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Things We Learned on Day One in Bulgaria

Team one arrived in beautiful Sofia, Bulgaria midday May 30th. After some food and catching up on our rest, the team explored the city. The number of stores in this city is astounding. What was interesting about these stores, is that a lot of the Bulgarians knew English. Ordering food and shopping was sometimes difficult, but the Bulgarians were always eager to help us out and teach us some Bulgarian as well.

Interesting facts that we have learned about Bulgaria in just a day:

1. Coke is sold in glass bottles everywhere and water is sold in bottles

2. “Merci” is an acceptable form of thank you. The real word in Bulgarian is hard to pronounce.

3. Crossing your legs is frowned upon.

4. The food is amazing!

Tomorrow we begin the journey to Shumen where our team will spend most of its time. The mission for this team is to not only to help cadets at the military academy with their English, but to also learn about each others cultures. We are excited to meet the Bulgarian cadets and are thrilled to know that they are just as excited to meet us.



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