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Romania Teams 1 & 2– arrival and workshop

Today was our first full day in Romania. On today’s agenda, there was a workshop that all Cadets were required to participate in. This workshop was in place so that we as Cadets would be able to go into the classrooms of the Romanian cadets and know what to do and how to do it. It was comprised of two parts. The first part consisted of different speakers, whether they be cadre or our director of instruction and they discussed Romania, our mission while in country, and how to go about our mission in order to achieve success. We were briefed on good and bad presentations and ways of presenting as well as a brief history of Romania and its ties and relations to the United States.

CDT giving a briefing

Cadet Timothy Daley giving a briefing to fellow Cadets, Cadre and DOI.

At the end of the first part of the workshop each member of the group chose a topic from one unit, was assigned a topic from another unit by the mission XO, and assigned an additional topic by the team cadre.

We were then  given three hours to complete them. The XO assigned unit topic PowerPoint presentation briefs that would be presented to the Romanian cadets during our mission. Part two of the workshop was the presentation on one of the topics assigned to one team member of each team. After each presentation, the presenters were critiqued in a fashion where all cadets could learn from how the presentation went. After our workshop concluded, we had a trip dinner and watched videos of trips to the country from years past in order to get a feel for what our adventure will be like. Once dinner was concluded, we as a team ventured into the city of Bucharest to see the sights and get a feel for the culture. Tomorrow we leave for Sibiu!


Team in Bucharest

Romania Team 1 in Bucharest

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