How Many Rounds Does a Glock 17 Hold?

The Glock 17 was designed for professionals. It’s trusted by military personnel and law enforcement officers from around the globe because of its low weight, optimal magazine capacity, and unsurpassed reliability.

The Glock 17 is used by law enforcement officials all over the world because it’s quick, easy, and safe. Put simply, it’s exactly the pistol you need in critical situations.

Popularity of the Glock 17

So, how many rounds does a Glock 17 hold? Before we answer that, we need to take a look at the Glock 17. The Glock is a popular choice among occasional gun enthusiasts and police for many reasons. For instance, it’s easy to take care of and it’s durable. When compared to similar guns, it’s more comfortable and lightweight. The 17m is used as standard equipment by organizations such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The Glock was designed in the early 80s by Gaston Glock. It was adopted by the Austrian army in 1982, which has proven that the Glock platform is an innovative handgun. The story goes that Gaston heard that the army in Austria needed a new firearm, and he gathered a group of experts in firearms and took on the task of designing the Glock 17. The resultant gun became the Austrian P-80 and ended up successfully passing the trials.

The gun became very popular in shooting sports and its role expanded into general range use in competitions. It’s also very famous among those who want to get out and shoot for fun on the weekends. The gun has everything to be a functional firearm, and gun owners consider it a spartan gun.

When compared to other Glocks, for instance, the Glock 19 has slightly less recoil and it’s a bit easier to control. It also seems to move less snappily than the Glock 19.

First Step in Cleaning A Firearm

Capacity: So, How Many Rounds Does a Glock 17 Hold?

The Glock 17 is a short semi-automatic pistol that shoots 9mm Luger ammunition. It holds more than the average pistol of the same caliber, and it has a capacity of a maximum of 17 rounds. The average pistol’s round is 338 ft-lbs, and the average 9mm Luger bullet has 338 ft-lbs of the energy of the muzzle.

The Glock has several magazine configurations, and the largest of those configurations accommodates an impressive 33 rounds. The pistol uses 9×19 mm cartridges, has a barrel length of 114 mm and a standard magazine capacity of 17, and it is 186 mm long. When unloaded, it weighs 625 grams.

Another highlight of this firearm is that it can be easily stripped down without using any additional tools. The Glock 17 remains completely reliable, easy to maintain and operate, and simple to train with.

What Makes The Glock 17 A Good Gun?

The Glock 17 uses a barrel that has polygonal rifling and is hammer forged. The frame of the gun is made out of lightweight polymers. The frame is pretty heat resistant, impact resistant, and chemical resistant, and by using a technique called ‘stippling’ you can easily customize the frame. Stippling modifies the frame’s surface in which grooves, dots, and other patterns are melted into the plastic, all to increase the function of the grip.

The factory magazines of the gun are also extremely durable. Once apart, they’re easy to clean and put back together, even though it might be a bit hard to take them apart for the first time. When it comes to Glock pistols, we really recommend that you stick to the factory magazines. As mentioned before, these magazines hold 17 rounds of ammunition.

The same material as the frame is used to make the gun’s factory sights. Another thing that is fairly good is the factory trigger of this gun. When the trigger resets, there is a definite audible and physical click, and it’s more than adequate for concealed and duty carry. However, you can considerably reduce the pull weight of the trigger if you have more experience or are a competitive shooter.

What’s the Recommended Ammo for Glock 17?

Aftermarket adapters can be put in the Glock factory magazines that add at least two rounds, which means for the 17-round mag, you get 19 rounds. This type of Glock has earned the reputation of being a dependable weapon that can use any standard 9mm ammo to shoot.


What’s the smallest Glock?

The smallest Glock is the Glock 42.

What Glock does the police use?

The police use Glock 22.

Is the Glock 17 a good gun?

The Glock 17 is a weapon that can be controlled easily. The trigger of the Glock is okay, but if you think about the fact that it’s a pistol for duty, that makes it even better than okay. Even though near the end it can be a little bit heavy, when it comes to shooting accurately, it’s completely sustainable.

Which handgun has the most bullets?

The Glock is the handgun that has the most bullets.

Are Glocks safe?

Many people wonder if Glocks are safe to use as firearms that have manual safety. Some gun owners and enthusiasts aren’t so sure that a trigger safety is as efficient as a manual one. However, the safety system of the Glock is perfectly safe when you handle it, just like it is with any other firearm.

How does a Glock 17 work?

The Glock Safe Action System has three passive safety mechanisms, and when the pistol is at rest, they’re all engaged at once. These mechanisms include a firing pin channel block, a firing pin lug, and a trigger bar. The trigger bar cannot be moved when the pistol is at rest.

Who uses the Glock 17?

The Glock 17 is used by hundreds of police forces and dozens of armies around the world. The compact version, the Glock 19, is used by the Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command and the US Army Rangers.

Final Thoughts 

Now that we’ve addressed the features of the gun, and how many rounds does a Glock 17 hold, we want to add one final observation about its growing popularity. The industry has not been the same since its creation, and it definitely created a storm. The standard has been set high by the Glock 17, and it still continues to do so, even nowadays. What do you think, how does the Glock 17 hold up to today’s standards?

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