The Best CZ P07 Holsters for 2021


The CZ P07 is growing in popularity because of its unique design features. From easier target re-acquisition to a more customizable grip fit, there are a lot of things that people love about the CZ P07. It is not surprising, therefore, that owners and prospective buyers of this Czechoslovakian-designed handgun would also like to safeguard … Read more

The Best Walther CCP Holsters of 2021


The best Walther CCP holsters are special gun accessories designed and created for the Walther CCP. This pistol, which has a unique piston system, is chosen by many in the civilian market for a concealed carry handgun. It is accurate, comfortable and ergonomic, too. If you would like to choose the right holster for it, … Read more

The Best Glock 48 Holsters of 2021


You need one of the best Glock 48 holsters if you have the compact and precise Glock 48. This gun combines the great features of a handgun and is one of the most dependable for the civilian market and law enforcement. It offers a versatile grip and a comfortable balance, making it ideal for a … Read more

The Best Glock 21 Holsters of 2021


If you own a Glock 21 or are planning to buy one, you should know that the only way you can optimize the many advantages of this handgun is by using only the best Glock 21 holsters. The Glock 21 is a very powerful handgun lauded for its light recoil and accuracy. It comes with … Read more

How to Make a Leather Holster


For those DIY lovers who want to make their leather holster, this is a great weekend project. The tools should generally be available to any crafts enthusiasts, and the guide is simple. Here are the steps to cover the template creating, leather cutting, finishing, and final stitching. Step 1: Preparation of the Tools and Materials Here … Read more

The Best Taurus Spectrum Holsters for 2021


The Taurus Spectrum is a remarkable piece of firearm. It is sexy and packs enough firepower to stop an attacker or at least give you time to flee. While this piece is not for close quarters combat, it sure is one of the most sought-after firearms for self-defense. And if you want to have a … Read more

How to Make a Kydex Holster


Kydex is among the best materials that you can use for a holster. Kydex is a thermoplastic acrylic polyvinyl chloride type of material. It combines both acrylic and PVC properties making it rigid and durable with an excellent finish. The material is also lightweight with good retention, often used for a wide range of applications … Read more

The Best Walther P22 Holsters of 2021


The Walther P22 is a semi-automatic rimfire pistol commonly used for informal target shooting. It is a Made in the USA pistol that comes with three-dot sights. They are quick to acquire with different lighting, which doesn’t interfere when drawing the gun from a bag or holster. This pistol has a rear sight that can … Read more

How to Put on a Shoulder Holster


Shoulder holsters are one of the best firearm-carrying accessories any gun owner can have. Not only does it ensure optimum comfort by distributing your handgun’s weight evenly across the shoulders. It also allows for carrying a magazine or two. You can enjoy these benefits only if you know how to put on a shoulder holster … Read more

The Best Taurus G2C Holsters for 2021


Are you looking for the best Taurus G2C holsters? If so, you have bumped into the right buying guide that outlines the top six picks in the category. These holsters are by popular brands and offer different useful features. They are with special qualities that make them useful for one of the hottest guns for … Read more

The Best CZ 75 Compact Holsters for 2021


The CZ 75 Compact is an appealing pistol for the many of us who want an everyday carry gun that is lightweight, easy to use and reliable. The double stack 9mm can give us that good round capacity in a small package. However, the 9mm should be safely secured to the person and be easy … Read more

How to Make a Shoulder Holster


A shoulder holster gives you instant access to your handgun when you are strapped to your car seat. It can also be an excellent choice for concealment while improving overall comfort. While you can buy a shoulder holster for about $50 to $150, you can make your own. All you need are several materials, a … Read more

How to Break in a Leather Holster


Holsters made of leather adapt to the firearm after a break-in. The leather construction will need some time before it can naturally conform to the shape and form of any firearm. Leather is a natural material and it reacts to its environment, adapting to it slowly with constant use. Leather holsters work the same way … Read more

The Best Walther PPK Holsters of 2021


First presented in 1931, the Walther PPK became popular for police agencies in Europe. It was also famous among civilian shooters and for personal defense because it is small enough for concealment. If you own this pistol and looking for the best Walther PPK holsters, you’ve come to the right post. While there are many … Read more

What is a Paddle Holster


What is a paddle holster? A paddle holster is usually the preferred outside the waistband (OWB) carrier of civilians, undercover cops, and police authorities. It makes use of a firm “paddle-shaped” flat or sometimes a broad contoured clip to securely hold it in place to your belt or inside your pants’ waistline. A paddle holster … Read more

The Best Taurus 605 Holsters for 2021


There are many people who love snub-nosed revolvers, like the Taurus 605. These handguns are very easy to operate and are easy to conceal, too. The Taurus 605 can be a reliable handgun for nightstand duty or concealed carry. The 605 is also a lot less expensive than a similar gun from Smith & Wesson. … Read more

How to Wear IWB Holster


An inside-the-waistband (IWB) holster is a favorite of handgun owners who require maximum concealment of their firearms. It is also more stable, allowing gun owners to go about their daily business without worrying about firearm retention. An IWB holster is also versatile, giving you a multitude of carrying positions. The question now is how to … Read more

How to Wear a Paddle Holster


Carrying handguns has never been more secure and easy with a paddle holster. A paddle holster is much easier to remove and adjust according to your comfort. But of course, to make the most out of your paddle holster and to use it more effectively, it is crucial to learn how to wear a paddle … Read more

Does Printing Matter When Carrying Concealed


So you’re out for a walk with your shooting range buddy when he suddenly tells you that you’ve got a print showing. He indicates to your concealed carry – which you initially thought was pretty well hidden. You check and see, much to your embarrassment, that your shirt was outlining the shape of your firearm. … Read more

Best Ways to Conceal Carry While Exercising


A daily exercise routine is a great way to get keep up with the everyday stresses of life. Whether it’s at the gym or around the neighborhood, there’s bound to be a workout for you. But as safe as many of these places are, you can never be too sure about your protection. Some sports … Read more