Cadet Summer Training

PAO Internship

The Cadet Command Public Affairs Internship Program is designed as a hands on, media work environment. The interns are communications, public relations, journalism or broadcast journalism and photography majors at various universities from around the country. Our team covers all aspects of Cadet Summer Training at Fort Knox. In a variety of environments, interns tell the story of the training of Cadets to be future army officers to the family and friends of the Cadets and to the American people.

Interns work as a 2-3 person teams and are assigned to cover training events in both Basic Camp and Advanced Camp. Teams conduct research into the training, interview both subject matter experts and Cadets going through the training and then produce news products that include 60-90 second broadcast stories, articles and photos. The news products are shared on, YouTube, Facebook, Flickr and are marketed around the country to hometown communities and university newspapers. Teams work five days a week and produce 4-5 news products a week.

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Training is provided to the interns to build their skill sets in their disciplines. Additionally, cross training in other areas of the program are available throughout the summer. The intent of this program is for all interns to improve their skills and to learn new skills that will make them more marketable when seeking employment after college. Many interns that have participated in the program in the past have had no experience with the military.

Internship dates for summer 2018 are May 29 thru August 18.

 How To Apply

Applications will be accepted until 01 April 2018. Telephone interviews with potential interns will begin in February. Email application documents to:

Applications should include:

  • Cover letter explaining why you want to do this internship, what you hope to get out of it and which job you want to do (writer, broadcaster, photographer, social media)
  • Resume
  • Examples of previous work
  • Letters of recommendation (not required)

For more information or if you have questions please contact Mr. Richard Patterson at (502) 624-5277 or email

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