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Bagamoyo bound-CULP Tanzania

After Tanzania Team six finished up our first week, we experienced our first cultural weekend trip: destination Bagamoyo. We piled into the vans and headed toward the old, rustic city, excited to see what it had in store. Were we surprised!

Our tour guide, Mr. Universe, lead us along the stoned streets toward the water’s edge. We passed dilapidated homes, but children still played in the grass. Mr. Universe explained to us the background of the town and the historic uses of the art market and buildings.

Walking down the trail to the beach, we could smell the eclectic mix of aromas hitting our face. I asked Cadet Piontkowski about the open-air fish market, “well, I smelt like fish the whole day, but it was cool to see the fish being cooked right in front of us.” He remembers, “a lot of people were staring at me, because they wanted me to make a purchase.” Cadet Webster explained how “at first I thought the whole market was on fire!” It was a new experience to see the fish being caught, cut, and cooked right there in one open area.

After filing through the market, we stepped out onto the beautiful beachfront. The view was priceless: crystal blue water fading into a similar sky. Boats were bobbing up and down, spotting the water haphazardly, waiting to make the next catch. Many pictures were taken of the gorgeous sight.

Bagamoyo is mostly known for its incredible artists. The artwork hangs from every rafter and wall of the former slave market. The once depressing establishment is now transformed into a joyful place. Many cadets bought one-of-a-kind paintings.

Cadet Lamoureux said, “I enjoyed immersing myself into the culture of Tanzania at Bagamoyo, and I definitely got my shillings worth!

We are all very excited for the upcoming week of teaching and then our next weekend trip to Zanzibar!


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