Cadet Leadership Course (CLC)

Final LDAC Graduation Ever

12 Aug , 2014

Photo 1Last LDAC bid farewell to Cadet Summer Training By DeJanay Booth The sky was gloomy and rain cascaded down like a waterfall. However, despite the weather conditions, the 500 cadets of Leader Development and Assessment Course (LDAC) 13th Regiment graduated at Sadowski Field House on Aug. 11, ending the Cadet Summer Training of 2014. Family ...Read More

Three Cadets Commission

12 Aug , 2014

LDAC 13 commissionThree cadets commission around walls of leadership By DeJanay Booth The words, “Character and ethics guide leaders in making difficult and selfless choices,” are posted along a wall in the Patton Museum at Fort Knox, Ky.  The museum’s namesake, Gen. George Patton, spent years of his life serving in the Army as a great leader ...Read More

11th and 12th Regiment Leaders Cross the Finish Line

4 Aug , 2014

dsc_0680By Tanner Cole Feature Photo by Katie Gray The view from the stands was a bright one at the Leader Development and Assessment Course graduation for 11th and 12th regiments. Cadets stood in uniform under the Kentucky sun one last time while their friends and families watched with pride. Most of the young leaders only ...Read More

Cadet Initial Entry Training (CIET)

Leadership Started Early for this Cadet

12 Aug , 2014

LTC 6th Regiment Echo Company 1st Platoon 4th Squad cadet Rachel Botoulas from John Carroll University salutesCadet Rachel Botoulas led the color guard at 6th Regiment LTC’s graduation August 12. Learn more about her compelling story that got her to this point.

The Final Graduation

12 Aug , 2014

LTC 6th Regiment's Commander of Troops for their graduation ceremony stands at attention in front of the color guard.
US Army Photo By Erica LafserBy: Alex Mclaughlin FORT KNOX, Kentucky– Leader Training Course Regt. 6 cadets were given a just reward for their efforts at Cadet Summer Training. One day before graduation, they were able to spend time with families and reflect on what they have learned at LTC. LTC Regt. 6 is the last group of cadets to ...Read More

India and Juliet Graduate with Bright Futures

8 Aug , 2014

_MG_0172India and Juliet Companies graduate with bright futures ahead Kayla Boyd Although the sky was overcast and rain threatened to put a damper on the ceremony, family and friends attending the 5th Regiment of the Leader Development Course had high morale, anxiously awaiting the release of their cadets. Precipitation held off as Col. Brian Mennes ...Read More

Cultural Understanding & Language Proficiency (CULP)

Lessons from Cape Verde-adapt and overcome

12 Sep , 2014

ROTC Cadets paint a schoolhouse with their Cabo Verde hosts as part of their community service project.By Cadet Tyler Rickenbach ROTC Cadets spent part of their summer in Cape Verde with the Cultural Understanding Language Proficiency (CULP) program, where they were asked by the host country to help elements of the Cape Verde military learn to speak better English. In this way the host country will be able to better perform ...Read More

Training in Spain, earning airborne wings

9 Sep , 2014

Evidence of Cadet Shulenberger's training while in Spain--his Spanish Airborne wings.By Cadet Logan Shulenberger This summer I was lucky enough to be selected for a CULP mission to Spain. The Cultural Understanding and Language Proficiency program starts off with several days of in-processing at Fort Knox, Kentucky. During this in-processing, the Cadets going to Spain were put into teams of ten. My team was Spain ...Read More

A Fortunate Opportunity-My Summer CULP trip

8 Sep , 2014

Yurkovich culpBy Cadet Mercedes Yurkovich- When I originally found out that I had been selected for the DOMREP mission, I could not help myself from musing about white, sandy beaches and sunshine. Many people travel to the island of Hispaniola to escape grey winters, drown out old beau sorrows, or find consolation with their toes at ...Read More

Cadet Spotlight

Cadet Spotlight: Christopher Hooker

12 Aug , 2014

Christopher HookerCadet Spotlight: Christopher Hooker By DeJanay Booth Invincible Approximately 49 percent of the students in the Senior Military College at Texas A&M University in College Station decided to pursue a career in the military.  And Cadet Christopher Hooker planned to join that 49 percent. Students enrolled in the military college spend at least two years ...Read More

Cadet Spotlight: Erin Williams

5 Aug , 2014

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 11.17.44 AMBy Whitney Allen This is the second “Army summer” for Erin Williams. The Eastern Kentucky University ROTC cadet arrived June 27 for the 29-day LDAC, as a part of more than 4,000 cadets. Last summer Williams was one of only several hundred to participate in Cultural Understanding and Language Proficiency (CULP).  During CULP, cadets spend ...Read More

Cadet Spotlight: Kevin Gonzalez

4 Aug , 2014

GonzalesBy Alex Mclaughlin Photo By: Erica Lafser FORT KNOX, Kentucky– Cadet Summer Training provides a dynamic to young officer training that is crucial to the Army’s success. Officers-to-be from all over the country come to Leader Training Course and Leader Development and Assessment Course to gain those leadership skills and conquer fears. A cadet from ...Read More