Cadet Summer Training

CULP Cadets practice Riot Control with Romanian Military

After arriving in Bucharest, Romania, Team 10 was not only extremely excited, but also extremely exhausted. We were quick to explore the beautiful city, catch up on sleep, and try the unique food. It is safe to say, we can eat a massive amount of food, or as our cadre leader, Sgt 1st Class Higgins, would say, “a disgusting amount.”

After the weekend was over and the team met their Romanian counterparts, it seemed obvious to us how fortunate we are to have received this mission. The Jandarmeria is one of the most fascinating military branches of Romania. These men and women deal with riot control, and we will be training with them in exchange for English classroom discussions.

Cadets in equipment

Cadets in riot equipment

This picture shows Team 10 in the riot equipment. As part of the training, we were able to put on the riot control gear and learn the formations. One of the tactics is to bang a baton against the shield in order to intimidate the crowd through a psychological effect. Then we marched in a formation to practice riot control.

Romanian Food

Romanian Food

The team also went to a medieval restaurant with some of the Jandarmeria. As a result of our ability to eat a lot, the group ordered multiple “6 persons platters.” These consisted of chicken, sausage, lamb, pork, liver wrapped in ham, and various other meats. Romanian dishes typically are loaded with meat, so this was a traditional Romanian experience.

It also allowed for us to develop relationships with our Romanian counterparts–and we all enjoyed the meal.

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