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CULP Cadets take Hungarian Army PT Test

by Cadet Kate Adams

CULP cadets on Hungary Team three, located in Veszprem, Hungary, took the Hungarian Army PT test after a morning of teaching English.

Each member of the Hungarian Defense Force takes a PT test once a year and completes PT on their own. They are expected to maintain physical shape for the test on their own. The scoring for the test and the amount of reps and time for the run varies on the type of job the soldier has in the Army or Air Force.

Once a soldier reaches a certain age and he or she has been excelling at their job, they may not even need to continue with PT or take a PT test. The Hungarian PT test is very much the same as the APFT of the Army. The test included a 3.2 kilometer run, and two minutes of pushups and sit-ups. Unlike the event order of pushups, sit-ups, then the 2 mile run, the Hungarian order is 3.2 kilometer run, pushups, sit-ups.

Cadets learned the Hungarian way of doing sit-ups, which was a bit different than the U.S. Army. Although cadets were given short notice of the test, all performed very well and even surprised their Hungarian counterparts. Cadet Chris O’Sullivan, who attends Norfolk State University, came in 2nd overall for the run with a time of 12:57, trailing the lead Hungarian by about one minute.

After the PT test was completed, cadets participated in a game of soccer with the Hungarians. Teams were mixed with Americans and Hungarians onto a red team and a white team. The white team took home the victory with the ending score of 4-3, with goals scored by Cadet Mitch Blackgrove of Bellermine College, Cadet Chris O’Sullivan, and cadre leader Lt. Col. Savickas. All cadets enjoyed a day full of physical activity and are excited to go to the shooting range tomorrow.


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