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Cadet Spotlight: Jonathan Lim

By Alex Mclaughlin

Photo By: Erica Lafser

FORT KNOX, Kentucky—

ROTC programs at universities vary in size, but Cadet Jonathan Lim came to Leader Development and Assessment course to prove that the high standard of the Army remains constant across the board.

Lim, ROTC cadet at Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, decided with the help of his father that Army ROTC was the path he wanted to take during his time in college.

Lim does not have family in the U.S. military, but what he does have is a father who spent time in the South Korean military in an underwater demolition unit, who has great respect for what the Army and its ROTC program could potentially teach his son.

Lim’s father was more than supportive of his decision to join ROTC and embark on the path to becoming an Army officer. Lim joined the ROTC program at EIU his Sophomore year.

Lim sports a confident and ambitious demeanor and speaks highly of his fraternity: Phi Kappa Theta. Lim continually searches for opportunities to challenge and improve himself.

Last year, Lim was a part of a successful team of cadets that attended Ranger Challenge, a competition that is designed to test the top mentally and physically fit cadets in Army ROTC.

The path to complete LDAC is tough, but not for Lim who said this is exactly the type of experience he looks for.

“I have a lot of great people at my ROTC program who helped me prepare for this,” Lim said. “I have people like Master Sgt. Michael Gately, a military science professor at my university, who helped me from when I very first joined ROTC. He guided me all the way to this point and made sure I knew what I needed to succeed.”

A topic on the minds of many cadets is the ever-changing training schedule and tough Kentucky weather. Though it can sometimes be frustrating for cadets, Lim tries to remain a positive influence when the going gets tough.

“A lot of LDAC isn’t what you expect,” Lim said. “There isn’t anyone yelling at you. Everyone here is here so they can help you learn and improve. There have been a lot of changes in the training schedule, but I just roll with the punches and enjoy my time here.”

Cadet Lim spoke about his time at LDAC over the sounds of 7th Regt. completing their live-fire training at Heins Range in Fort Knox. Though he has spent almost a month at Fort Knox disconnected from the outside world and bonding with his fellow cadets, he is not taking his remaining time for granted.

“We’ve spent every minute here getting to know people and I’ve met a lot of great people because of it,” Lim said. “Even now, so close to graduation, we are still training hard together and being evaluated. We are always being given opportunities to act as a leader and show what we have learned in ROTC. I’m really looking forward to graduation.”


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