Don’t Be Caught Off Guard: A Guide to the Best Concealed Carry Vest, Men’s Style

Being able to tactically carry is one of the most responsible things a father, son, or brother can do. In a world of active shooters, pandemic craziness, and complete disregard for the moral fiber that has held society together for generations, a concealed carry vest just makes sense.

Long gone are the days when you could safely walk into the store and not have to worry about who might snap because their favorite brand of cheese is no longer available. Now, our society is faced with the very real possibility that our visit to the store could end in gunfire.

Recently, at a Whole Foods store in a Midwestern city, a woman was acting erratically, waving her gun around and threatening customers with her actions. This ended with a stand-off and shoot-out with the local police force. Is this the type of shopping experience that you want to have on a daily basis? Responsible gun owners need to take tactical and reasonable actions to ensure their own safety.

Laws vary according to state and jurisdiction, but the 2nd amendment of the United States Constitution gives you the right to carry a weapon. Roaming the streets like John Wayne isn’t a very smart — or safe — idea. It’s better to be tactical about the situation by concealing our .45 caliber pistol inside a very fashionable vest.

Below, check out our top choices for the best concealed carry vest, men’s style. The product that you opt for really depends how you’re going to use it: on the range, while shopping, or out trekking through the wilderness.

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Venado Concealed Carry Vest is Geared For the Outdoors

There’s no need to worry about making sure you pack this vest properly in your bug-out bag: toss it in, get to your area of operations, pull it out, and put it on. This vest comes out of the chute ready to be worn and already has that broken-in feel to it. Don’t let that make you think it’s inferior, however. This rugged vest is made from dual layers of washed cotton canvas and quilted to keep you snug on those chilly days on the range.

This vest features two quick-access carry compartments at chest level so you’re that much closer to that modified weaver stance you love so much. Additionally, magazine storage is included in the lower left and right hip pockets, which provides quick-release tabs so that you can reload quickly when the lead is flying downrange.

The front has a ton of space, too, and comes with a total of four pockets: two large snapped pockets for all of your daily needs, as well as two oversized chest pockets for your phone or maybe even your PLB.

This vest features:

  • 4 total internal pockets: 2 for your pistol and 2 for your magazine
  • Ambidextrous design
  • Quilt-lined for extra warmth
  • Canvas exterior to hold up against wear and tear

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Milwaukee Leather Men’s Concealed Carry Denim Club Style Vest With Hidden Zipper

Whether you’re riding your Harley down the strip, or just going to see some friends, this fashionable denim vest will be sure to keep you warm and protected. The durable denim style vest pairs well with nights around a bonfire or serious tactical situations in the street. Its zippered front is sure to keep the vest closed so you’re not accidentally catching yourself on urban obstacles.

For the rural outdoorsman, this vest will allow great comfort during those long mornings in the blind. It also functions conveniently when you’re hanging out around the camp, with an internal pocket that allows for proximity of your weapon of choice.

Other product details about this vest are:

  • Zippered closures
  • 100% dyed cotton denim
  • Zippered front opening with snaps that are kept out of sight
  • The front design has two chest pockets and two lower pockets to keep your shooting hand warm when not needed
  • The large back panel provides enough space for all of your club patches
  • The interior is a quilted lined interior with a carry pocket on either side

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Rothco Plainclothes Concealed Carry Vest, Men’s Style

The Rothco Plainclothes vest is made of lightweight durable polyester-cotton blends. On the range or in the field, this concealed carry vest provides more than enough space for weapons and ammo. With the sheer number of pockets, you don’t need an EDC bag, since this can double for it.

From field to stream, from the grocery store to the office, this slick vest will blend in and keep you from appearing threatening and tactical, so people around you are comfortable. In an emergency, however, with this vest and its numerous features, you can be sure to be prepared for almost any urban encounter that you face.

In addition to a zippered left chest pocket, this vest features:

  • Over 20 different pockets, including two interior concealment pockets
  • There are 4 internal magazine pockets so that you can carry a number of extra magazines with you. Additionally, there’s an internal zippered back pouch to keep your personal gear personal
  • There are numerous zippered exterior pockets in addition to hook-and-loop pockets
  • Easy access to your firearms and/or other internal gear can be made possible with a two-way zipper
  • Don’t worry about overheating with three slits and a mesh back, ensuring that you remain cool under pressure.
  • This vest is non-restrictive and boasts adjustable side tabs so it fits how you like

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Wrangler Men’s Concealed Carry Trail Vest

This fleece-lined concealed carry vest, men’s style, will provide extra warmth and concealment for your everyday carry needs. Water-resistant fabric will help keep you dry on those rainy nights when you’re in the mood for some target practice in your backyard. With the internal CCW pocket of ambidextrous design and an additional holster, this functional vest will provide everything you need in a tactical vest.

