How to Conceal Carry Without Holster


Whenever someone buys his very first handgun, gun experts will always advise him to invest in a good quality holster. Not only does it ensure your safety and that of everyone else. A well-built holster can also help in better concealment. However, not everyone agrees they need a holster to conceal carry. If you are like these gun owners, you should learn how to conceal carry without holster safely.

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Why Some People Choose Not to Use a Holster

You do not need a holster when you find somebody else’s handgun on the street or anywhere else. Police officers who confiscate weapons from a person also do not need a holster. However, in both instances, handgun security is essential. You do not want to lose the firearm or fall into the wrong hands.

Most people do not use holsters because they defeat the purpose of concealment. Unless your weapon is lipstick-sized, handguns are generally bulky. Securing them in a holster adds bulk and heft to your firearm. If you pass through a body search security checkpoint, there is a good chance the officer will still know you are carrying a pistol.

How to Conceal Carry Without Holster

Responsible gun owners never conceal carry without a holster for their safety and that of others. However, there are instances when getting a holster is out of the question or you simply do not like it. Regardless, it would be best to conceal carry safely without a holster.

  • The “Mexican” Carry

Some non-holster-using gun owners tuck their weapons inside their waistbands. It is similar to an IWB holster sans the holster. That is why many people also call it the ‘Mexican’ carry because it is the preferred carrying method of 19th-century Mexican vaqueros.

The main issue here is safety since the handgun sits next to your body inside your pants. There is a chance that it will discharge and hurt you in the process. It also exposes the magazine release and the trigger, leading to handgun inoperability.

  • Pocket Carry

If you have a compact or sub-compact handgun, you can slip it into your pocket. Suits and some jackets have a hidden pocket on the inside of the chest panel, while others have it at waist level. Baggy trousers also have large pouches, so you can also conceal your weapon here.

Like the Mexican carry, it is not safe to carry your weapon in your pocket. The risk of accidental firearm discharge remains high. Errant strings or cords in your pocket can get entangled with the trigger.

It may also not be easy to pull out your handgun from your pocket, defeating the purpose of self-defense. In some cases, your gun may fall off your pocket without you noticing it.

  • Bag Carry

Tucking your firearm in your waistband or slipping it into your pocket is not always safe. A better option is to conceal it in your bag, backpack, pouch, or large purse. It places the weapon farther away from your body.

However, the concern here is that other items in your bag can get entangled with your firearm and cause an accidental discharge. It may also not be the easiest way to pull out your handgun when needed.

  • Other Ingenious Ways

If you do not like any of the three methods of carrying your handgun without a holster we shared above, you can try the following options.

Get a large book and make cutouts on the pages following your gun’s outline. Nobody will know you have a pistol in your book unless they inspect it. The issue here is it can be cumbersome to draw.

Another option is to slip your weapon in a folded newspaper or rolled towel. It is not as effective as other methods, but it will do temporarily.

Safety Considerations When Carrying Your Handgun without Holster

The danger of carrying your handgun without a holster is the risk of accidental discharge. If you have to conceal carry without a holster, it would be wise to buy a trigger guard. This small and affordable device slips over your handgun’s trigger to prevent accidental discharges. You will feel safer carrying your weapon in your waistband, bag, or pocket with this gadget covering your trigger.


Learning how to conceal carry without holster properly is crucial to ensuring your safety and that of others. Safeguarding the trigger also increases your safety level, regardless of how your handgun moves in your chosen conceal carry method.

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