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Cadets tour Sibiu Romania

Due to the Romania celebration of Pentecost, we were able to take this day and spend it out on the town learning about the city and what its history is like.

Today was a learning experience for everyone. Everyone woke up at different times. Some of us wanted to soak up the beauty of the city of Sibiu and went for an early morning. We were all anxious to get out and do something on this beautiful day instead of traveling from place to place or city to city. By 10 a.m. we were all showered and ready to head out to the town for a fun day with our Romanian counterparts. The first learning experience we had was that Sibiu buses get packed to the edge. If you have ever been on a bus in New York you would be surprised that there is a place that could fit more people on their buses.

CDT looking at zebras in zoo

Cadet Kyle Radcliffe looking at the zebras.

We took the bus over to the Sibiu Zoo. It only cost 2 Lei to enter the zoo as a student which is an amazing price for the ensuing experience. In the zoo we all split up into groups and saw a variety of animals, some more dangerous than others. The lions and tigers and bears were so fuzzy and cute, but dangerous. We walked around for an hour and were able to feed camels, goats and mini horses throughout that time. Then in the Sibiu heat we enjoyed buying our first, of what I am sure will be many, rounds of ice cream which tasted amazing and was relatively inexpensive.

After we were done at the zoo we moved on to the largest museum in Romania. This museum was huge. It had many old houses which we were able to walk through and look at the history of Sibiu. There was also a donkey that we fed grass to and took selfies with. Throughout the day we learned some of the Romanian language from the Romanian cadets we spent time with. Au o zi buna tuturor!

CDT feeding donkey grass

Cadet Ben Senss feeding the donkey.



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