Cadets to Cadre: Crossing over

22 Jul , 2014

  Kayla Boyd             Spending 29 days in the woods of Fort Knox, Ky. going through Leader Development and Assessment Course is one thing. But agreeing to become a cadre member for a Leader Training Course company is something else entirely. Taisean Andrews of Prairie View A&M in Houston, Texas graduated from 5th Regiment of ...read more


A day at the gas chamber

22 Jul , 2014

Cadets wait their turn inside the CRBN chamber to remove their masks during Army ROTC Cadet Summer Training at Ft Knox, Kentucky.  PHOTO BY JOSH NEWELL  by DeJanay Booth Feature Photo by Josh Newell At 7 a.m., Spc. Sean Kindle, from Fort Bliss, Texas, and other cadre members unloaded the boxes of equipment from the military cargo truck.  The cadre stacked the boxes next to each other so the cadets could grab what they needed and set up the teaching ...read more

Cadet Spotlight

Cadet Spotlight: Ogundare Olufemi

22 Jul , 2014  

Photo by Tanner Cole

First Place Story and Feature Photo By Tanner Cole   After a long day of the Leader Development and Assessment Course, Ogundare Olufemi traded his combat boots for a pair of running shoes and started to run. “Alright, somebody call it,” he said. “Get ready. Get set. Go.” Olufemi won the race. Then he won …read more

Cadet Spotlight

Cadet Spotlight: Jhalyn Davis

22 Jul , 2014  

Jhalyn D

By Alex Mclaughlin Photo By: Erica Lafser FORT KNOX, Kentucky— U.S. Military offers a wide range of jobs where those who are looking to better themselves will find an environment that supports any ambition they have to succeed. Jhalyn Davis, ROTC cadet at North Carolina State AMT in Raleigh, originally found himself on the path …read more

Cadet Spotlight

Cadet Spotlight: Jonathan Lim

22 Jul , 2014  


By Alex Mclaughlin Photo By: Erica Lafser FORT KNOX, Kentucky— ROTC programs at universities vary in size, but Cadet Jonathan Lim came to Leader Development and Assessment course to prove that the high standard of the Army remains constant across the board. Lim, ROTC cadet at Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, decided with the help …read more

Cadet Spotlight

Cadet Spotlight: Jasmine Kaur

18 Jul , 2014  

_MG_0483 copy

Cadet carries on grandfather’s dream By Kayla Boyd Feature Photo by Harrison Hill (Pictured above: Cadre members congratulate Sacramento State University cadet Jasmine Kaur after her commissioning ceremony on the last day of her LDAC summer training.) Even though Jasmine Kaur didn’t meet her grandfather until she was 20 years old and knew him only six …read more

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CULP Cadets Reviewed by President of Dominica

18 Jul , 2014  

President Charles Savarin of Dominica reviews U.S. Army Cadets during a pass-in-review (Photo by Cadet Justin-Ryan Abueg)

          U.S. Army Cadets in the small island nation of Dominica participated in a pass-in-review with the Dominica Cadet Corps last Monday.  With President of Dominica, Charles Savarin as the guest of honor, the cadets also heard speeches from a number of government officials also in attendance including Gloria Shillingford-Minister of …read more

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English Training with Gabonese Military–A Story in Pictures

18 Jul , 2014  

Cadet Declan Harris discusses cultural similarities and differences with his small group. Small groups are primarily where cultural information is exchanged. Cadets have become very close to the members of their small groups, sometimes to the point where gifts are exchanged.

Our CULP mission in the tiny West African country of Gabon is to teach English to a class of Gabonese officers and NCOs, from various branches of the military. In addition to teaching English, we exchange cultural information, get to know one another, and experience a country very different from the United States of America. …read more

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Cadet Spotlight

Cadet Spotlight: Mikayla Stewart

17 Jul , 2014  


By Alex Mclaughlin Feature Photo by Darryl Walker FORT KNOX, Kentucky—   (pictured above, left to right: LDAC 8th Regiment Cadets Mikayla Stewart, Craig Longmire and Lindsey Coffey from Auburn University.)   Auburn University Cadet Mikayla Stewart arrived at Fort Knox with the skills to succeed at Leadership Development Assessment Course like many other Cadets. …read more

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Cabo Verde self-defense instructors give ROTC Cadets lesson in techniques

15 Jul , 2014  

Screen Shot 2014-07-13 at 6.02.06 PM

CULP Cabo Verde team two had the honor of taking a self-defense class lead by members of the Cabo Verde military at First Region Headquarters located in Mindelo, July 7-8. The class was lead by 1st Lt. Rui Fortes and Sgt. 1st Class Adilson Gomes and held after the Cadets’ morning English instruction class with …read more

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CULP Germany Week 1, A Commentary on Weapons Instruction

14 Jul , 2014  

Cadet Peyton Cavanaugh (Citadel) receives instruction on how to correctly hold the MG3.

I know I speak for my entire team when I say that we are sad to see our first week end. As a quick intro, Germany team four is currently on a Military to Military CULP mission in Northern Germany. We have been training with a mechanized infantry battalion here in the German Army, or …read more

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Cadets Work with Staff at the American Corner in Zanzibar

14 Jul , 2014  

Cadets Zack Blevins, Jimmy Spellman, Thomas Hemmerling, and Riley Palmer from CULP Tanzania team four spent a week of their three week deployment working on a special project for the embassy. On Monday the four cadets and their cadre debarked from the Dar es Salaam airport to Zanzibar island.Upon arriving at the hotel in Zanzibar, they begin …read more

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