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Cadet Spotlight: Ogundare Olufemi

First Place

Story and Feature Photo By Tanner Cole


After a long day of the Leader Development and Assessment Course, Ogundare Olufemi traded his combat boots for a pair of running shoes and started to run.

“Alright, somebody call it,” he said. “Get ready. Get set. Go.”

Olufemi won the race. Then he won the rematch. He beat all his squad-mates. Olufemi even beat the cadre.

His sprinting ability developed as a running back for Bowie State, in Bowie, Maryland. Olufemi where he enrolled after returning from a deployment to Iraq.

After challenging players in the stadium back at school, Olufemi is spending his LDAC downtime competing in simple footraces between their tents. Cadets use the sprints as a fun way to come together and exercise.

“The funny thing is, if all these young guys cannot beat a 31-year-old guy, then there’s a problem,” he said.

Olufemi’s fellow 12th Regiment cadets swarmed to challenge him to a race. Again and again, he kept winning. Ronardo Reynolds, of Troy University in Troy, Alabama, claimed he would defeat Olufemi by the end of LDAC.

“On day 28, me and him are racing,” Reynolds said. “We’re not racing now because of the terrain.”

Olufemi claimed otherwise.

“He’s raced four times,” he said.

As they race toward graduation, maybe someone will beat Olufemi. But for now, he’s leading the race.

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