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Romania Team 9 Monastery Visit, Understanding the Local Culture

Curtea de Arges is most known for their famous monastery, the Curtea de Arges Monastary.  This week Team 9 took a tour of the beautiful monastery with a few Romanian soldiers and heard the history behind the monastery.  While visiting the facility, we utilized our time to communicate with the Romanian soldiers and asked them about the history of the monastery and how religion came into play in their lives.  This allowed us to further develop our understanding of their culture and seemed to impress the Romanians to see how interested we were in their religion, which plays a huge part in their lives and culture.


The story behind the monastery:

The monastery was built in the early 16th century by Mesterul Manole under the rule of Radu Negru.  Manole chose Curtea de Arges to build his monastery, but every time he came close to finishing the monastery it would collapse.  One day Manole prayed to God and asked him for guidance so that he may finish building the monastery.  That night an angel came to Manole in his dream and told him that in order for the monastery to be built the first women that comes to the building site the next day must be sacrificed and built into the walls.  Manole obeyed and told his men about the dream.  As the tale goes, Manole was the only honest one and did not warn his wife to not come the construction site the next day, but all of the other workers warned their families not to come.  That very next day Manole saw his pregnant wife walking towards the monastery and bringing lunch.  Manole prayed to God to please turn his wife around but it was too late.  Staying true to his word, Manole took his wife and buried her alive in the monastery walls.  His dream proved correct, as the monastery did not fall down but still stands in all of its glory today.  The area where Manole’s wife is said to be located can be seen on the outside of the monastery, indicated by a red stamp on the walls.


Curtea de Arges Monastery

Curtea de Arges Monastery

Red stamp located on monastery walls--this indicated the predicted location of where Manoli buried his wife alive

Red stamp located on monastery walls–this indicated the predicted location of where Manoli buried his wife alive

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