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 Welcome to Disney

By Brooke Durbin

FORT KNOX, Ky. (June 1, 2016)- This week we welcome to Fort Knox Cadets from across the country taking their next steps in preparation of becoming commisioned officers by completing Cadet Summer Training (CST).

10,000 SROTC Cadets arrive this week, and will be taking part in different courses. The Cadet Leader Course (CLC) consist of 6,000 Cadets who will be completing a 30-day summer training event focused on problem solving. Cadet Initial Entry Training (CIET), trains and educates Cadets on fundamental military tasks while formulating the critical thinking skills and consist of 3,000 personnel.


Cdt. Hickman, University of North Texas, proceeds to processing after his flight. Photo by Angel Whittle

Cadets began to arrive at the Louisville airport on May 31, where they were quickly manifested and transported to Fort Knox. There were faces of excitement and nervousness, as the Cadets began their summer training.

Matthew Hageman from Saint Paul Minnesota, University of Minnesota said, “ I think that it should be interesting, I know that we hear rumors about them revamping between the years, so I’m excited to see what they’re going to throw at us in the field. Especially the 12 days I’ve heard they’re trying to make a little more intense than last year so hopefully it’s a good time.”

As the Cadets began departing to Fort Knox, CPT Derek Johnson, 4th Infantry Division Soldier of Fort Carson Colorado, was asked, what advice he would give the incoming cadets.

“This is a big part of their evaluation so this is a chance for them to step out against their peers from across the country and get evaluated. So my advice to them would be not to hold back, not sit in the back but take this opportunity to show your leadership skills and show your cadre what kind of leader you’re going to be. So I would tell them not to sit back and go ahead and go after it.


Sgt. Stone in-processing Cadets. Photo by Angel Whittle

Cadet summer training is designed to build character, leadership and find the next officers to lead and train future generations of America’s most-prized asset; it’s Sons and Daughters.

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