Cadet Spotlight: Marshall Plumlee

A sea of cadets marched along the road to Olive Theater for training. Their feet hit the pavement in unison and the structure of their bodies was straight and solid. In the middle stood one man whose head poked up taller than the rest. The back of his cap read "Plumlee". Cadet Marshall Plumlee stands seven feet tall and wears size 17 shoes. But his height is not the only aspect that separates him from most of his fellow cadets.

Cadet Leadership Course (CLC)

MCLX gives Cadets Taste of Combat, Leadership Experience

7 Jul , 2015

2nd Platoon moves up a hill towards its objective.  One of the "injects", playing a native police chief, is visible on the right.  US Army Photo by Aly KruseBy Jake McCollum   Fort Knox (June 30, 2015) –In the darkness before dawn, 2nd Platoon of Bravo Company crept into position, waiting to link up with native forces before proceeding to its objective.  Tasked with searching a small village believed to be housing an IED manufacturer, 2nd Platoon had orders to conduct a ‘soft ...Read More

Cadet Rifle Training

3 Jul , 2015

"Ammo used at Machine Gun Familiarization. U.S. ARMY PHOTO BY KATIE GRAY"By: Emily Mulcahey   Yawning, groggy teenage faces traipsed up the steadily inclining hill toward a long row of tents on Saturday morning. For the members of Cadet Leader Course (CLC) Regiment 5, this was the first day of the exercises many of them had been anticipating for weeks: rifle training. Cadet rifle training is ...Read More

Brigadier General Gibson Addresses Cadets

3 Jul , 2015

Brigadier General Gibson speaks to cadets in Olive Theater.By: Adrienne Vititoe With the rate of advancing technology and its application to modern warfare, some have proposed that the Army is a thing of the past. Brigadier General Karen Gibson begs to differ. “The army is more relevant today than it has ever been,” Gibson, who spoke to CLC and CIET first regiment cadets ...Read More

Cadet Spotlight: Sarah Saleck

3 Jul , 2015

IMG_4844 copyBy DeJanay Booth   For a total of seven hours, Sarah Saleck marched 26 miles with 35 pounds attached to her back. But she trained for it months prior. In March 2015, she participated in the Bataan Death March at the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico. On April 9, 1942, American and Filipino ...Read More

Cadet Initial Entry Training (CIET)

Cadet Comes Home

3 Jul , 2015

Cadet Rob stands in front of the house where he lived 10 years ago.By: Adrienne Vititoe “I’ve moved eight times and I’ve lived in, like, six different states,” said Samuel Rob, CIET cadet from Princeton University. Both of Rob’s parents served in the Army as lawyers in the Judge Advocate General Corps, so growing up, he never stayed in one place for long. This is a pretty typical story ...Read More

Cadets continue three day field training

1 Jul , 2015

Cadets work to provide 360 degree security around the squad leader and the "injured" cadets during a training exercise. CIET cadets go through Leadership Field Training Exercises. The cadets spend several days in a patrol base and go on missions as a squad to practice reconnaissance, ambush, and other tactics. U.S. Army photo by Matt Lunsford. June 29, 2015.By: Katie McGuire Cadets of the CIET second regiment continued their field training this week by practicing four important missions: Recon, attack, ambush, and react to contact. All are important in cadet leadership training. The cadets have been out in the field since Sunday doing a number of training exercises in a mythical country called ...Read More

Welcome to Fort Knox

30 Jun , 2015

IMG_4891By DeJanay Booth The time has finally come. The cadets are getting ready to graduate. Their 30 days of hard work, sweat and dedication comes down to the moment they walk across the field, completing Cadet Summer Training. Some will be wearing their best, raising their right hand and saying, “So help me God,” becoming a newly-commissioned second lieutenant. As ...Read More

Cadet honors father by living out his dream

30 Jun , 2015

Neal_MotherBy Tiamoyo Harris Young people have various reasons for joining the Army. Some join because they feel it is their patriotic duty. Others take the oath to follow in the footsteps of their family members. The military has a history of also honing men and women, whom may be indecisive about their life plans, with ...Read More

