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Cadet Spotlight: Steve Pavlick

Cadet of the Day 6-26-14: Steve Pavlick

By Tanner Cole


As a member of the 2nd Regiment of the Leader Development and Assessment Course,  Steve Pavlick is doing everything he can to become a better leader.

Pavlick represents the ROTC program at Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana. This summer he is taking one of his last steps towards becoming an officer in the Army by completing his LDAC training.

“I’ve always wanted to become an officer since I was seven,” Pavlick said. “I wanted to be that role model for other people. I wanted to put on that uniform and show everybody that there was still good left in the world.”

Pavlick is planning a triple major at Butler in finance, accounting and risk management, but he’s working with a background in the marketing field that he built in his hometown of Lake Forest, Illinois.

He connected with a local entrepreneur hoping to set up a jujitsu training studio during his freshman year of high school, right after taking up the fighting style himself. He was offered co-management of the establishment, Westwood Martial Arts, in exchange for providing an entryway into the local high school aged community.

“I went about promoting it and did a lot of marketing,” Pavlick said. “I got some statistics on foot traffic, administered surveys, hung out in malls for hours on end trying to get people’s numbers.”

His hard work paid off. Soon Pavlick was in a leadership position at the studio helping students his age perfect their martial arts skills, much as he will soon be helping his fellow soldiers to better themselves.

“I really enjoyed working with everyone. I taught them and watched over them. I would be their sparring partner. I’d give them guidance and show them how to do things the correct way.”

Pavlick is putting in the same level of work and determination at LDAC. He’s passed every test so far and aced the Basic Rifle Marksmanship exam with a score of 36 out of 40.

As Pavlick grows as a person, he knows that the Army pushed him to his current level of success.

“The Army is for anyone who wants to become the best person they can be. It’s for anybody who has a goal in life and aspirations who strives to be more than the norm, anybody who wants to excel at something and unlock their true potential.”

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