While on the trail, you can carry with ease, comfort, and style while wearing this everyday carry CCW vest. This stylish garment will keep you warm and comfortable against the coolest of weather. On the inside, twin CCW pockets are always within easy reach.

This vest also includes:

  • A polyester-spandex blend that makes a great beefy men’s vest
  • Has a high-quality zipper closure
  • No special care is needed as this is machine washable
  • Dual conceal carry pockets with holster
  • Fleece-lined for added warmth
  • Water-resistant and water-repellent
  • Zipper pockets at both chest level and lower front for quick access.

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Wyoming Traders Men’s Texas Concealed Carry Vest

Keep your firearm close to your heart and close to your hand with this stylish, Western-inspired garment. This concealed carry vest is a quality canvas vest that features a button front so you can double as your favorite bartender in Gunsmoke. The handsome styling includes two front slip pockets and western yokes.

In the interior, however, is where the true beauty resides. A CCW holster is fitted with an additional pocket so that you can hold all the personal items that you might need. For a night full of two-stepping, this vest will be sure to make you look like a fashion plate, while you hold the tactical edge.

The Wyoming Traders Texas concealed carry vest also comes with these additional features.

  • Made of 100% pure canvas
  • Canvas shell that can be waterproofed with your favorite waterproofer
  • Intricate styling is fashionable and comfortable
  • Comes in any color you want, as long as that color is tan

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Product Summary

These are just a few of the vests that we recommend. When shopping around for a concealed carry vest, you need to take into account a number of factors, most of which will be dependent upon your local and personal styling.

The reason for an EDC vest is to keep you and your family safe. With violent crime on the rise and an uptick in divergent conspiracy theories, protecting your loved ones shouldn’t come at a cost to fashion. You want to be safe and look good, too, and that’s why we want to help you narrow the field on your next purchase.

When looking for a vest keep in mind a few key points:


Like everything else on the market, even CCW gear goes on sale. New styles push out older styles, and that’s good news for you, since retailers will often drop the price of these vests around key seasonal points like holidays and the starts of certain hunting seasons. If you can wait until the next big sale and are looking to upgrade, you can get a good quality tactical vest at numerous retailers.

Reaction time

Your reaction time is reduced by the force that your clothes play on your personal environment. Every extra ounce adds resistance to your tactical situation. When looking for the perfect vest, you should consider carefully the way the fabric flexes when you move. The last thing that you want when the situation intensifies is to create a drag on your dynamic reaction times.

Fabric and Material Construction

It’s not an option to walk around in full combat gear to go pick up your daughter from soccer practice. The idea of a CCW vest is to blend into the surroundings and make it appear that you are not carrying a weapon of any kind. If you aren’t noticed, that gives you an edge in active shooter situations. Not to mention, it makes the people around you feel more comfortable. Look for a lightweight fabric that doesn’t feel like you’re wearing body armor.

Number of pockets

Pockets for everything is a great bonus to have. Just know that all of the storage comes at a cost, and that cost is added weight. If you really need all those pockets, then find a vest that will have the exact number of pockets that you’ll use. No need to weigh yourself down with extra compartments filled with nothing.

Size of gun

Maybe you haven’t picked out the size or type of gun that you may be thinking of buying with this vest. If you are unsure of what type of weapon you might want, you can check out some helpful articles that we offer on weapons. This article details in depththe different sizes of handguns that are available on the market. This will help you decide on full-size or smaller-sized handguns of your choice.

Type of Gun

Another thing to consider is the type of handgun that you will be using for this vest. Are you shopping around for a revolver? Or maybe a James Bond-esque single-shot pistol? If you’re having trouble deciding and that decision is holding up your choice to buy a concealed carry vest, then get yourself up to speed with this article that lists the different types of handguns.

Final Tactical Evaluation

We hope that this article has helped you make a choice on which concealed carry vest, men’s style, you’ll be happy to add to your gear collection. There are many factors to consider when looking at buying an EDC CCW vest, and these decisions should not be taken lightly.

Civil discord has heightened to such a state that it would be irresponsible for any man to not be carrying the protection that both he and his family deserve. With these handy vests, you can protect yourself and your loved ones from any potential danger that might unexpectedly arise. Don’t be caught off guard when civil disobedience comes to your neighborhood. It’s only through vigilance and determination that we’re able to carry out our social and moral duty.

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