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Day of teaching starts with dance for CULP Romania

        Another wonderful day here in Sibiu Romania, and another wonderful experience teaching the Romanian Cadets at The Romanian Land Forces Academy.

This morning, we caught the usual number two bus which leaves at 8:14 a.m. and thankfully is was somewhat empty which has been unusual. This set the right relaxed tone for the day. Upon reaching the academy we completed our second day of briefing to our Sergeant Major along with the Romanian lieutenant. We then went to class, where our adjustments from the day before were going to be set into place. We needed an activity that would wake everyone up along with inspire creative energy.

So we danced. We started with traditional two-step country dances to original western songs, and moved onto modern dances. This activity switched between American dancing and Romanian dancing. As we learned about their culture and language they also grasped onto ours. This activity was better then just standing in front of the classroom teaching as the hands-on approach allowed Romanian cadets to experience our culture firsthand. Cadets loved the dancing and the two hour segment flew by.

As the primary break rolled around, hunger was in everyone’s stomachs our Romanian counterparts helped us overcome this looming problem. Tactically, we plotted the reconnaissance of sandwiches–it was something on which we could all get together. Luckily, we were able to gather supplies and return to the ORP with the sandwiches in hand. We then snacked as a team and continued the dancing.

    The lessons for the day included crime and justice. Instead of relying heavily on the book, we pulled up articles about current events. Cadets would cycle through reading the articles and then we would have a class discussion on what was read and how it varied between the two countries. This trend was repeated, and the discussion shifted more towards jails and prisons. We pulled up images and video clips of prisons in both America and Romania. We continued the lessons in this fashion until the class day concluded.


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