Cadet Summer Training

CULP CELTT mission through photos–France

coffeee break Coffee breaks are extremely important to the French culture and allows them to catch up on the latest family or sports news.  During English class instruction a fifteen-minute  break was implemented in between each hour of class. The breaks were an excellent  time for Cadets to mingle and get to know more about the French culture and everyday living activities. Cadets Forrest Smith and Daniel Cummings were shown historical military places of interest in Normandy during a coffee intervention.


instructionThe French officer and non-commissioned officers in this class discussed at an intermediate level current military and political events in Europe. By talking about current world events, the students were able to express their opinions and share their views while exercising their knowledge of English. Group discussions allowed these soldiers to gain confidence and further develop their dialogue skills, and become more proficient while conversing with the Cadet leaders in English.


Cristina Garcia discusses women in combatCadet Cristina Garcia, classroom leader for the novice level French students, discussed the very delicate subject of women in combat at the prompt of French paratroopers. The soldiers were very eager to exchange opinions between views of Americans and French on women in the battlefield. This discussion brought out the best efforts of the paratroopers as their interest challenged them to find the correct grammar and sentence structure while engaging in this topic. Cadet Katherine Maffey assisted Garcia in translating a few miscommunications into French, likewise assisting the students with their English development.


Mission commander LTC Troy Wisdom and Cadre leader MAJ Taylor JonesMission commander, Lt. Col. Troy Wisdom and Cadre leader Maj. Taylor Jones congratulated the French officers and non-commissioned officers for their completion of the U.S. Army Cadet Command CELTT training at an award ceremony. Lt. Col Wisdom thanked the soldiers for their participation and engagement during CELTT training, and stressed his gratitude for allowing them to help develop future Army officers.





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