Cultural Understanding & Language Proficiency (CULP)

Cadets Take Training Abroad

8 Jun , 2015

"Jordan Lawrence of Brockport University in New York, share stories about his three week trip to Bosnia as a part of the CULP program. The Cultural Understanding and Language Proficiency program sends cadets to other countries to foster an environment of cooperation between the Unites States military and foreign militaries. U.S. Army photo by Matt Lunsford. June 7, 2015."By Emily Mulcahey   Cadets were jet lagged and jittery on Sunday after having just returned from a Cultural Understanding and Language Proficiency (CULP) mission in Bosnia. They were the first CULP team to arrive back stateside, and had nothing but great things to say about their time overseas.   CULP is a program designed ...Read More

Lessons from Cape Verde-adapt and overcome

12 Sep , 2014

ROTC Cadets paint a schoolhouse with their Cabo Verde hosts as part of their community service project.By Cadet Tyler Rickenbach ROTC Cadets spent part of their summer in Cape Verde with the Cultural Understanding Language Proficiency (CULP) program, where they were asked by the host country to help elements of the Cape Verde military learn to speak better English. In this way the host country will be able to better perform ...Read More

Training in Spain, earning airborne wings

9 Sep , 2014

Evidence of Cadet Shulenberger's training while in Spain--his Spanish Airborne wings.By Cadet Logan Shulenberger This summer I was lucky enough to be selected for a CULP mission to Spain. The Cultural Understanding and Language Proficiency program starts off with several days of in-processing at Fort Knox, Kentucky. During this in-processing, the Cadets going to Spain were put into teams of ten. My team was Spain ...Read More

A Fortunate Opportunity-My Summer CULP trip

8 Sep , 2014

Yurkovich culpBy Cadet Mercedes Yurkovich- When I originally found out that I had been selected for the DOMREP mission, I could not help myself from musing about white, sandy beaches and sunshine. Many people travel to the island of Hispaniola to escape grey winters, drown out old beau sorrows, or find consolation with their toes at ...Read More

Cadet Spotlight

Cadet Summer Training has Real Life Affects on Future Leaders

1 Jul , 2015

"Abbey McConnell from Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, WA. U.S. Army photo by Matt Lunsford. June 23, 2015."By: Emily Mulcahey   In college, they rose well before their roommates. As a matter of fact, they rose well before the sun. Their alarms would buzz at five in the morning, and they dutifully walked through the dark, and many times through the cold, to get to their physical training. They went through rigorous ...Read More

The Biggest Winner

23 Jun , 2015

"Kasper Strzeciwilk from Stony Brook University in New York lost 85 pounds so that he could be able to join the ROTC program and come to Fort Knox for Cadet Initial Entry Training. U.S. Army photo by Matt Lunsford. June 16, 2015."By: Emily Mulcahey   Dedication, motivation, and drive are words often used to describe the members of the United States military. However, they are not often used to describe college-aged civilians. Kasper Strzeciwilk is the incredible exception to this rule.   Currently, Kasper is a contracted cadet, but he only managed that feat a mere ...Read More

Exceeding the Standard

22 Jun , 2015

Sgt. 1st Class Brian Piehler, ROTC instructor at the University of Colorado in Boulder, works in the Leader Development Program at Cadet Summer Training at Fort Knox. U.S. Army photo by Cara NordinBy: Emily Mulcahey   In 2001, an eighteen-year-old kid walked into an Army recruiting office with the intention of signing up for the Reserves. As fate would have it, a recruiter showed him a promotional video for the infantry—explosions, shooting, and jumping out of airplanes. The teenager’s eyes grew wide—he was hooked, and he signed ...Read More

Cadet who survived Hurricane Katrina continues to conquer obstacles in training

22 Jun , 2015

By: Tiamoyo Harris As CIET Cadet Glenda Blanche, 20, held unto the rope of the rappel tower, she hesitated for a moment. Afraid of heights, she began to cry. She was in the midst of a meltdown. Her battle buddy, CIET Cadet Aaliyah Blanding, who also is afraid of heights, called to Blanche who was ...Read More