Future Army Doctors

29 Jul , 2014

doctorsBy Tanner Cole Feature Photo by Katie Gray Every platoon of the Leader Development and Assessment Course is full of future Army officers, but the fourth platoon of Bravo Company, 12th Regiment is full of future Army doctors. Five young men in the platoon all share the common dream of serving in the medical field. ...read more


LTC Regiment 4 Completes Cadet Summer Training

28 Jul , 2014

LTC 4 Graduationby DeJanay Booth Photo By: Josh Newell The sun shined as friends and family joined at Brooks Field for the celebration of Leader Training Course (LTC) Regiment Four.  Cadets in the regiment graduated from their 29-day Cadet Summer Training on Friday, July 25. In formation, the cadets stood at attention as the 113th Army Band ...read more

Cadet Spotlight

Cadet Spotlight: Jose Alvarez

31 Jul , 2014  

Jose Alvarez

by DeJanay Booth Photo By: Josh Newell Less is more: 145 pounds stronger Joining ROTC was in the back of Cadet Jose Alvarez’s mind when he and his brother, Nathan, went to a friend’s graduation party. A month before the graduation, Alvarez was taking a health class, which discussed several health issues including height, weight …read more


Germany Team 3 documents CULP mission in video

30 Jul , 2014   Video

CULP Cadets traveling to Germany as part of Team three trained with the Germany military on concepts such as  the usage of pack animals (mules) when traversing mountain terrains, weapons familiarization and live fire exercises, and survival techniques. While there they also participated in cultural events, learned about the language and local history and, speaking …read more

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Cadet Spotlight

Cadet Spotlight: Alexus Hardin

28 Jul , 2014  

brm story

By Alex Mclaughlin Photo By: Erica Lafser FORT KNOX, Kentucky– Alexus Hardin, ROTC cadet at Prairie View A&M in Texas, is at Cadet Summer Training with a goal of becoming an officer in the Army. However, this was not her first goal when she started her college career. Hardin is a Criminal Justice major with …read more

Cadet Spotlight

Country Music Soldier

28 Jul , 2014  


Country Music Soldier By Tanner Cole   Evan Masters is a lot like many Americans. He loves riding around in his truck, listening to country music and singing along to every song he knows. It’s the pursuit of his dreams that sets Masters apart from your average Joe. Masters is spending his summer decked in …read more

Albania,Cadet Stories,CULP

Cultural Perspectives on Life by Cadet Amber Lewis

28 Jul , 2014  

Cadets Amber Lewis, Ally McClain, Rachel Beaman, and Carolyn Paneral, learning to set down 
                                                the phones and lift their eyes to view the beauty of what is around them

In America we often hear that “time” is valuable. We don’t have infinite time to live, we have deadlines and time hacks, we have “places to be and people to see.” We come from a place filled with “hurry ups,” and “move faster.” When the cashier is chatting up a storm with the customer in …read more

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Albania,Cadet Stories,CULP

Albania Culp Team Three, Expereinces and Lessons

28 Jul , 2014  

Cadets from team three taught Albanian NCOs about the love for sports in America

Starting July 4 2014, Team three cadets touched ground in Albania, and a few days later they began a complete immersion into a new culture with the intent to fulfill their CULP mission. Humanitarian Events First stop was Bethany Orphanage. The mission for the day was to paint, do some carpentry and a little bit …read more


Vietnam TM Two Documents CULP Visit in Video

24 Jul , 2014   Video

Video by Michael Ramos “Over the last month I’ve been on a CULP mission with the Army in Vietnam. CULP is a program where the Army sends its future officers to other countries in order to train side by side foreign militaries and gain a better perspective on the world as a whole. I’ve had …read more

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Bagamoyo bound-CULP Tanzania

24 Jul , 2014  


After Tanzania Team six finished up our first week, we experienced our first cultural weekend trip: destination Bagamoyo. We piled into the vans and headed toward the old, rustic city, excited to see what it had in store. Were we surprised! Our tour guide, Mr. Universe, lead us along the stoned streets toward the water’s …read more

Cadet Stories,CULP,Tanzania

One Week Complete-Tanzania!

24 Jul , 2014  

“Jambo!”  is Swahili for “Hello!” and it’s the first phrase the students shout as we enter the classroom at Jitegemee Secondary School. This high-quality military school is located in the heart of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and is known for its academic excellence.  It’s quite easy to imagine how nervous Cadets Chris Lamoureux, Kevin Mills, …read more