confirmed that the problem is caused by your vision, all you have to do now is look for alternative red dot sights designed for astigmatism. Any of the choices on this list would serve you well as the best red dot for astigmatism.

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